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Fender Vibro-King 20th Anniversary Edition

Fender introduces the Vibro-King 20th Anniversary Edition amp, celebrating two decades of hand-wired all-tube design.

Taylor Fall 2012 Limited Edition Acoustic Guitars

Taylor celebrates the coming of Fall 2012 season with a new batch of Fall Limited Edition models, featuring exotic tonewood options.

Line 6 Relay G55 Wireless Guitar System

The Line 6 Relay G55 Wireless Guitar System is now available, featuring digital wireless quality and cable modeling.

Electro-Harmonix The Next Step Expression, Pan and Volume Pedals

Electro-Harmonix introduces three new members of the The Next Step series - Expression, Pan and Volume pedal - featuring zero moving parts.

Washburn PS12 Starfire Paul Stanley Signature

Washburn introduces the PS12 Starfire Paul Stanley Signature guitar, an affordable alternative to the Custom Shop model.

DigiTech JamMan Solo XT Looper

The JamMan Solo XT is the newest looper from DigiTech, a standard size pedal with true stereo looping and Micro SD support.

TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay and Looper

Flashback X4 is the big brother of TC Electronic's popular delay pedal, now with 12 delay types, four TonePrint slots and looper functionality.

Gretsch G5442BDC Electromatic Short Scale Bass

The Gretsch G5442BDC Electromatic is a short scale hollow body bass, equipped with Black Top Filter’Tron pickups

Line 6 JTV-69S Guitar

Line 6 introduces another James Tyler Variax model, the JTV-69S with Strat-like design and 3 single coil pickups.

Eastwood Airline ’59 Coronado Sailor Jerry Custom

Eastwood Guitars team up with tattoo, rum and lifestyle marketing man Sailor Jerry to create the Airline ’59 Coronado Sailor Jerry Custom.

PRS SE Custom 24 7-String

PRS unveils their first ever 7-String production line instrument, the SE Custom 24 7-String.

Haiti Recieves Guitar Donations form Godin

Godin Guitars team up with Arcade Fire band and fellow Montrealers to continue their charity work for the country of Haiti.

Gibson Les Paul Traditional 12-String

Gibson introduces the Les Paul Traditional 12-String, a 12-string version of their most popular electric guitar.

Roland Mobile AC - Acoustic Chorus Amp

The Roland Mobile AC is the smallest amplifier in Roland's Acoustic Chorus series, it is a portable three channel amp for acoustic guitars.

Electro-Harmonix Talking Pedal

The Electro-Harmonix Talking Pedal brings the talkbox filter effect into a unique zero moving parts, rocking wah design.

DigiTech Unplugged Acoustic Simulator for iStomp

DigiTech Unplugged is a downloadable e-pedal for iStomp, an acoustic simulator with built-in Lexicon Hall Reverb.

CapoSonic Classic Open Tuning Capo

CapoSonic is gearing up for the launch of their versatile multiple voicing guitar capo, the CapoSonic Classic.

Eastwood Hi-Flyer Phase 4 Electric Guitar

Eastwood Guitars brings back a classic guitar design with the new Hi-Flyer Phase 4, featuring a slanted neck pickup.

Washburn WJ130EK Jumbo Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Washburn Guitars introduces the latest addition to their Vintage Series, the WJ130EK jumbo acoustic-electric guitar.

Gibson Grabber 3 '70s Tribute Bass

The Grabber 3 '70s Tribute Bass is based on the classic Gibson G3 Bass design, featuring 3 single coil bass pickups with Hum-Canceling circuitry.

Vox Apache Bass

Vox introduces another battery-powered traveler instrument, the Vox Apache Bass, featuring built-in amp, rhythms and mini-speaker.

Fender Machete Amps and Cabinets

Fender enters into the high gain amplifier arena with their high-end twin channel Machete Amplifiers and matching Speaker Cabinets.

Mini Guitar Effects

These select mini guitar effects will let you save on cash and precious pedalboard space without sacrificing your tone.

Vox StompLab Series - Compact Multi-Effects

Vox introduces the StompLab Series, four compact multi-effect pedals packed with modeled amps and effects.

SN-10 Pedal Tuner from Snark

Snark, known for their clip on tuners and metronomes, have released their first floor pedal unit, the Snark SN10 Tuner.

Marshall 2012 DSL Series Tube Amps

Marshall introduces 4 new all-tube Dual Super Lead (DSL) Series amplifiers, based on the JCM2000 DSL100 head.

Jackson SLATTXMG3-7 Soloist 7-String

Jackson introduces their latest 7-String, the SLATTXMG3-7, featuring an arched-top body and EMG 707 pickups.

RotoSound Fuzz Pedal Reissue

The RotoSound Fuzz Pedal is back in production, using the same '60s era circuit configuration with modern reliability and true-bypass.

Spider 3D Printed Guitar

Odd Guitars launched a series of 3D Printed Guitars, one of them, the Spider caught our attention due to its intricately detailed 3D body.

TC Electronic Transition Delay Pedal - Guitar Center Exclusive

TC Electronic introduces the Transition Delay Pedal, a special Guitar Center exclusive version of the TonePrint capable Flashback Delay.

Cheap Guitar Parts at Guitarfetish Factory Buyout

Great news if you want to build your own guitar, Guitarfetish recently bought a warehouse worth of abandoned guitar parts that they are now selling for cheap.

T-Rex Mean Machine Distortion Pedal

The T-Rex Mean Machine is a pedal with two channels of distortion designed for high gain metal players.

Three Cool iOS Apps from Positive Grid

Positive Grid launched three cool iOS apps for musicians - Beats Metronome, Accutune (tuner) and Jam Player (manipulate tempo and pitch).

PRS Cody Kilby Signature Acoustic

The PRS Cody Kilby Signature Acoustic is made to the specifications of the popular bluegrass guitarist, and is part of PRS Private Stock guitars.

Tanglewood TW130 - All Mahogany Acoustic

The Tanglewood TW130 guitar features an all mahogany wood construction, resulting in an earthy look and warm tone.

Cort MR1200FX - Solid Rosewood Back Acoustic Guitar

Cort Guitars just released the MR1200FX, a solid rosewood back acoustic featuring boutique specs at a reasonable price.

Randy Rhoads Biography and Photo Book

Velocity Books brings us Randy Rhoads, a book that shows the life story of this phenomenal guitar player in vivid detail.

New G&L Tribute Series S-500

G&L updates the Tribute Series S-500 guitar, featuring a big change - the Strat shaped body is now made of mahogany.

ZT Junior Amp

The ZT Lunchbox Junior Amp is a small but capable workhorse amplifier that weighs in at just 5 lbs.

G5191TMS Tim Armstrong Signature Electromatic Hollowbody

Gretsch honors Rancid founder Tim Armstrong with new signature models, one being a Bigsby equipped hollow body, the G5191TMS Electromatic.

Acoustic Guitar Pedal Favorites

After featuring the best multi effects for acoustic guitars, we follow up by bringing you our acoustic guitar pedal favorites.

New Fender American Vintage Series

Fender revamps its American Vintage Series with an all-new batch of electric guitars that recreate the feel and vibe of their '50s to mid '60s era instruments.

Blind Willie Johnson's Music

Original and cover recordings of Blind Willie Johnson songs.

Guitarion - Mechanical Pick for Hemiplegics

Guitarion is a mechanical string "picker" that allows hemiplegics, people with unilateral (one side of the body) paralysis, to play the guitar with just one unaffected hand.

Acoustic Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Roundup

To meet the specific tone and performance demands of acoustic guitarists, we bring you our acoustic guitar multi effects pedal roundup.

Maxon DB10 Dual Booster Pedal

The Maxon DB10 Dual Booster Pedal combines two independently voiced boost circuits in a compact and portable pedal.

Ibanez S920

The Ibanez S920 is part of the Premium sub-division of their S-series, featuring enhanced playability, EMG pickups and carved top aesthetics.

Kinsman KUPB8 Pedalboard

Kinsman launches the KUPB8 pedalboard, combining simple pedalboard convenience and storage facility in an ergonomic package.

Jackson JS3 Kelly Bird IV Bass

Jackson teams up with Megadeth bass player David Ellefson to unveil a unique looking bass guitar - the JS3 Kelly Bird IV.

Dunlop Dirty Donny Ukulele Giveaway

Dunlop gives you a chance to win one of the two Kala Solid Acacia Ukuleles that are hand painted by Dirty Donny Gillies.

Fender Cabronita Telecaster

Fender unveils its production line Cabronita Telecaster, an affordable version of the Cabronita Telebration series guitar, featuring Fideli'Tron humbucking pickups.

Blues Licks You Must Know - 3 New Guitar Lab DVDs

EMedia Music unveils three new Guitar Lab DVDs, each one providing 50 essential blues licks that "you must know".

Black Cat Vibe

Black Cat Pedals brings back their Univibe clone, the Black Cat Vibe, featuring modern improvements on its durability and reliability.

Suhr Limited Edition Korina Flame

Suhr unveils the Limited Edition Korina Flame, these are fine looking HSS configuration Strat clones that highlight the elegance of Korina tonewood.

Add 76 Pickup Tones to your Fender Modern Player Marauder

Awesome-Guitars unveiled their latest pickup switch upgrade kit, MRP-T4, a solderless pickup system upgrade for the Fender Modern Player Marauder.

Epiphone Limited Edition ES 335 Pro

The Epiphone Limited Edition ES 335 Pro modernizes the traditional ES-335 semi-hollow design, with its coil-tapping humbuckers.

LTD Bela Lugosi Dracula Guitar - ESP Horror Themed Guitars

ESP guitars unveiled the LTD Bela Lugosi Dracula Guitar, their first horror-themed guitar after getting a licensing agreement with Lugosi Enterprises.

Voodoo Lab Giggity Mastering Preamp for Guitar

The Voodoo Lab Giggity pedal, a cool mastering preamp for guitar, is now shipping - featuring controls that can shape your tone.

Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Bass Special

The Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Bass Special has modernized the familiar Telecaster design.

Gibson Settles with US Department of Justice on Lacey Act Violations: $600,000+ in Penalties

Gibson entered into a criminal enforcement agreement with the US Department of Justice, effectively admitting their Lacey Act violations.

De Gier Surfer - Crowdsourced Strat

De Gier Guitars unveil the Surfer guitar, a crowdsourced strat combining the suggestions of guitarists and De Gier's construction ideas.

Esoterik DR3 Hand Crafted Electric Guitar

Esoterik Guitars expands on the Dave Refett signature series with a third and lightweight model, the Esoterik DR3.

Catalinbread Galileo Pedal - Brian May Sound?

Galileo is Catalinbread's latest overdrive pedal, combining the CB30 and Naga Viper pedal into a unit aims to churn out Brian May's modified Vox AC30 tone.

Epiphone Toby Deluxe-V 5-String Bass

Epiphone teams up with bass designer Michael Tobias once more to come up with a five-string electric guitar bass, the Toby Deluxe-V.

Peavey Nano Vypyr Portable Modeling Amp

Take your favorite modeled amps anywhere with the battery powered Peavey Nano Vypyr, carrying 11 amp models and a variety of effects.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Quilt Top Pro

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Quilt Top Pro offers another affordable alternative to the modern Les Paul, featuring AAA quilt maple veneer tops.

Washburn WCG25SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The WCG25SCE is part of Washburn's Comfort Series of acoustic-electric guitars, featuring a nice looking beveled top.

Electric Beamer II - Guitar Made from BMW Engine

The Electric Beamer II from AM Guitars is a one-of-a-kind guitar made from recycled materials, specifically a BMW's engine intake manifold.

Gibson Midtown Standard P-90

The Gibson Midtown Standard P-90 features a smaller ES-335 like semi-hollow body, equipped with P-90 pickups.

Electric Guitar Wood Myth Busted?

After two months of testing, a La Trobe University researcher finds that electric guitar sound is unaffected by the body of the instrument.

Jackson Adrian Smith Signature SDX

Jackson teams up with Iron Maiden's axe wielder once more to develop an affordable heavy metal super strat - the Adrian Smith Signature SDX.

Gretsch G5422DC-12 12-String Hollow Body

The Gretsch G5422DC-12 is a 12-string hollow body guitar from the Electromatic series, equipped with Black Top Filter'Tron pickups.

Aguilar AG 4J-HC and AG 5J-HC Bass Pickups

The Aguilar AG 4J-HC and AG 5J-HC bass pickups are hum-canceling pickups designed for 4/5 string Jazz basses and other J-style basses.

Fender Mexico Celebrates 25th Anniversary

In the midst of canceling their planned IPO, Fender celebrated the 25th anniversary of their factory in Ensenada, Mexico.

Dunlop Pure Nickel Strings and Ukulele String Sets

Dunlop introduces two new sets of strings, Dunlop Pure Nickel for Electric guitar and Dunlop Ukulele Strings.

PRS 59/09 and 53/10 Pickups

PRS have made their vintage inspired 59/09 and 53/10 pickups available for purchase, these pickups are designed to mimic '50s era guitar tones.

Why Fender Canceled Their IPO

After failing to impress investors due to debt and poor market outlook, Fender cancels their anticipated initial public offering.

Kemper Profiling Amplifier v1.1 Firmware Update

The version 1.1 update for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier adds 50 amp profiles and 8 new effects to its already impressive collection.

Musicians Tool Kit Bag by Protection Racket

Musicians Tool Kit Bag is a handy utility bag made by Protection Racket, designed to carry all your small tools and accessories.

Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition 1969 Relic Stratocaster

The Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition 1969 Relic Stratocaster comes with a moderately aged finish and a cool looking reverse headstock.

Manuel Rodriguez Guitars Now Eco-Friendly

Manuel Rodriguez Guitars is aiming to create eco-friendly instruments by using solar power, biomass heat and applying for wood certification.

Where is Bob Dylan's Newport Folk Festival Strat?

PBS History Detectives claim that they have found the Newport Folk Festival Strat while Dylan's camp dispute and say that they still have it.

Second Strat Ever Made?

A Sam Ash employee claims that they have in their hands the second Stratocaster that was ever made.

Gibson Grace Potter Signature Flying V at Summer NAMM 2012

Gibson unveiled the Grace Potter Signature Flying V at Summer NAMM 2012, featuring upgraded pickups and nocturnal brown nitrocellulose finish.

Blackstar Gus G. Blackfire 200 Amp

2012 Summer NAMM: Blackstar unveils their first signature amplifier - the Gus G. Black Fire 200 high gain amp.

Martin Retro Series Unveiled at Summer NAMM 2012

2012 Summer NAMM witnessed the unveiling of Martin Guitar Retro Series, guitars based on classic Martin designs from the '30s and '40s.

Vox Apache Travel Guitars

In time for Summer NAMM 2012, Vox announces the US pricing of their Apache Travel Guitars, featuring the return of classic Vox guitar shapes.

T-Rex Tapster, Duck Tail and Room-Mate Junior

Summer NAMM 2012 - T-Rex unveils 3 new effect pedals: Room-Mate Junior Reverb, Duck Tail Delay and Tapster Tremolo.

Fender FSR Antigua Jazz Bass and Antigua Precision Bass

Joining the 2012 Summer NAMM rush, Fender unveils the FSR Antigua Precision Bass and Antigua Jazz Bass, featuring antigua finish and vintage specs.

Fishman Loudbox Performer Amplifier

Fishman re-introduces their Loudbox Performer Amplifier at Summer NAMM 2012, now with more power, better features and bass response in a lighter cabinet.

D'Addario EXL120-8 and EXL140-8 Nickel Wound 8-String Sets

D'Addario unveils their latest 8-string sets: EXL120-8 and EXL140-8, nickel wound and optimized for low 8-string growls.

TC Electronic BH250 Amp Head with TonePrint

The BH250 is a powerful and compact amp head designed for bassists, featuring TC Electronic's TonePrint technology.

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat-12

The Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat-12 is the 12-string version of Tim's popular six string signature acoustic guitar model.

Gretsch G5440LS Hollow Body Bass

Gretsch adds a long scale hollow-body bass guitar to their Electromatic series, the G5440LS featuring Black Top Filter'Tron Bass pickups.

Gretsch G5420LH Electromatic Left Handed

Gretsch adds a left handed hollow-body to their Electromatic guitars, the G5420LH, featuring Black Top Filter'Tron pickups.

Danelectro Hodad Guitars 2012

The Danelectro Hodad Guitars are back in 2012, these are reissues of Danelectro's Dual-Lipstick pickup equipped guitars.

Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Deluxe

Squier introduces the Vintage Modified Telecaster Deluxe, a Tele equipped with Fender designed Wide Range Humbuckers.

Best Wah Pedal

Here are our top wah wah picks to help you find the best wah pedal for your rig to keep your sound expressive and exciting.

Epiphone Limited Edition Jack Casady Signature Bass

Epiphone introduces a limited run version of the Jack Casady Signature Bass, featuring a silverburst finish.

JamUp Lite and JamUp Pro 2.0 Update

Positive Grid updates their iOS guitar apps - JamUp Pro and Jam Up Lite, now with improved performance and presets.

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