Whats the worst thing that ever happened to you on stage?

Bum notes are one thing, i think we have all had a couple of those, the right solo to the wrong song, my friend John was actually booed off stage by most of the audience, they were saying 'get off, your crap' and in the end they all gave up and packed away, they still had 5 numbers to do but thought what the heck, what made it worse was that this was a wedding do !! they had been booked the previous summer and had to keep the booking, meanwhile the band had split and rejoined for this wedding gig, and of course nobody rehearsed, a lot of the songs were forgotten, and he said it sounded an absolute shambles, id loved to have seen that one, there must be a viseo somewhere :lol:

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waaah! where to start?

My first ever gig was filling in for a punk band at a school disco. I learned the songs okay, even managed to get the band working together a bit better, but I was was nowhere near prepared for the audience. After a short half hour set everything on the stage was covered with a varying thickness of spit - amps, guitars, effects, shoes, jeans...bloody disgusting. I was assured after the gig that it was a sign of appreciation, but I never played punk again.

Guitar strap broke during a solo. But the roadie had been told to keep an eye on the drummer because the kit kept creeping across the stage. I soldiered on for what seemed like an eternity, slowly dropping to my knees, before he noticed and came over to fix it. The strap had actually snapped so in a fit of desperation, he forced the buckle over the strap button - never did get it back off, had to replace the lot in the end!

Actually fell off the stage one night because we had too much smoke effects! Walked to the front in an attempt to get in front of the cloud and ended up walking right off the stage.

Had to improvise a PA once. Agent had forgotten to book it so we ended up begging around the audience until we found a benevolent local band. Then we had to strip all our canon mic leads and resolder them for 1\4 inch jacks in the dressing room.

double bookings, no lights, no PA, not getting paid, vans breaking down etc etc, pretty much run the whole gauntlet.

guitar solo slowly sinking to your knees, thats a classic..

I’ve been pondering this thread for quite some time now. Although my good experiences on stage far outweigh the bad, there certainly have been a number of bad - equipment failures, failed musicians, cops, fights, projectiles, vomit (both mine and other people’s), the pitfalls of outdoor venues, irritating fans, etc. It’s difficult to choose an absolute worst moment, so here are a few:

When I was 16 my band drove to a nearby town and set up in the high school gym to audition for the junior prom that was to be held in the spring. It was a Saturday morning and the student council (charged with booking a suitable band) was there to decorate for an upcoming game. We only knew 10 or so songs and in the middle of our “set” about 100 little children in costumes and their moms filed in for a Halloween party. Before we could pack up and run, the lead mom asked if we would be so kind as to supply the music for the cake walk. I’ll never forget the looks on the faces of those 3 – 5 year olds as they “cake walked” to the strains of “Paranoid,” “Rainbow in the Dark,” “All Day and All of the Night,” etc. Plus, we were terrible and couldn’t stop and restart songs where we left off, so every time the lead mom beckoned for more “music” we had to take it from the top. They hired a D.J. for the prom.

This worst “moment” lasted for over an hour: At a wedding dance a couple years ago, close to 40 guys lined up for the dollar dance with the bride. Turns out they were all in the mood for a long conversation with the poor girl. We had only 2 slow songs on our set list and could maybe fake another 3. We went through these songs twice each and finally in desperation our singer / guitarist started shouting out chords in progressions and yelled “solo!” at me every couple minutes while he adlibbed ridiculous lyrics. The dollar dance dragged on and on. Towards the end our bass player summoned me to his side of the stage and informed me that he desperately needed to use the restroom. Before I could protest, I was playing bass (poorly) and trying to turn down the volume knob on my guitar with my foot having forgotten to do so during the swap. As if all that wasn’t bad enough, the bride and groom’s dance was next. This consisted of the bride performing a bizarre form of exotic dance up on stage using me and my band mates as make-shift stripper poles while the groom, making devil horns with his thumbs and pinky fingers, ran back and forth like a deranged troll at the foot of the stage. We agreed not to play anymore weddings.

One night at the age of 17 while playing a dance at a local auditorium, I had a special little fan dancing suggestively at my feet for several songs. I was thrilled at the prospect of possibly reaping some of the “fringe benefits” of being a “rock star.” Suddenly, a dark figure came plowing through the crowd. It was our drummer’s mom who had been hired to collect the cover charge and chaperone the dance. Well, chaperone she did! After observing this girl’s “dirty dancing,” she decided to take her aside and give her a long lecture about self-esteem and the long term consequences of such unladylike behavior. I’ve never been so embarrassed and went home alone immediately after the gig.

I could go on and on…

Toco, nice to see you again. That is an awful-sounding wedding gig. Seems like there was a good reason all the blokes were talking to the bride for such a long time, like they knew her very well... :shock: Scary...

Guys you're all scaring the crap out of me with all these mishappens.....
I'm having a gig sometime soon(at least before christmass, that's what i'm told) but now i'm not so sure i want to be there at all!!!

:lol: Italos. You know you have to do it. You'll be alright, I'm sure. Well, the odds on surviving are better than 50% :)

1bassleft wrote:
:lol: Italos. You know you have to do it. You'll be alright, I'm sure. Well, the odds on surviving are better than 50% :)

Yeah thanks man very relaxing....
I guess the good thing is that it's going to take place at a school so i guess 16-17-18 year olds(no offence) are easier to handle if you play hard enough. :) :D :)

:shock: Italos, I didn't realize your audience was in the 16-18 bracket. What are your favourite gravestone flowers? We'll all contribute :)

oh-oh....this sounds bad.....

:lol: The 3rd is my fav vitaminE.

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