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Roy Orbison 'Oh, Pretty Woman' signature guitar announced

Epiphone have announced the release of the new limited edition 'Oh, Pretty Woman' 12-string acoustic guitar. Produced in cooperation with the legendary singer/songwriter Roy Orbison’s estate, this signature guitar is based upon Roy’s own 1962 Epiphone 'Bard' 12-string acoustic guitar. Orbison used his original Epiphone acoustic guitar to write and perform many of his most well-known songs including perhaps his biggest hit 'Oh, Pretty Woman.'

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Stanley Jordan

by Doc Dosco This week we feature jazz guitar phenom Stanley Jordan. From the moment he m

Presenting the Gibson Tribal Explorer

Introduced in 1958, the Gibson Explorer has been a symbol of rock extremism for more than 50 years. It was too radical for many players in its day, but when hard rock and heavy metal came to town in the late ’60s and early ’70s, an Explorer was the ultimate guitar to be seen with, a total declaration of crushing rock action.

Roland ships Cube-80X guitar amplifier

Roland has announced general availability of the most powerful guitar amplifier in the CUBE-Series lineup, the new CUBE-80X Guitar Amplifier. Expanding on the top-selling CUBE-60, the CUBE-80X delivers a massive 80 watts of power through a 12" speaker, and features a switchable clean and lead channel design derived from its predecessor.

FuzzHugger releases the Great Wall Fuzz Pedal

FuzzHugger(fx) has released their third original fuzz pedal, this one being a wall of fuzz as thick and high gain as they come! More extreme than FuzzHugger(fx)'s best-selling Algal Bloom, but every bit as toneful, the Great Wall features a more gained-up tone with a huge bottom end. There are some famously huge fuzz pedals out there, and the Great Wall seeks to improve on all of them in features, tone, and flexibility.

New limited edition Yamaha SBG3000

The Yamaha SBG3000 solid-body electric guitar is a masterpiece of musical instrument craftsmanship. To commemorate the 40th year that Yamaha began selling guitars in the United States, Yamaha is issuing only 40 of these limited edition collector's items, a model that has never before been available in this country. Each guitar is serialized and comes with a special glass display case (a $400 value).

DBZ Guitars introduces the Croc Skin Bolero

DBZ Guitars has announced a guitar that will blow minds and turn heads: the Croc Skin Bolero. Straight from the mind of legendary guitar designer Dean Zelinsky, The Croc Skin Bolero combines DBZ’s legendary playability with looks so realistic Dean B. Zelinsky may soon be explaining himself to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Obbligato brings the Passive Analog Modeling System to the P-Bass

Obbligato has releaseed Turnstyle, the world's first 100% analog P-Bass guitar modeling system that installs directly into any Fender Precision Bass Guitar and most similar instrument. This marks the second Turnstyle applications born out of the Obbligato Custom Shop.

Godlyke announces PA-9D Power-All deluxe kit

The PA-9 Power-All is the world’s first 2000 mA, single outlet power supply designed specifically for guitar effect users. Rather than waste money and natural resources on disposable batteries, users can now power their entire pedalboard from a single power supply that takes up only one outlet space!

Aguilar Amplification announces Master Class with Gary Willis

Aguilar Amplification has announced the continuation of their Artist Series Master Classes on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 with endorsing artist, Gary Willis. An in-demand clinician, Willis has lectured in over 20 countries and currently teaches improvisation and arranging at the prestigious Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya conservatory in Barcelona, Spain. His published works for Hal Leonard include Fingerboard Harmony for Bass, Ultimate Ear Training, and 101 Tips for Bass.

Ibanez releases details on Promethean bass amplification

Ibanez Electronics has once more expanded its amplification offerings, this time in the professional bass amp category. At the Winter NAMM musical instrument convention in Anaheim, bass artist Rufus Philpot (Planet X, Down to the Bone) put the small but very powerful Class D 250-watt head and the easily portable 10” speaker combo through their paces, while Ibanez retailers and sales reps looked on impressed. Only the compact combo amp and its small but undeniably visible red head were available for Ibanez retailers to order at the show, but behind the virtuosic Philpot were a number of much larger cabinets on display showing the full power and potential of the line when it gets its full unveiling at the Nashville Summer NAMM show in July 2009.

Yamaha Guitars celebrates 40 years in the United States

In 2009, Yamaha Guitars will celebrate its 40th year selling acoustic, electric and bass guitars in the United States. Yamaha has a distinguished history in the evolution of guitar technology and quality, and in 2008, became the top-selling acoustic and acoustic-electric guitar brand in the country, determined by sales volume and number of units sold.

Gibson auctions painted and autographed Epiphone guitar for charity

When artist Jeannette Parssi was invited by Gibson Guitars to participate in its upcoming Miami GuitarTown project, she did not hesitate to accept the invitation. Gibson shipped Parssi a naked Epiphone Casino guitar, which she turned into a work of art. The brightly painted guitar, which the artist titled "Miami ??? Sunrise to Sunset," features a stunning sunrise scene on the front, with an equally dazzling image of the Miami skyline at sunset on the reverse side.

Interview with Nigel Rojas from Orange Sky

Port of Spain, Trinidad may not be the first city music fans think of when the discussion of ‘hot rockspots’ comes up, but that is exactly where the up-and-coming group, Orange Sky, call home. Comprised of singer/lead guitarist Nigel Rojas, rhythm guitarist Joel Beazer, bassist Nicholas Rojas, keyboardist Richard Hall, and drummer Obasi Springer, the group recently issued their sophomore album, ‘Dat Iz Voodoo,’ which runs the gamut from metal (the album opening “Yesterdays and Tomorrows”) to reggae (“Is There Anybody There?”) to funk (“Dark Room”). Nigel recently talked about Orange Sky and the joys of the six-string with Guitarsite.

The new limited edition Eye Guitar from Gibson

Even the fiercest rockers like their hot-looking guitars, and no axe out there offers the intensity of eye candy captured in the form of the stunning new Eye Guitar, a new 2009 Limited Run Series model from Gibson USA. You’d better believe this is one sweet-looking instrument — but watch out! Try to take a bite and you’ll expose yourself to an eviscerating maelstrom of tone. Available beginning April 1, 2009, only 350 of the new Limited Run Series Eye Guitars will be produced, and they’re bound to go fast.

Introducing the 2009 limited run series reserve program

Gibson USA is offering collectors and guitar enthusiasts the world over an unprecedented opportunity to reserve one of the first nine guitars built of each model in Gibson USA’s popular 2009 Limited Run Series.

Marshall introduces Haze amplifier line

Marshall Amplification introduces the new Haze line of compact and portable valve-driven performance amplifiers: the 40-Watt Haze combo (MHZ40C) and the 15-Watt Haze head (MHZ15).

V-Picks releases the new Dimension guitar pick

Designed in honor and in celebration of Michael "Muddy" Lawrence, V-Picks just released their newest, most innovative model yet, The Dimension Guitar Pick.

GTR-CA-2X Guitar Roadie now shipping

The Stage Ninja GTR-CA-2X Guitar Roadie is fully stocked and shipping immediately. This beautifully simple device allows musicians to carry 2 cases per arm, and allows retailers to suggest a great add on to every case sale.

New Raw Power Guitars from Gibson

Inspired by the popular but short-lived Raw Power Les Paul of 2000-2001, the newly revitalized series of 2009 includes both the Les Paul Studio Raw Power and SG Raw Power, both in the dressed-down styling and meaty performance package that so many players loved in the original release, but with notable added features to update the theme.

Yamaha unveils special edition classic guitars

Yamaha has announced the release of two very special editions of two of its most successful models – the SG2000 electric and the CPX15II. The SG2000 Vintage White will be available from April 2009 with a retail price of £2,199 (including vintage hardcase) and CPX15II-09 will be available from May 2009 and will be priced at £2,315rrp (including Hiscox hardcase).

TC Electronic launches RS410 bass cabinet

TC Electronic has quickly established itself as an innovator in the bass playing market with their revolutionary RH450 Bass Amp and RS range of cabinets. Now they've added the RS410 to the range.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Bucky Pizzarelli

by Doc Dosco This week we feature legendary jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli and the website Classic

TC Electronic announces the Nova Repeater delay pedal

TC Electronic has announced the Nova Repeater, a new 'no-frills-with-a-sound-that-kills' delay pedal. It is the must-have pedal for demanding guitarists who live by the 'ready-set-rock' mentality of the modern music industry but want their delay sounds to be as classy as they are unique.

Axl unveils the new Marquee Capricorn Bass

The original design of the Capricorn bass combines classic elements with modern appointments to appeal to players who appreciate vintage style but want a bass that sets them apart from the rest.

Vox adds Tonelab ST to Valvetronix pedal line

VOX Amplification introduces the latest addition to their popular ToneLab line of Valvetronix multi-effects modeling pedals: the ToneLab ST. This compact tone machine features an assignable expression pedal and two footswitches for live performance control. Guitarists can create 50 of their own programs or use any of 50 new preset programs, including 20 "song specific" presets for recreating the sound of classic rock songs.

Loaded Pickguards for the SolidBody Classic from Taylor

For SolidBody Classic players looking to change the complete tonal characteristics and appearance of their guitar, Taylor Guitars has introduced new loaded pickguards for a solderless, no-tech-necessary, do-it-yourself experience.

Kustom unveils Deep End hybrid tube bass line

New Deep End bass amps from Kustom combine classic, punchy tube amp tones and touch with the robust power and articulation of solid-state power amp designs. Utilizing a 12AX7 preamp in tandem with a Tube Gain control, players can drive the tube preamp to elicit natural tube overload in varying degrees. From funky clean to mean and aggressive, the Deep End tube preamp has it covered.

Blackstar Amplification to launch Series One Amps

The much anticipated Series One delivers incredible high gain performance with a level of tonal refinement found previously only in the very best boutique and vintage amps.

Hottie Amplifiers introduces high output Bettie Pickup

Wound hotter than original Hottie Bridge Pickups, high output Bettie Pickups have clear highs, boosted midrange, and a thick bottom end. Players who need authentic vintage tone with increased output and sustain will love our Bettie. Tonal qualities: Hot and creamy but with clarity and presence, exceptional for soloing.

StageClix presents Digital Wireless System for Guitar and Bass

StageClix is a great technological leap in digital wireless freedom for musicians, vocalists and audio professionals. We proudly present stageClix. A revolutionairy and high quality digital wireless guitar/bass system for the professional audiomarket.

Rees introduces lightweight F-Light Bass

The new Rees F-Light bass guitar is being made in Cambridge, England. It has been designed as a full-size performing musician's instrument that is very light, of relatively small overall size, and comfortable to play when standing or sitting. The exceptionally long upper horn for the strap, and the zero overhang of the lower bout beyond the bridge, brings the whole neck closer to the player's body. This makes the bass feel less long, and easier to play. It is much appreciated by women, and men with shorter arms, but is also more comfortable for anybody. The F-Light weighs only 6 lbs, compared to a traditional bass guitar of 10 lbs.

Greg Prato releases grunge tome on 15th anniversary of Cobain suicide

Fifteen years after Kurt Cobain’s suicide on April 5th, 1994, comes the authoritative story of grunge. Grunge is Dead: The Oral History of Seattle Rock Music' (released April 1 in the U.S. and June 4 in the U.K., via ECW Press) by Greg Prato is the definitive story of the Pacific Northwest music scene of the late '80s and early '90s. Never before has a book attempted to examine the scene as a whole. Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament says, "Finally, a book about the early years of our little scene in Seattle. I can't wait to hear all the different perspectives from the people that were actually there, not the so-called experts, who didn't show up until the '90s."

Interview with Johnny Nap from Spider Rockets

Crafting a sound that pushes the line between elegance and aggression, New Jersey-based Spider Rockets has completed work on a self-titled release (their follow-up to 2007’s ‘Ever After’), which will be released on May 19th. Comprised of band members Helena Cos on vocals, Johnny Nap on lead guitar, Bones Hackett on bass guitar and Dan Prestup on drums, Spider Rockets has built a large fan base on the strength of a must-see live show which has seen the group open for many renowned national acts in the U.S. Mr. Nap recently answered some questions for Guitarsite.

New Hexaphonic Pickup System for Acoustic And Classic Guitar

Shadow Electronics releases a revolutionary pickup system for acoustic and classical guitar. The hexaphonic pickup is based on Shadow's popular and successfull Nanofelx pickup technology and unites 6 pickups in one—one for each string.

Kustom Amplification announces new High Voltage Amp Line

Kustom Amplification has expanded its line of High Voltage (HV) hybrid tube guitar amplifiers and in the process, given them a refined new look. A 100-watt half-stack and 20-watt combo now join the line, which also consists of 30-watt, 65-watt and 100-watt combos. All HV models provide tube preamps, Celestion speakers and designs by noted amp guru James Brown.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Steve Cardenas

by Doc Dosco This week we are featuring the very fine jazz guitarist Steve Cardenas. Onli

G37 And G27 Leslies guitar speakers now shipping

Hammond-Suzuki has shipped the first production units of their G37 and G27 Leslie Speakers designed especially for the guitar. The G37/G27 is roughly one third the size and weight of a traditional keyboard Leslie Speaker, but has many of the same components. Unlike the last Leslie designed for guitar in the late 60's; the G37 and G27 have a "real" horn spinning on the top (the same rotor as used on the legendary Leslie 122), and the traditional Leslie rotor on the bottom. A 100 watt channel-switching guitar amp with "tube pre" powers the G37 while the G27 is powered by the user's own amp.

Aguilar Amplification announces the DB 751 Bass Amplifier

Aguilar Amplification has announcd the release of the DB 751 bass amplifier. The DB 751 features an all-new hybrid preamp that combines the legendary tube-driven tone of the DB 750 with active boost and cut for greater EQ control.

Introducing PRS Signature Series Cable

PRS Guitars and Bond Music Research have introduced the PRS Signature Series Cables. In line with Paul Reed Smith's quest for uncompromising tone and meticulous quality, the new PRS Signature Series Cable line includes guitar and speaker cables manufactured to the most exacting specifications. These premiere cables make an ideal choice for performing musicians and vocalists—both on stage and in the recording studio.

V-Picks announces Small Lite Guitar Pick

Laser cut the same size as a very popular and common Jazz pick at 1.5mm thick, the Small Lite Pointed V-Pick is great for all kinds of music. This guitar pick gives you a fatter, beefier tone, more volume and faster action over your strings. Lots of articulation, with great snap and bite. Great for both rhythm and lead playing, and also plays and sounds good with acoustic guitars.

Firebelly Amps to exhibit at Summer NAMM

FireBelly Amps will be an exhibitor at the summer NAMM show on July 17, 18 and 19. FireBelly has introduced three special edition models that will be produced exclusively for distribution through music stores.

K.K. Downing Signature Model Guitar released

KxK Guitarshas unveiled the brand new K.K. Downing signature guitar model. With years of R&D refinement, KxK has delivered a guitar that satisfies the needs of one of metal's most iconic guitarists. The original two were in K.K.'s hands just in time for the Judas Priest 2008 world tour and now they are available to players and fans in a limited quantity.

New limited series from Taylor Guitars

Spring is in the air at Taylor Guitars and with that, a limited series of guitars are set to be released at price points to make each strum even sweeter. Featuring exciting and inviting Madagascar rosewood, Tasmanian blackwood and ovangkol tonewoods, each series will have players musically inspired and eager for playtime.

Chrome or Gold Cover Caps now available from EMG

EMG has released some of their most famous models with a new option; chrome or gold cover caps. Addressing durability issues of chrome plating over brass, the EMG solution for the chrome look is a one piece, high quality, mirror polished, stainless steel cover cap that is designed and produced in the USA.

New Orange Bass Speaker Cabinets series launched

Orange amplification are launching a series of state-of-art bass speaker cabinets. In keeping with the ‘Tiny Terror’ concept, small is the new big, these new compact speakers, pound for pound, deliver more power and more volume than any other currently on the market.

Marshall renovates its MG amp lineup with a new MG4 Series

Marshall Amplification has completely renovated its popular MG guitar amp lineup with the new MG4 Series. Combining analog tone, digital control, digital effects, and exclusive STOMPWARE technology, the MG4 Series provides maximum versatility. Seven new combo amps — plus a 100-Watt head — provide players at every level with access to the classic Marshall sound, all at an affordable price.

Eventide now shipping Pitchfactor Harmonizer Stompbox

Eventide has announced that the PitchFactor Harmonizer stompbox is shipping. PitchFactor includes Eventides 10 best Harmonizer pitch and delay effects featuring 1.5 seconds of stereo delay and simultaneous pitch shifting effects resulting in the most flexible stompbox in its class. PitchFactor features 100 stunning presets, USB for upgradeability, instant program change, true bypass, tap tempo, three footswitches for immediate preset access, a built-in Tuner, MIDI, and the lush, uncompromised Eventide sound known around the world.

Marshall now shipping the entire MB Series range

Marshall Amplification is now shipping its entire range of MB Series bass amplifiers, including eight featured models — four combos, one head and three extension cabinets. These units join the MB15 and MB30 models to provide bass players with Marshall's legendary power, sound and reliability. Developed and engineered by the company's world-renowned R&D department, the MB series is the result of end user feedback, plus stringent design, construction and quality control testing.

Peavey expands Custom Shop to debut hand-built amplifiers

Peavey has announced it has expanded its award-winning, USA-based Peavey Custom Shop to include custom-built amplifiers based on three all-new, hand-wired models, the Studio Special, Sensation and Masterpiece.

Ibanez presents Paul Gilbert's New 20Th Anniversary Reissue

At Ibanez, 2009 truly is the Year of Paul Gilbert. Ibanez has now reissued his original 1989 signature model as the PGM100RE 20TH ANNIVERSARY model. Plus Ibanez is urging fans to vote for which of Paul's radical-appearance signature models — some of which were originally only available in Japan — should be the next Paul Gilbert Signature Reissue.

World's first 100% Passive Analog Bass Guitar Modeling System released

Obbligato has released Turnstyle, the world's first 100% analog bass guitar modeling system that installs directly into any Fender Jazz Bass Guitar and most similar instrument. This marks the first of many Turnstyle applications born out of the Obbligato Custom Shop.

Interview with Matt Leff from Machines of Grace

Vintage metal sounds of the ‘80s are certainly back in vogue, and while the new group Machines of Grace certainly reference bands like Queensryche, they manage to update it with a modern day mainstream rock sound, as well. The Massachusetts-based quartet - which has links to such metal acts as Trans Siberian Orchestra, Savatage, Metal Church, Circle II Circle, and violinist Mark Wood - is comprised of singer Zak Stevens, guitarist Matt Leff, bassist Chris Raposa, and drummer Jeff Plate, and are preparing to release their self-titled debut full-length. Leff recently discussed his playing with Guitarsite.

eMedia Music announces My Electric Guitar Tutorial

eMedia Music has announced the release of My Electric Guitar, a fun and unique program that offers an exciting new way for kids ages 9 and up to learn how to play electric guitar. The program features multimedia lessons that guide children with video demonstrations, while creatively using interactive games to help with learning chords. eMedia's award-winning "My Music" titles are a great way to make learning fun and easy for kids!

Obbligato releases the Isotropic Carbon Acoustic Guitar Saddles

Obbligato has released the world's first Isotropic Carbon Acoustic Guitar Saddle. Significant improvements over bone, ivory and synthetic saddles include increased volume, longer sustain, unprecedented tone complexity and will never chip or form grooves from the strings.

FuzzHugger releases the AB-Synth Pedal

FuzzHugger has announced the release of the AB-Synth. It's a harmonic-blasting, light-sabery, layered synth fuzz — with tone-shaping gain and texture knobs that take you from searing to splattery! From there, it adds a unique oscillation mode with wild oscillation, blips, self-arpeggiation, more synth tones, and fat octave down! The design began by cascading two fuzz sections from FuzzHugger's acclaimed first fuzz, the Algal Bloom (AB), for densely packed fuzz with twice the gain (and from there, further tweaking the circuit). There are tons of tonal possibilities — from open tone, to compressed and focused, to sizzling — and that's just the standard mode!

Godin announces new Multiac Grand Concert Duet Ambiance

Released at this past Winter NAMM show in Anaheim the new Godin Multiac Grand Concert Duet Ambiance is truly an instrument to behold. It is the next generation of the electro/acoustic nylon string guitar and is the perfect match for classical or flamenco players that require amplified sound.

Bourgeois introduces Very Vintage Mahogany Acoustic

The Bourgeois Very Vintage Mahogany pays homage to an earlier era of American guitarmaking. The guitar is designed with traditional materials; an Adirondack "red" spruce top, Adirondack braces, genuine Honduran mahogany back, sides and neck and also features hot organic hide glue construction with an oil varnish finish.

Joe Bonamassa teams up with Carol Ann for Signature Amp

Blues-rock guitar virtuoso Joe Bonamassa has teamed up with Carol-Ann Amplifiers on the new JB-100 signature amp. The JB-100 is a 100-watt 6L6-based amp with two channels and a tube FX loop.

Catalinbread releases Dirty Little Secret Pedal

The DLS is a 'foundation' pedal, a sonic platform to build the rest of your sound upon. It reacts to your playing dynamics and respects the character of your guitar's pickups just like the classic British amplifiers it emulates. Use it to set your base crunch rhythm sound into a clean amp, roll your guitar's volume back for cleans. Notice how treble boosters sound like shards of brittle glass or how fuzzes sound cheesy and thin into clean amps? The DLS seamlessly integrates treble boosters and fuzzes with clean low volume amps, delivering a thick cranked sound at reasonable volume levels.

Alfred Music extends Guitar World Magazine DVD Series

Alfred Music has announced the expansion of the Guitar World magazine DVD series, which was introduced last month. The Guitar World guitar DVD series has expanded to include an additional 9 different guitar DVDs; forthcoming new titles to be released on a quarterly basis.

Boss ME-70 Guitar Multiple Effects now shipping

BOSS has announced that the guitar multiple effects ME-70 is now available in stores. Building upon the popular ME-50, the ME-70 is a floor-based processor that offers the compact design and simplicity of a stompbox. With dedicated knobs for each section, a new, high-quality COSM?? engine derived from the GT-10, and added EZ Tone and Phrase Loop features, the ME-70 is the ultimate easy-to-use floorboard powerhouse.

AmpliTube Fender is now shipping

IK Multimedia and Fender has announced that AmpliTube Fender is now shipping! AmpliTube Fender is the only official Fender amp and FX software suite, with a selection of 45 of the most sought-after classic and modern Fender guitar and bass amps, cabinets, stompboxes and rack effects of all time

New ResoMax Harmonic Bridge System from Graph Tech Guitar Labs

Electric guitarists can now easily upgrade any guitar with a Tune-O-Matic bridge for better performance and sound thanks to the new ResoMax Harmonic Bridge System made by Graph Tech Guitar Labs, the world’s largest guitar nut and saddle manufacturer.

Meet the New Tribal V from Gibson

Since its introduction in 1958, the Flying V has been the ultimate symbol of rock rebellion.

Presenting the New SG Carved Top-Autumn Burst

The model that replaced the original single-cutaway Les Paul Standard in 1961 was considered a more straight-on take on the solid body electric guitar.

New KH95 Kirk Hammett Signature Wah Pedal from Dunlop

Now you can command the same killer wah tone as Kirk with the new Kirk Hammett Signature Wah. Developed in close collaboration with the metal guitar icon himself, it has been meticulously tuned and tweaked to deliver the wah-wah sound that revolutionized metal solos in the '80s and for all time to come. This is the legendary tone that Kirk dials in on tour, using his DCR1SR Crybaby Rack Wah.

Glenn Haworth to attempt Guitar Restringing World Record

On March the 15th, Glenn Haworth will be attempting to break a World Record for Restringing as many guitars as possible in 60mins.

New Lynyrd Skynyrd guitar tuition DVD launched

Lick Library have released the classic guide to playing Lynyrd Skynyrd tracks. This new double DVD set features some of the worlds most recognizable rock tracks including the famous Freebird.

2009 Guitar Workshop Plus Program announced

Guitar Workshop Plus has announced three sessions at two locations for its 2009 summer schedule.

Rivera Amplification unveils SilentSister Isolation Cabinet

One of the greatest challenges to home and studio recording is how to get a great amplified guitar tone at a low level. Introducing the Rivera SilentSister recording speaker cabinet.

Review of the Axeport Pro Portable Guitar USB Interface

You have been seeing laptops on stage for a while but mainly with DJs or keyboard players. It has only been in the last few years that guitar players are starting to use laptop for live situations. (Vernon Reid, John McLaughlin, Craig Anderton and others) With NI Guitar Rig, IK's amplitube, Peavey Revalver and others, the guitarist can have a big arsenal of amps and effects at a touch of a foot pedal.

Orange Amps launches Limited Edition 2009 White Finish

Orange has announced a ‘limited edition 2009’ white finish on their UK built, valve amps and cabs. The cabs have a stunning white finish, complete with black fittings and come with the classic Orange front grill cloth, Orange logo and crest. This finish has previously only been available for artist’s special orders and is now being offered as a special limited edition for the duration of 2009 and will cease to be obtainable thereafter.

Interview with Colin MacDonald and John-Angus MacDonald from 'The Trews'

Featuring vocalist Colin MacDonald, guitarist John-Angus MacDonald, bassist Jack Syperek, and drummer Sean Dalton, the Antigonish, Nova Scotia-based quartet, the Trews, is fast becoming one of Canada’s most popular rock bands, as evidenced by the success of their latest release, ‘No Time for Later,’ the large collection of awards the band has racked up for their efforts, and the impressive list of “rock royalty” acts they’ve opened for. Trews guitarists (and brothers) Colin and John-Angus recently talked to Guitar Site.

AXL introduces the Badwater Hardware Kit

Capitalizing on the successful and critically acclaimed Badwater series of guitars, AXL presents the Badwater Hardware Kit for players who want to individualize any guitar.

The world's first Isotropic Carbon Guitar Pick released

Obbligato has released the world's first Isotropic Carbon guitar pick with tone and feel that is very reminiscent of true tortoise shell. The patent pending design is made from a very fine grain carbon not well known outside of the medical community.

U.S. Masters releases the Hornet advanced set-neck guitar

The unique Advanced Set-Neck structure of U.S. Masters’ new Hornet gives it pitch stability, sound quality and dynamic response that rival other set-neck guitars. It is fully made in the USA in U.S. Masters Middleton, WI facility. At $1,495 street price, it is one of the best values in a truly American-made electric guitar.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Bireli Lagrene

by Doc Dosco This week we feature the incredible European 'gipsy' jazz guitarist Bir

Cause and Effect Pedals debuts the FET Dream Overdrive/Distortion pedal

The FET Dream is a unique take on overdrive/distortion from newly established boutique builder Cause and Effect Pedals. This hand-built and individually tweaked pedal sets a new standard for 'articulate' distortion with unequalled clarity and definition in a harmonically rich pedal, leading to a great feeling of openness and presence in its tone.

Fender to release 2 new custom John Mayer guitars

Fender and John Mayer are teaming up to create two different model replicas of his favourite axe which he calls 'The Black One'. This will be the second time Mayer has teamed up with Fender, having previously developed a John Mayer Signature Stratocaster which was released in 2005.

Washburn Guitars announces availability of HM Import Guitar Series

Washburn Guitars has announced the release of the stylish yet affordable HM Import Guitar Series. Designed for superior quality and tone, the HM Import Series features a revolutionary phenolic fretboard, providing the ultimate surface for fast riffs, runs and arpeggios. The line includes 6 guitars: the WV40, WV40V, WM24V, WM24, WI50 and the WI50V.

EMG releases X Series Guitar and Bass Pickups

EMG has released the X Series. A new line of high output guitar and bass pickups for all styles of playing, they feature a more organic nature to their sound due to a newly designed internal preamp, which allows for more gain to emanate from the amplifier and instrument as opposed to the preamp.

VHT releases 'The Standard 12' Handwired Amplifier

VHT has announced the release of the first handwired amplifier from "The Standard Series," The Standard 12. The Standard 12 amplifier is carefully handwired in the VHT workshop just outside of San Francisco, where experienced VHT designers are looking it over every step of the way.

Parker announces Single-Cut Fly availability

Parker Guitars has announced the addition of the Parker Fly Mojo Single Cut to their line of electric guitars. Designed for the professional player, the Fly Mojo Single Cut brings a stunning new single cutaway design to the bestselling Fly Mojo Series.

Gadow introduces the American Deluxe with single coil pickups

Gadow Guitars has announced the addition of a single coil pickup American Deluxe .

Interview with J. Rad Guitarist

Have a hankering for mainstream-yet-anthemic arena rock sounds from the ‘80s – comparable to the likes of Queensryche, Winger, and Survivor? Then the Long Island, New York-based quartet, J. Rad (whose guitarist shares the same name as the band), is the band for you. Comprised of members Gino (vocals), J. Rad (guitar/vocals), Zutto (bass), and DieZeL (drums), the group recently issued their debut album, ‘Sons of Priapus,’ available for purchase through iTunes and Recently, J. Rad - the guitarist - talked guitar with

Introducing the Gibson Holy Explorer

Gibson USA has introduced the first offering of its new 2009 Limited Run Series guitars, the Holy Explorer. An enormously playful take on the seminal Explorer, the Holy Explorer from Gibson USA offers all the meaty tone and speedy playability of the original model. Yet, while following the exact body lines of its iconic predecessor from the Modernistic Series of 1958, the solid mahogany body of this new Limited Run Series model is shot full of holes, creating both a lighter guitar and an interesting modification of the original Explorer’s resonant characteristics.

Presenting the limited run Gibson Grabber II Bass

In 1973 the Gibson bass came out of the shadows in the form of the Grabber G1, a rock-minded four-string that grabbed the attention of bassists everywhere. Its sleek design was matched by a thick and heavy, yet well-defined tone, and thousands of players found its blend of simplicity and versatility very hard to ignore. The model has been out of the Gibson catalog since 1982, but it’s back again, thanks to the new Grabber II, now available as part of Gibson USA’s new Limited Run Series guitars. The Grabber II — like all Limited Run Series models — will be produced in a strictly limited run of only 350 guitars.

National Guitar Workshop announces 2009 season with special guest artists

The National Guitar Workshop has announced the curriculum and guest artists for the 2009 season. This years program will feature Paul Gilbert, Buddy Guy, Pat Metheny, Jimmy Herring, Oteil Burbridge, Pat Martino, Robben Ford, David Wilcox, Robert Lee Castleman, Brent Mason, Stu Hamm, Peppino D"Agostino, Ed Gerhard, Andrew York and John 5. Courses will be offered in rock, blues, jazz, country, classical, music technology, songwriting, and guitar exploration.

Gator releases US Made Roto Amp Cases

Amplify Your Protection Gator introduces the new line of made in the USA, rotationally molded, amp cases which are specifically designed to fit most popular size amplifiers. This high-performance case is available in 1-12 and 2-12 sizes and allows the amp to sit safely and securely on top of the case during use.

Takamine announces Glenn Frey Signature Model

Country rock pioneer and classic rock icon, Glenn Frey has influenced generations of aspiring musicians with his stirring lyrics, unforgettable melodies and legendary guitar riffs in a career that has spanned nearly 40 years.

Mike Lull Custom Guitars introduces the T-Bass

Mike Lull Custom Guitars has introduced the T-Bass model four string bass. The T-Bass has a mahogany body and neck. The neck is a bolt-on and has a standard 1-1/2" J-style nut width with a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and black headstock. Like all Mike Lull basses, the neck is graphite re-enforced to eliminate dead spots. The body has a raised center section and is contoured for maximum comfort. The bass balances perfectly and has absolutely no headstock dive.

Interview with Lenny Bosh

“Acoustic guitar based singer songwriter-isms” is a fitting description for the music of Lenny Bosh. After listening to the Connecticut native’s debut release, ‘Thoughts I Collected,’ you too will agree that Bosh’s forte is tuneful compositions driven by acoustic guitar, sweet melodies, and introspective lyrics. Here is what Mr. Bosh had to say himself about his recent release.

New from Aracom Amps: Custom 45R

According to Aracom, the Custom 45R provides the famous Marshall JTM45 tone with a few key features addeding versatility to the classic amplifier.

Suspense hollow-body for the 'liveliest' sound

Suspense, the latest release from Siegmund Guitars, is a unique hollow-body electric guitar designed to give the liveliest electric sound possible from a small body guitar without the problems associated with conventional hollow-body instruments when amplified.

Line 6 releases Pocket POD Pack

Line 6 has announced the release of Pocket POD Pack which they say delivers the ultimate Pocket POD experience by including Pocket POD with a complete set of essential extras.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Ron Jackson

by Doc Dosco This week we feature the fine New York jazz guitarist Ron Jackson. To say Ro

Two Rock announces 10th Anniversary Amp

Two-Rock Guitar Amplification is celebrating their 10th Anniversary with a brand new amp. Combining features from several of their previous models, the 10th Anniversary Amplifier provides a clean channel with good range and plenty of gain on tap. When it comes to soloing, the amp features a new lead channel design appealing to players of all styles, ranging from slightly driven, to mid- gain, soft or aggressive.

Taylor Guitars kicks off third year of Road Shows

In response to requests from guitar players around the world, Taylor Guitars is poised to bring its award-winning Taylor Guitars Road Show to dealerships across the U.S. and abroad in 2009.

New TSA ATA Guitar Case from Gator Cases

Gator’s new TSA ATA Guitar Case has taken the GPE ATA series to the next level. The exterior of the case features military grade Polyethylene construction with black, stealth, powder coated valance and hardware. Gator has incorporated a surface mounted impact diversion latch housing with a TSA approved locking center latch to make this case ideal for airline travel.

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