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Martin Performing Artist Series - DCPA4, GPCPA4, OMCPA4 Rosewood

The DCPA4 Rosewood, GPCPA4 Rosewood and OMCPA4 Rosewood add new tonal options to Martin's Performing Artist Series Guitars.

Paul Brett Signature Vintage Electro-Acoustic Guitars

Paul Brett, a known 12-string acoustic guitar expert, has worked with Vintage to create his very own 12 string and 6 string signature models.

Best Acoustic Guitar Under $1000

We present to you GuitarSite's award for the best acoustic guitar under $1000, along with some equally impressive runner-ups!

Gretsch Rancher Acoustic Guitars

Gretsch have reintroduced their Rancher Acoustic Guitars which first appeared in the early '50s, each bearing a unique triangular sound hole.

Washburn Launches a Paul Stanley Signature Acoustic Flying V

NAMM is always a time for weird and wonderful things, however I'm not quite sure which category this KISS inspired Paul Stanley signature acoustic fits into, because most people associate the Flying V design with electric guitars.

NAMM 2012: Martin Announces 00-45SC John Mayer Limited Edition Acoustic Guitar

Only 25 of these have been made, and John Mayer is personally signing and numbering each one at Winter NAMM 2012.

Guild Arcos Acoustic Guitars

Guild has unveiled the AD-3, AD-3CE and AO-3CE Arcos guitars, the newest acoustic guitar series that feature Guild's signature arched-back design.

The Resonator Guitar : Resophonic Guitar, Dobro, National Guitar

Have you ever played a Resonator Guitar? Also known as at resophonic guitar, it was invented in the early 20s before The Electric Guitar came into being. Many of the Guitarists in the 20s and 30s used this Guitar so they could be heard better when playing in a band.

Lag Guitars lifting their profile in the USA

Lâg Guitars originally hail from France, but have been gaining ground in the USA with their affordable ranges of both steel string and nylon stringed acoustics.

New CF, CN and T-Bucket series Acoustic Guitars from Fender

Fender is not content at being a major player in the electric guitar market, it aims to capture the attention of acoustic guitar players via their new affordable acoustic guitars.

New 2011 Martin Guitars Showcased on Video

Martin Guitars have uploaded a new video that showcases their new guitars.

Taylor Guitars has unveiled its new 2011 Fall Limited Edition Guitars

Taylor Guitars has unveiled its new 2011 Fall Limited Edition Guitars, featuring premium tonewoods: Cocobolo, Koa and Indian Rosewood with new inspired inlay designs.

Dean Guitars launched Bret Michaels Signature Acoustic Guitar Collection through HSN

Dean Guitars have partnered with Home Shopping Network and launched Bret Michaels Signature Acoustic Guitar Collection and exclusive HSN guitar bundle.

New Resonator Series from Washburn

Washburn Guitars adds a new line of Resonator guitars to their Folk and Bluegrass instruments.

PRS SE Acoustic Guitars

Paul Reed Smith is looking to expand it's Acoustic Guitars with the new SE Acoustic Guitars series.

Mark Twain's 1835 Martin Guitar Valued at Over $15 million

Mark Twain, the literary legend who left us with invaluable amazing stories, has left us his Martin 2 ½-17 parlor guitar which is valued at over $15 Million.

Pilgrim by Vintage Banjos

Paul Tebbutt, who is a musical instrument maker, teamed up with Vintage Guitars to create a new series of Pilgrim by Vintage banjos.

Win a Dolphin Concert Ukulele by Luna Guitars

The Dolphin Concert is a 23" Luna Guitars ukulele. It is like a little sister to the Flora and Fauna guitar series from Luna.

Joan Sebastian Signature Epiphone Acoustics - Sonador & Triunfadora

One of Mexico's most famous singer/songwriters is set to have his own signature series launched by Epiphone.

Renato Bellucci Guitars Built from 280 Year Old Wood?

I stumbled across a luthier claiming to make guitars from 280 year old wood...

Les Paul Ukulele?

Yes it's true - the Les Paul brand has been extended to the ongoing Ukulele craze!

Martin to launch Orchestra Model John Renbourn Custom at Summer NAMM

The Summer NAMM announcements are beginning and C.F. Martin & Co. are leading with their new OMM John Renbourn Custom Artist Edition.

Taylor Spring Limited Editions

Every spring in the northern hemisphere Taylor release a set of limited editions with special woods and finishes - and the new limiteds are available now.

Rotosound Increase Their Range of Classical Guitar Strings

Rotosound have added five new sets of Classical Guitar Strings to their range. The strings are available from online stores in the USA, UK, and many other countries.

Gloriana's Mike Gossin and his Custom Lichty Guitar

Lichty Guitar? I didn't know about this luthier until this turned up in my email today, but I'm glad I do now.

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