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Gibson LG-2 American Eagle

Gibson introduces the LG-2 American Eagle, a short-scale acoustic guitar designed for folk, blues and finger style.

Gretsch G9510 Jim Dandy Flat Top

Gretsch unveils the G9510 Jim Dandy Flat Top in limited edition blue sunburst finish, a cool looking entry level parlor-style acoustic guitar.

Washburn WSD5249 Warren Haynes Signature Acoustic

Washburn welcomes Allman Brother's guitarist Warren Haynes into their family with the new WSD5249 Signature Acoustic.

Fender Revamps the T-Bucket Series

Fender revitalizes their T-Bucket acoustic-electric instruments, now with design improvements and two new models.

NAMM 2013 - New Guild Arcos and GAD Series Acoustics

Guild expands their Arcos and GAD series guitars with two new models, which will go on exhibit at the 2013 NAMM Show.

Bedell Guitars 1964 and Coffeehouse Series

Bedell Guitars pays tribute to the '60s era folk/rock movement with the 1964 Series and the Coffeehouse Series.

Cordoba Luthier Series

Cordoba Guitars introduces the Luthier Series, all-solid concert quality nylon string guitars at reasonable prices.

The Best 12 String Acoustic Guitars

Here are the best 12-string acoustic guitars that we highly recommend, rich sounding and great looking acoustics that are worthy investments.

New 12-String, Travel and Bass guitars from Breedlove

Breedlove expands their SolidTop Passport series with a new 12-string, Travel and bass guitar, all set for a January 1, 2013 release.

Breedlove Oregon Series

Breedlove puts the abundance of Myrtlewood to good use, by having it as the back and sides of their new Oregon Series.

Fender CD-60CE All-Mahogany Acoustic

Fender expands their Classic Design CD-60CE Acoustic Electric Guitar with a new all-mahogany body model.

Guild Doyle Dykes Signature Guitar

Guild collaborates with fingerstyle guitar virtuoso Doyle Dykes to create the new Guild Doyle Dykes Signature Guitar.

Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Acoustic-Electric

Epiphone introduces the Hummingbird Pro, now an acoustic-electric with built-in Shadow preamp and pickup system.

Fender Tim Armstrong Deluxe Acoustic Guitar

Fender introduces the Tim Armstrong Deluxe Acoustic Guitar, a more traditional take on Armstrong's '70s Fender Acoustic.

Taylor Fall 2012 Limited Edition Acoustic Guitars

Taylor celebrates the coming of Fall 2012 season with a new batch of Fall Limited Edition models, featuring exotic tonewood options.

Washburn WJ130EK Jumbo Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Washburn Guitars introduces the latest addition to their Vintage Series, the WJ130EK jumbo acoustic-electric guitar.

PRS Cody Kilby Signature Acoustic

The PRS Cody Kilby Signature Acoustic is made to the specifications of the popular bluegrass guitarist, and is part of PRS Private Stock guitars.

Tanglewood TW130 - All Mahogany Acoustic

The Tanglewood TW130 guitar features an all mahogany wood construction, resulting in an earthy look and warm tone.

Cort MR1200FX - Solid Rosewood Back Acoustic Guitar

Cort Guitars just released the MR1200FX, a solid rosewood back acoustic featuring boutique specs at a reasonable price.

Acoustic Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Roundup

To meet the specific tone and performance demands of acoustic guitarists, we bring you our acoustic guitar multi effects pedal roundup.

Washburn WCG25SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The WCG25SCE is part of Washburn's Comfort Series of acoustic-electric guitars, featuring a nice looking beveled top.

Martin Retro Series Unveiled at Summer NAMM 2012

2012 Summer NAMM witnessed the unveiling of Martin Guitar Retro Series, guitars based on classic Martin designs from the '30s and '40s.

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat-12

The Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat-12 is the 12-string version of Tim's popular six string signature acoustic guitar model.

Gibson J-200 M Trophy 75th Anniversary

Gibson celebrates 75 years of the J-200 acoustic with a limited run Five Star Series guitar - the Gibson J-200 M Trophy 75th Anniversary.

Martin OM Jeff Daniels Guitar

Martin comes up with their latest custom artist edition guitar - the OM Jeff Daniels, based on the artist's modified Martin C-2 Archtop.

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