Wife or Guitar?

I have formal practice with the band twice a week and a gig once a week. She gets the gig money! However this has become too much for the wife to handle and she threatens divorce every week. So how many of you have had to deal with the neglected wife problem? Music is such a great therapy for life and yet it's like my guitar is another woman to her. I have had an Ovation Legend and a Strat demolished, however the Les Paul stays at the studio! After twenty years of marriage you think she'd realize I'm in a band. So how do the rest of you obsessed musicians deal with it?

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Yeah getting her to party with the band would be interesting. She likes the music we play but has no desire to see a gig or even a practice. There is the occasional band party for a birthday or a holiday that she will come to. She's more at home in a bookstore trying to find a first edition. She likes it when I play along to a favorite band of hers on a cheesy little practice amp, but heaven help me if I'm five minutes late getting home from practice. There was a magical moment one time when we walked into a Guitar Store and she saw a Marshall Amp sitting there and she asked if I wanted it, like I'm gonna say no, and later I found out she liked it because it was sexy! Not for the screaming tube tone, but just because it looked good to her!! She's never even heard it played at a gig!!

I've not been quite that lucky. The nearest was seeing an old Laney about to go for peanuts on Fleeb and saying "Decided on my birthday present, yet?" I can't imagine her considering any amp nice looking. I'm quite fortunate, though. Our 'dining room' looks like a ham-radio nerd's workshop. Boxes of old tubes and the most knobs in a single room outside of a Snoop Dogg video. She' let me off so far, but I'm due out tonight, leaving sproggy here while she's got a ton of reports to write. Maybe I'll be on the council housing waiting list tomorrow :wink:

The nearest I've come to having to move out was when I claimed to be having dinner with the boss, but was secretly at practice. I was busted when I came home at 11 and admited my lie. So rule one, don't lie even for music, one of the last true religions. I spent a week on my buddy's couch before she realized the rent was due, then it was all forgiven. So now I just tell her I'm going to play and as long as that is on a regularly scheduled practice night she's fine with it! But they never understand crawling in at 4:30 in the morning after playing from 9-2 breaking down, driving to the studio, unloading and being a zombie until late afternoon, but it was so much fun.

DEFINITELY don't pretend you're "meeting the boss" when secretly working on that difficult middle-eight with the band. I'm amazed she didn't assume you were lifting skirt :shock: . I'd rather tell her straight that I'm playing Barry White covers in the local brothel than do the "meeting the boss" story. When that story is blown, the worst is always assumed.

Anyhoo, runthrough with guitarist went OK. She was still up when I got back, mostly annoyed that I wasn't around to tell her who got evicted from Celebrity Fame Academy (a sort of "American Idol" with celebs, for Charidee).

Hey I like the term "liftin skirt", could be our new band name, although the female lead singer might not take to it. Funny thing is my wife would probably rather have me liftin skirt than the Les Paul! At least then the beatings would have some logic to it.

:lol: gh2. "Liftin' skirt" sounds better than Linkin Park, but I'm not a female singer. You're sure Mrs gh2 doesn't think of your singer as a potential Ms gh2? We had a female singer, but Mrs bassleft knew she wasn't my type (strange, because "female" is usually my kind of woman).

Band dynamics, very strange things.

No, I don't think the Mrs. cares about the lead singer, as flat out gorgeous as she is I like her singing abilities more. My wife knows I lust after music more than other women. She is my daughter's age besides and we are like older, much older, brothers to her. We got lucky with Leilani, her father put her in a sound booth at the age of four and she has recorded all her life. Where can I post an MP3 of her?, she is worth hearing.

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