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The Top 10 Best Guitar Amps

If you're looking to get a guitar amp, then you're in luck because after much research, we have updated our Top 10 Guitar Amps list for 2016.

Sensus - Guitar Synthesizer Hybrid

Mind Music Labs released a new demo video showcasing the expressive control and synthesizer features of Sensus.

Dean Zelinsky Johnny Winter Signature Guitar

Dean Zelinsky Guitars unveil the John Winter Signature, a dual humbucker guitar with custom engraved top.

Seymour Duncan Forza Overdrive

Seymour Duncan introduces the new Forza Overdrive effects pedal, launched exclusively at Chicago Music Exchange.

Collings T Series Guitars

Collings have introduce their new T Series acoustic guitars, designed to reproduce the tone of vintage guitars from the '30s, similar to the way most Parlor Guitars do.

TC Electronic Sub 'N' Up Octaver Pedal

TC Electronic expand their TonePrint line with a new multi-feature octave pedal called the Sub 'N' Up Octaver.

Jericho Edge Series Electric Guitars

Texas based manufacturer Jericho Guitars introduce the Edge Series, double cutaway guitars with distinctly carved edges.

Music Man Old Smoothie - 40th Anniversary StingRay

Ernie Ball Music Man introduces the commemorative 40th Anniversary StingRay Bass, called the "Old Smoothie".

Michael Kelly Patriot Striped Ebony Guitar

Michael Kelly Guitars introduces the Patriot Striped Ebony, a limited run guitar with a distinct looking top.

D’Addario NS Micro Soundhole Tuner

D'Addario introduces the NS Micro Soundhole Tuner, a soundhole-mounted variant of their popular ultra-compact tuner.

Demeter Tremulator Plus

James Demeter updates the first pedal he created, adding extra features and releasing it as the new Tremulator Plus.

Earthquake Devices Gray Channel Overdrive Pedal

Earthquake Devices unveil the Gray Channel, a versatile overdrive pedal with two channels and multiple clipping modes.

Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitars

Yamaha introduces the TransAcoustic Guitar, with innovative built-in mechanical reverb and chorus effect generator.

Vari-Cap Cable by Undertone Audio

UnderTone Audio introduces the Vari-Cap Cable, an instrument cable that lets you adjust cable capacitance in realtime.

DigiTech Dirty Robot Stereo Mini-Synth Pedal

DigiTech unveils their latest synthesizer effect, the Dirty Robot, a compact pedal with two selectable synth modes.

G4 Experience 2016 Guitar Camp

Joe Satriani shares details of the upcoming 2016 G4 Experience guitar camp, which will take place in Long Island, NY.

BluGuitar BluBOX Speaker Cabinet Simulator

BluGuitar GmbH introduces the BluBOX, an impulse response speaker simulator with 16 cab models.

Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer - Preamp & Effects for Acoustic Guitar

Boss unveils the VE-8 Acoustic Singer, a preamp and effects solution for acoustic guitar wielding singer-songwriters.

Radial Tonebone Bumper

Conveniently switch between multiple instruments (up to four), with the new Radial Tonebone Bumper.

Epiphone Bret Hinds Flying-V Custom

Mastodon's guitarist/vocalist gets an Epiphone signature model, called the Brent Hinds Flying-V Custom.

DigiTech Whammy Ricochet Pedal

DigiTech unveils the Whammy Ricochet, a pedal version of their popular pitch shifting effect with no foot treadle.

660 Aviator AV27 Aluminum Body Guitar

660 Guitars introduce the AV27 "Aviator" guitar, a modern all-aluminum body take to the classic Flying V shape.

Gibson Custom Rick Nielsen 1959 Les Paul

Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen is the latest artist to associate with Gibson Custom, resulting in the new Rick Nielsen 1959 Les Paul Standard.

MXR Reverb Pedal

Jim Dunlop introduces the MXR Reverb, featuring selectable six distinct reverb types, packed in a compact form factor.

Fender The Edge Deluxe Combo Amplifier

Fender introduces The Edge Deluxe, a 12W dual-channel 1x12 combo all-tube amplifier co-designed by U2's guitarist.

Dr. Z DB4 Amplifier - Co-Designed by Brad Paisley

Dr. Z Amplification and Brad Paisley introduces the DB4 all-tube amplifier, featuring a 5879 pentode preamp tube.

Tone King Ironman II Mini Power Attenuator

Tone King introduce the Ironman II Mini, a compact power attenuator in pedal form, for amplifiers rated 30W or less.

Dunlop Volume X Mini Pedal

Jim Dunlop introduces the Volume X Mini Pedal, a compact and feature packed version of their popular volume pedal.

Cort Sunset Nylectric

Cort Guitars introduces the Sunset Nylectric, a nylon string guitar with the playability and shape of an electric guitar.

Graph Tech Inviso-Match Mounting Plate System

Graph Tech's Inviso-Match Mounting Plate System has just been awarded a U.S. patent, in recognition of its innovative design which simplifies machine head replacements for common guitar configurations.

Seymour Duncan Palladium Gain Stage Pedal

Seymour Duncan introduces the Palladium Gain Stage, a pedal designed to replicate high-gain tube amps.

Martin D-28 John Lennon - Musikmesse 2016

C.F. Martin & Co. unveil the new D-28 John Lennon, their second commemorative acoustic guitar for the iconic Beatle.

Gibson Les Paul Custom Axcess Floyd

Gibson Custom's modern take on the classic Les Paul Custom design, packed with shred-friendly features including a Floyd Rose bridge.

EHX Mel9 Tape Relay Machine Pedal

Electro-Harmonix introduces the new Mel9 Tape Replay Machine, a pedal that transforms your guitar signal into classic Mellotron sounds.

PRS John Mayer Private Stock Super Eagle

PRS Guitars introduces the John Mayer co-designed Private Stock Super Eagle, a limited run HSH thinline guitar.

Vox Analog Valve Series

Vox unveil the new Analog Valve line of amplifiers, a multi-voiced tube amp with eight different analog preamp circuits.

Radial Mix-Blender Pedal

Radial Engineering Ltd announces the availability of the newest member of their Tonebone line, the Mix-Blender Pedal.

Railhammer Billy Corgan Signature Pickup

Railhammer introduces the new Billy Corgan signature pickup, a modded P90 style pickup without the hum.

Peavey Headliner 1000 Bass Amplifier Head

Peavey announces the availability of their new Headliner 1000 Bass Amplifier Head, a lightweight 1000-watt rack-mountable bass amp.

Taurus Stomp-Head 5.CE

Taurus Amplification unveils the Stomp-Head 5.CE (Custom Edition), a three channel amplifier packed in a floor pedal.

The Best Bass Amps

We present you with the best bass amplifiers that are currently available in the market, conveniently categorized into price brackets so you can easily see the amps that fit your budget.

Gretsch G6136T Players Edition White Falcon

Gretsch Guitars introduce the G6136T Players Edition White Falcon, with modern player-friendly features that improve reliability, tone and playing feel.

Breedlove Pursuit Concert Koa

Breedlove introduces the Pursuit Concert Koa, a limited run all-koa body acoustic-electric with modern electronics.

Korg Pitchblack Mini Tuner

Korg releases the Pitchblack Mini (PBmini) Tuner, carrying the same high precision tuning and functionality of its predecessor, only smaller.

Yamaha FG850

Yamaha introduces an the FG850, an all-mahogany dreadnought from their revamped FG acoustic guitar line.

Orange 10th Anniversary Tiny Terror Half Stack

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Tiny Terror, Orange Amps introduce commemorative Tiny Terror 10th Anniversary half stacks..


PRS continues to expand their electric guitar line with the new CE 24, featuring traditional bolt-on neck joint.

Alvarez Delta 00

Alvarez Guitars continue to expand their acoustic guitar offering with the new Delta 00, inspired by vintage blues boxes from the early 1900s.

Ibanez GB10SE George Benson Signature

Ibanez and George Benson are at it again, and the result of their latest collaboration is the new spruce top GB10SE.

Taylor 312ce 12-Fret

Taylor introduces the 312ce 12-Fret, featuring a grand concert body with traditional 12 fret neck joint.

Martin OMC-15E

The Martin OMC-15E is a solid mahogany body acoustic-electric with new Fishman Matrix VT Enhance Electronics.

Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Guitar

Ernie Ball Music Man unveil the 2016 version StingRay guitar, featuring an off-set body and vintage spec humbuckers.

Fender Bassbreaker Amps for Guitar

Fender expand their electric guitar amplifier offering with the new British voiced all-tube BassBreaker series.

Reverend Billy Corgan Signature BC-1

Reverend Guitars and Smashing Pumpkins' frontman unveil the new chambered body Billy Corgan Signature BC-1 guitar.

Washburn Apprentice Series

Washburn Guitars expand their entry level guitar offering with the new Apprentice Series acoustic-electric guitars.

John Petrucci Signature Cry Baby Wah JP95

Jim Dunlop and virtuoso John Petrucci team up to create the new JP95 Signature Cry Baby Wah, fine tuned to meet the needs of prog metal shredders.

Ernie Ball James Valentine Signature Guitar

Ernie Ball Music Man in conjunction with Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine unveils the new Valentine signature guitar.

Gretsch G2622T Streamliner Center-Block

Gretsch recently brought back their affordable Streamliner line, and the G2622T Center Block is part of this new release.

TC Electronic Ditto X4 Looper

TC Electronic expands their Ditto pedal line up with the new X4 version, with more features and looping possibilities.

Fender Paramount Series Acoustics

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) have a new acoustic guitar line called Paramount, traditional styled instruments with all solid tonewood bodies - all of which are competitively priced.

Fender The Edge Strat

U2's iconic guitarist The Edge is the latest artist to co-design a signature guitar with Fender, and the Stratocaster is his instrument of choice.

NAMM 2016 Cool Guitar Gear Roundup

With so many new products at this year's Winter NAMM, going through all of them can get a bit tedious, so we have come up with a list that features our favorite guitar gear.

Orange O Bass - NAMM 2016

Orange Amplification introduces the O Bass, a 4-string electric bass guitar designed with retro style and sound in mind.

The Best Guitar Pedals by Effects Category

We are constantly researching the best effects of all types, and for the first time we bring all of that information together in one place with this roundup of the best guitar pedals in each effect category.

Randall KH103 - Kirk Hammett Signature Amplifier

Randall Amplifiers introduce the KH103, Kirk Hammett's all-tube, 3 channel, 120 Watt signature amplifier head.

Washburn Heritage Series Acoustic Guitars - NAMM 2016

Washburn Guitars unveil their new Heritage line, an expansive collection of acoustic guitars that cover multiple wood configuration and shape.

RJ Super Vintage 5-in-1 Guitar - NAMM 2016

The RJ Super Vintage is an electric guitar that can switch between five popular guitars without built-in DSP modeling.

Cort Frank Gambale Signature Acoustic Guitar

Cort assimilates another popular guitarist into their fold, and unveils the new Frank Gambale Signature Model acoustic.

Vox Starstream Type-1 Modeling Guitar - NAMM 2016

Vox unveils the Starstream Type-1, a dual humbucker guitar equipped with built-in instrument modeling.

Peavey MiniMega Bass Amplifier Head

Peavey releases the MiniMega, a lightweight and portable 1000 Watt bass amplifier head that weighs in at just 9 lbs.

EHX Soul Pog

Electro-Harmonix unveils the Soul Pog, a hybrid of their two popular pedals, the Sould Food Overdrive and the Nano Pog Polyphonic Octave Generator.

Cordoba Leona Series Parlor Guitars - NAMM 2016

Cordoba unveils new Leona Series steel string parlor guitars, with unique Spanish-inspired design.

Guild Starfire VI - NAMM 2016

Guild reintroduces the Starfire VI, the flagship model for their double cutaway semi-hollow electric guitar line.

Roundup of the Best Fuzz Pedals

Although sometimes interchanged with overdrive and distortion, fuzz is distinct from the two. It offers more dynamics than distortion, and more grit than overdrive, and it is well deserving of a spot on your pedalboard. Here we feature the best modern and classic fuzz pedals available in 2016 so you can pick one that fits your style.

Keeley Gold Star Reverb

Keeley Electronics introduces the new Gold Star Reverb effect pedal, featuring three distinct reverb modes inspired by studio reverb units.

The Best Electric Guitars Under $1000

The $1000 price range is the sweet spot for finding great guitars with exceptional value. Here you will find the best budget-friendly workhorse guitars in this price range, particularly those that come close to more expensive models, without the hefty price tag.

Best Portable Bass Amp

Carry convincing and inspiring bass tones with you wherever you go, see our list of highly recommended portable bass amps.

Best Acoustic Guitar Amp

We have taken a good look at the best acoustic amps, amplfiers with "wooden hearts" that faithfully reproduce minute details of your acoustic guitar sound and playing.

Sonoma WireWorks GuitarJack Stage and StudioJack Mini

Sonoma WireWorks introduces their latest studio quality multi-platform audio interfaces, the GuitarJack Stage and the StudioJack Mini.

Epiphone "1939" Century Lap Steel

Epiphone introduces the "1939" Century Lap Steel, a re-issue of the company's art deco inspired Hawaiian lap steel guitar.

Yamaha RevStar Series

Yamaha unveils the new RevStar Series, featuring seven solidbody electric guitars inspired by '60s era racing motorbikes.

Bedell Bahia Dreadnought

Bedell Guitars introduce the new Bahia Dreadnought, featuring naturally cured half-century old Brazilian rosewood.

Gibson Alex Lifeson Double Neck

Gibson unveils the Alex Lifeson Double Neck, a replica of Rush guitarist's own EDS-1275 Double Neck from the '70s.

EHX 720 Stereo Looper

EHX introduces the 720 Stereo Looper pedal, with up to 12 minutes (or 720 seconds) worth of stereo recording time.

Breedlove Legacy Concert Koa LTD

Breedlove expand their Legacy series with the new Legacy Concert Koa LTD, featuring solid koa back and sides.

Roland JC-40

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Jazz Chorus amplifier series, Roland introduces the JC-40 combo amplifier.

Mojotone Quiet Coil Pickups

Mojotone releases Quiet Coil, a new Strat style pickup that has the same look and tone without the noise.

Keeley Electronics Multi Echo ME-8

Keeley Electronics unveil the Multi Echo ME-8 effects processor, a compact pedal that houses eight of the company's popular time-delay effects.

Blackstar Tone:Link Bluetooth Dongle

Blackstar introduces Tone:Link, a Bluetooth audio receiver that adds wireless connectivity to amps with line-in ports.

Fender Mike Campbell Heartbreaker Guitar

Fender unveils the Custom Shop Mike Campbell Limited Edition "Heartbreaker" Guitar, a meticulous recreation of Campbell's original Broadcaster.

Catalinbread Adineko Oil Can Delay

Catalinbread introduces the new Adineko Oil Can Delay pedal, based on oil can echo units from the '60s.

PRS SE 277 Semi-Hollow Soapbar

PRS Guitars introduces a new baritone electric guitar, the new SE 277 Semi Hollow Soapbar.

JHS Crayon Pedal

JHS introduces the Crayon pedal, a stripped down version of the Colour Box, with the same direct-to-console fuzz.

Peavey Classic Series Updated

Peavey revamped their popular all-tube amplifier line, Classic Series, now with improved and more efficient components.

Three New Vox VTX Amplifiers

Vox expands the Valvetronix Series with three new combo amplifiers, all of which feature multi-stage tube preamp and digital amp modeling capabilities.

iRig Acoustic

IK Multimedia unveils the iRig Acoustic, a portable usb microphone interface that's especially tuned for acoustic guitars.

Keeley Seafoam+ Chorus Pedal

Keeley Engineering introduces the Seafoam+ Vibrato Chorus Pedal, featuring the company's new DSP platform that can be tuned to work for Guitar and Bass.

Epiphone Les Paul Custom 100th Anniversary

Epiphone celebrates the 100th birthday of Les Paul with the new Ltd Ed Les Paul Custom 100th Anniversary Outfit.

eTipbook Guitar Apps

Looking to buy guitar gear? Here are three eTipbook apps that can help you in picking up your next guitar, bass and other related gear.

EHX Cock Fight Pedal

Electro-Harmonix introduces the Cock Fight pedal, a filter effect stompbox that gives you the sound of a cocked wah.

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