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What did Digital (and transistors) ever do for us ?
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Digital or Analogue ?
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Lowdown Cack-hander
Lowdown Cack-hander

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2007 12:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

In the early 80s, the price of many s/h valve amps were hitting the floor because no-one would touch them. I remember many of those shops complaining that only a Marshall or Vox would sell and any other valve amp (including Orange and Hiwatt) would sit there for weeks. Somebody even did me the non-favour of talking me out of buying an AC50 for £50 because "they're rubbish - only the AC30 is OK for 60s pop songs".

A lot of gear got offloaded in the 90s, too, in favour of stereo racks and banks of FX units, depressing valve amp prices a bit (not as steep as the 80s though). I think the well-known amps linked to classic bands/albums are going to stay high and some lesser known (but good) amps have climbed overall in the last two years. Considering, as Ralph intimated, a hand-built, no circuit board, booteek valve amp can be $5k or more, there's room for the 60s and even 70s amps to increase in cost. Tell ya what, though, what about old FX units; particularly fuzz and distortion? The bids on those things are eye-watering.

BTW, I'm a 5-stringer so I wouldn't agree totally with either Lee or Tim. I like different amps, basses and speakers, in that order. Not because changing the amp has the most effect, it's actually fairly subtle but I just like having loads of them and swapping them round.
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