Epi want you to pick design for new Emily The Strange acoustic

Epiphone, makers of the Emily the Strange electric guitar, is designing a new Emily the Strange acoustic guitar and they want you to choose your favorite design.

The choices are:

Emily The Strange Acoustic Guitar

Vote at http://www.emilystrange.com/beware/polls/index.cfm

Check out Epiphone's Emily electric at http://www.epiphone.com/default.asp?ProductID=238&CollectionID=16

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where els can yo get them?

I prefer B

it's sooooo coool i love it

i like a

were can i get one how much ect

i love them all!!!!!!
but if i had to pick.........e

Where's the price?! I WANT them!!
And where are the electric guitars..
I want them even more!! x3

I want to buy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE THE F OMG IT'S AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!


How much?

OMGFG they are well f***ing cool i wish i had one f with cats and stars is my fav

f***! unbelievable!! produce E! E!!!

wow !!! I love them ! I would take ... e ;) how much isit and where can I get them ???? beautiful <3<3<3 greetz angie ...

i like e the best

e is the best it should have a red back though. if its without the red it really wont be emily the strange.

SO COOL....!!!
i like it...i want to buy it now...!!

Well.. i love all!!!, but if I have to choose one, i think it's B, but i have a question, where I can get them? and how much do they cost?... please answer me soon...

these guitar are soo cool!!! i love the F

i want to buy the guitar F...how much is it?!?

E for sure.

The 4 is the most beautiful !!!

A or F

And yeah, where can you get them and how much? I've been pining for an electric one but I play acoustic atm so these are hella cool

wow i think F its much better
but please give me more big pic
n how i get them....?
how much for that..?

I like A the bost.
The E as a second choice.
I bet because I thing an Emily guitar HAS to have Emily on it.
Also, I love the color.

Only those six designs? Wow, that's a tough one. If I could pick some amalgam between designs, I'd pick the basic graphic layout of E, altered to use the kitty pickguard idea of D, all against a background that uses the basic red-black-white color palette of F (I just got the Emily G-310 in January--I think that's a perfect color combination for an Emily guitar regardless of design!).

But if I were to limit myself to one of the six designs, I'd pick E. It shows Emily better than A, and to people who aren't fans of Emily, it wouldn't be obvious that guitars B, C, D and F were meant to be Emily tie-ins.

How much???i want to buy it!!
emily the strange is so cool!!!

A , E & F!! how mush is it?? i want this guitar!!!!

oh my god a is the most

oh my god a is the most beautiful ..... *scream* I WANT IIT!!! XD

I would choose A, it's

I would choose A, it's great!!!

omg! i want one! where i can

omg! i want one! where i can get them! please where?!

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