Gibson acquires Garrison Guitars

Gibson Guitar recently announced its acquisition of Garrison Guitars, a company based in St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada. The acquisition will further Gibson’s expansion in the acoustic guitar market, offering a new series of Gibson brand acoustic guitars aimed at the median price point to be introduced at the Summer NAMM convention in Austin, Texas.

Garrison Guitars are crafted using the latest technologies and innovations including the Griffiths Active Bracing System, a revolutionary method of guitar construction that took over six years to perfect. The single-unit brace combines all the acoustic guitar’s top braces into a single unit and allows for the resonance to have an uninterrupted path of travel throughout the instrument and provides enhanced structural stability. Offering a range of instruments in all price points, the G Series features all solid woods, hard shell cases, bolt-on necks, and UV finishes in a variety of wood combinations. The AG Series offers an affordable line using the patented bracing system technology. The company also manufacturers all solid wood mandolins and mandolas in its 20,000 square foot facility in Canada.

Garrison will join the historic division of Gibson Acoustic guitars offering top-quality acoustic performance instruments along with superb craftsmanship. The acquisition allows for Gibson Guitar to offer musical enthusiasts around the world the best acoustic guitar in every major price point. The company’s portfolio includes Gibson Acoustic guitars built in Bozeman, Montana, Epiphone acoustic guitars, and Garrison acoustic guitars. The company plans on shipping the new Garrison acoustic guitars by August of 2007 and will be Gibson branded.

“We are very excited about the recent acquisition of Garrison Guitars and welcome the entire Garrison family to ours,” said Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar. “This strategic move will give our consumers several new offerings of Gibson acoustic guitars in a price ranges which also provide quality, craftsmanship, and sound that only a true Gibson acoustic guitar can offer. We will continue to work with its founder, Chris Griffiths and expect the popularity of these acoustic guitars to have many musicians worldwide striking a new chord.”

“My co-workers and I are extremely excited about our new beginning as the newest edition to the Gibson family of brands. Being a part of Gibson allows us to do so much more than we could have achieved on our own. Furthermore, Gibson’s reputation for strong community involvement and the expansion and new job creation is sure to impress everyone here in St. John’s, who have supported us so well over the years,” said Chris Griffiths, Garrison founder.

The Garrison factory is being retrofitted to produce the new Gibson guitar models and will create over 40 new permanent full-time positions to keep up with the demand. Gibson is also investing in new equipment and technologies so that further expansion, which is anticipated, can be considered at the location. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

About Garrison Guitars:

Founded by Chris Griffiths of St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada in 1999, Garrison Guitars was born to commercialize a revolutionary new bracing system called the Griffiths Active Bracing System. In early 2001, Garrison Guitars opened an acoustic guitar manufacturing company in Canada tooled with the latest robotics, laser cutting, cnc milling, and UV finishing. The 20,000 square foot factory produced orders for distribution in North America, Australia, United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, China, Japan, and Canada.

Garrison Guitars was awarded a “Golden Axe Award” for Best Value by Harmony Central in 2000. In addition, Garrison Guitars and its founder have won over 14 different awards for innovation, business planning, export growth, leadership, and entrepreneurship. For more information on Garrison Guitars and Gibson Guitar, go to or

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Like everything else Gibson does they will overprice this product, reduce it's quality control and give little to no support of this product. I own a GS-40ce and have had contact (both e-mail and phone) with Mr. Griffiths concerning issues with my guitar. He was wonderfull to work with and helped me beyound wildest dreams with his product. I am very sorry to hear that they have been "aquired" by Gibson.

It is a shame that Gibson bought out Garrison when I'm pretty sure they will not give us warranty on Garrison guitars hell it's hard enough to get warranty on a Gibson guitar.I love my Garrison GD-50-12 I hope it lasts my life time with no problems,maybe the price will go up since there is no more Garrison.

I'm sorry to hear this. I bought a Garrison G50. If I had wanted a lesser guitar such as a Gibson I would have bought a Gibson. The Garrison staus and reputation has been diminished.

You're kidding right? I was just about to order a "custom shop" Garrison! Garrison used to be an exciting and innovative guitar company. I guess all good things must come to an end.

In an e-mail regarding warranty, Gibson informed me that they will not warranty any Garrison instrument that was made before July 3, 2007, the date of their purchase of the assets of Garrison. Too bad. I know that my beautiful Garrison will last a long time ( you can tell by the way it was made ) and l hope Mr Griffiths re-invests his energy and some money in Newfoundland music.

I love my G25 as well. unfortunately my garrison has a lifting saddle and needs repair. Under my "Five year" warranty I am supposed to be covered. Its really too bad about what happened, but I'm not finished with this. Gibson will be liable for everything. They bought the company and they bought the rights to everything!!! Even for all that Garrison is liable for!!!

I am having a problem with a dip at the body/ neck joint on my G20-12 rendering it virtually unplayable. I have been told that they do not intend to honor my warranty, something that was part of my reasoning in buying the instrument in the first place. I am an Attorney and not planning on taking this lying down. I think their may be enough of out there similarly situated to certify a class action lawsuit. I'll try to contact as many of you as possible when I make up my mind.

Hi all... I 2 am disapointed to learn of Gibsons control of Garrison.
I have owned and played gibsons but Gibson has yet to produce anything to match the sound, feel , the quality for the price of my G25.

I was about to purchase order the G25CE when the roof fell in , so to speak.I am a performer, its what i do for a living and having the pair would really fix me for the next 5 to 10 yrs as far as having playing satisfaction.

I still have the love to purchase if i can find a Garrison without a gibson stamp on it.

I support Garrison, not gibson.Gibson has been unfair to the world because they have had the Monoply of a certain Grade for a long time.NOW,some one else has proven to be better quality & price. Garrison has allowed themselves to be suckered.

Anyway if im not successful in finding the G25C OR CE I will have Alvarez custom make what i want based on the GD25C.
Adios Gibson...

my garrison just broke at the neck.. I had warranty, they're not gonna honor that?

I have recently purchased the AGGC-399CE a very fine quality instrument,the sound is amazing and the look is stunning as well, I sure hope that Gibson can keep up the quality workmanship of these guitars. Good luck Gibson.

As a Canadian, I am sorry to hear that we have sold out another inovative company to our bigger friends to the south. Gibson got a great deal and I hope that there is a means to deliver a "Garrison" from Canada although it may be labelled a Gibson. I spent months shopping for a great guitar and as most of you have said - Gibson wasn't anywhere near the top of my list. I guess Takamine will get another follower. G30CE owner since May 05

I played a Garrison guitar at a "Guitar Center" (Glen Burnie, Md.)a few months ago (April,2008) and i just loved it. I have played guitar for 43 years now and have owned several Epiphone acoustics and always liked them as well. I wish I would of had the money at the time because i played a Garrison acoustic cutaway with Fishman (?) pick ups in it and it sounded fantastic. The sales person told me there was no warranty but at $299 (US dollars) I would easily take the gamble considering alot of warranties only cover certain things and some are pro rated. I know, why didn't I but it? (Get out your violins, sob..sob..) I'm on soc. sec. disability and had planned to buy it with my stimulus tax refund of $300 but as life goes that money had to be used on other things and now I'm busted. Sounds like a song hey? But anyway I'm hoping there still may be a few left next month (Sept) and I should have the $$$ to buy one.I highly recommend this guitar and think it will last way beyond the warranty date. As far as the person who got one and the neck broke (?) that's a major blow and it must of really been messed up for that to happen. If anyone is interested inselling a Garrison or something like it please contact me at I desperately need a guitar. Thanks, ~ Dutch Sampson

Gibson will do to Garrison what it is already in the process of doing to Baldwin and perhaps other companies it has acquired for the simple purpose of milking profits out of them based on well-earned reputations for high quality, at the same time running the brands into the ground with steadily declining quality.

If you are old enough (I am) you might remember pre-CBS Fenders, pre-CBS Steinways, etc. For the same reasons we came to prefer pre-CBS Fender products, you will likely come to prefer pre-Gibson Garrisons. I'm fortunate enough to own and play a pre-Gibson Gibson: a 1952 ES225T, built when Gibson made high quality guitars and was NOT run by the kind of Enron-clone suits that control it now.

My advice: find the earliest pre-Gibson Garrison you can, buy it, and find a good local luthier to help you take care of it. Screw Gibson--they haven't made a decent guitar in more than 30 years--all they do is make MONEY.

Hello all,
I am a Harvard MBA (unfortunately) like the Gibson owners and love guitar as a hobby and played sicne high school for fun. I have two Garrison guitars and they are great. Just superb form a novice hobbyist player. I had an issue with one guitar and the tech support and Mr. Chris Griffiths were just excellent. They simple took care of the problem. I have never seen such great customer support. I recommended their guitars wherever I go.

However, now Gibson will overpice them and provide poor support. I hope Chris Griffiths made some money off the deal and he can break loose from Gibson and do some more innovation in guitars. People like him and his team are rare today.

I just love the guitar and my son who is a much better player loves his. This is sad ... very sad.

I've had my G50 for about 5 years now, and I was planning on purchasing another. I'm a bit disgusted with this "acquisition". The quality of my Garrison blosw any Gibson out of the water, and now I have to look @ the Gibson name. I guess I'll have to purchase a Larrivee....

I have to admit that I had never heard of Garrison Guitars until 3 days ago, when someone sold one to the store I work for. I think I strummed 3 chords and knew that I was going to buy it. I'm disappointed that Gibson bought them as well... As far as I can tell, all that's going to happen is that the price will go up and the quality will go down. Oh well, at least I got mine in time. The guy who sold it to me said that he had to buy a Taylor to find a guitar that sounded better to him, and I can see it. This is the sweetest sounding acoustic I've ever played...

I bought a G20 for my daughter 3 years ago and we love the build and tone of this "entry level" guitar.
Hard for me to comment on Gibson except that quality guitars should be something other than commodity based and it is hard to see how the suits at a corporation the size of Gibson can grasp this.
If you want a truly well crafted guitar you will be hard pressed to beat the Australian built Maton (any model).
But for goodness sake don't tell Gibson or CBS/Fender!

Hi,all!I bought AG200 and I like this guitar.It is cheap,but sounds spectaculor for its price.Is it a good idea to buy a bit more expensive Garrison or another guitar,like Fender,for instance?

i purchased a garrison g40 a couple of years ago. i am very pleased with the craftmanship sound and looks of this beautiful playing guitar, as a canadian i was very dissapointed to see this company sold to gibson i hope the warranty situation can be stratightened out so we dont get shafted by this gibson company

VAI TOMA NO CU GIBSON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My garrison has had neck problems since I got it. Chronic dipping at the neck joint. Ive had it replaced twice, now I need a third as the bolt for the truss rod snapped...WTF...Im almost ready to give up on it. Too bad cause it looks and sounds great.

I bought Garrison AG 300 last Friday Feb 13,2009, that's my first guitar I play. It looks good, but it's hard to find something about Garrison on net. I don't know if they produce anything since bought by Gibson

I just bought a garrison g50 with a split back I'm hoping to repair. I hope it lives up to the hype!

I bought my Garrrison 300 the first year they came out in Texas.It has been the best guitar I have ever owned.Soon after I bought it my Brother-in-law wanted to trade for his brand new Gibson Dove He gave over $4.000 for his but I said no-thanks
My Garrison is the best playing guitar I have ever played.Gibson will nodout raise the price.And thats just to bad.

I bought a Garrison G4. Loved the sound and playability of the neck. Unfortunately, like so many other Garrisons, the back has now split. Hopefully this can be repaired.

gibson = enron - nuff said

I agree wholeheartedly with the comments - I bought an AG-300 a few years ago and it is superb. Gibson is the "Ford" of guitar makers - low quality overpriced runabouts. I own a 70's 335 and that is a real Gibson - so are my two Heritages. The bottom dropped out when they moved from Kalamazoo. I would not touch a modern Gibson and I fear that Garrison as we know it has gone forever. Very sad. Gerry, UK.

Don't know much about the Garrison guitars but been playing guitar for 40 years. Just purchased one of the Gibson Grand Concert CSM made in the Garrison factory and have to say it is a simply superb guitar made out of quality solid woods constructed with fantastic attention to detail and the thing really sings. Incredible spec and price when put up against lower price Martins and Taylors (surely their target market) and beats then hands down on both price and performance. So its a big thumbs up from me.

I love my Garrisons. I own 3, all left handed. Funky instruments with their own quirks to be sure. Not a lot of headroom, but there's a certain earthiness to the sound that I really like and they play like a dream. Seems I'm not the only Garrison owner out there. Since the Garrisons in existence today are all there's ever going to be, anyone know of any forums, discussion boards, etc., for Garrison owners to share notes, recommendations, and such? Maybe somebody should start one . . . .


i bought a garrison dreadnought lefthanded some 6 or7 years ago now the varnish is peeling off the neck and amachine head has snapped also the bridge came unstuck and a crack has appeared on the body so you guess that i am not impressed especially that i have no recourse for warranty anymore should have bought a maton fuck gibson and garrison

What no Garrisons?? I bought a G30 a few years ago, after visiting many music shops and playing everything in my price range, and I found it to be the best. No problems so far and the sound is only getting better. All good things must come to end. My next guitar, if I have the cash, will be a Martin. Long live the Garrison

Same here. I tried lots of

Same here. I tried lots of guitars and shops and my G10 was easily the best value - it was half the price for something with same quality sound. I've had it seven years now and it's in excellent condition.

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