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What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Corey Christiansen

This week we feature jazz guitarist Corey Christiansen. Online Bio

Cool Practice

I remember when I first started playing I told my teacher "I want to play something that sounds cool!" So I figured that you're thinking the same thing. :^)

Easy Barre Chords

In this essay, I am going to apply a number of The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar to a technical area that is of major concern to players.

Music Man Introduces Benji Madden Signature Guitar

Music Man proudly announces the new Benji Madden Signature Guitar, designed specifically for Madden, the lead guitarist for Good Charlotte.

Ax Facts and Stats: Thomas Juliano

Welcome once again to another installment of "Ax Facts & Stats". We are thrilled to bring you Thomas Juliano from Seven Mary Three.

Ax Facts and Stats: Patrick Clark of Surviving August

In my biz, I work with tons of national touring acts, Grammy winning artists and multi-million album sellers and I just so happened to stumble across Surviving August while working with the band Train.

Ax Facts and Stats: John Oates of Hall and Oates

As a music writer, I get to meet and interview numerous brilliant artists, but seldom do I get to interview an artist that has made such an impact in music pop culture as this month's "Ax Facts & Stats" featured artist John Oates, of Hall and Oates.

Jazz Guitarist Mike Gallaher

This week we feature jazz guitarist Mike Gallaher. Not your run of the mill player. Gallaher is guy after my own heart -- a passionate, fiery guitarist with a fine melodic sense. Be sure to give him a listen.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Sebastien Lanson

This week we feature the very fine French born jazz guitarist Sebastien Lanson.

Jazz Guitarist Larry Carlton

This week we once again feature jazz guitarist Larry Carlton.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Mark Kleinhaut

by Doc Dosco This week we feature the very talented New England jazz guitarist Mark Kleinhaut.

Peavey Kosmos Pro Now Available

Peavey proudly announces the much-anticipated release of the new Kosmos Pro processor, a highly innovative audio tool used for studio and live performances by the top artists, producers and engineers in the music industry.

Jazz Guitarist Julian Lage

This week we are featuring jazz guitarist Julian Lage, the fifteen year old jazz guitar 'phenom' from San Francisco. He is the real deal folks...

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Joey Goldstein

This week we feature Canadian jazz guitarist Joey Goldstein. He is a fine player and has lots of MP3s posted so be sure to give a listen.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Sonny Greenwich

This week we feature Canadian guitarist Sonny Greenwich.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Ted Vieira

This week we feature jazz guitarist Ted Vieira, a player with a style said to be comparable to George Benson, Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass.

Porch Board (Floor) Bass

Designed to revive the lost art of self accompaniment, the PORCH BOARD (floor) BASS is an amplified, analog, rhythm instrument originally intended for solo guitar players.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Steve Laury

This week we feature Steve Laury, the guitarist that co-founded the popular jazz band Fattburger.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Vinny Valentino

This week we feature guitarist Vinny Valentino. George Benson says of Vinny "I have experienced, for instance, Earl Klugh, Kevin Eubanks, Mark Whitfield and a few others; among them I would have to include Vinny is my pleasure to introduce another young genius with a brilliant tone and fresh ideas... I personally welcome him to the clan"

Mutant Guitars

Hello and welcome to the first installment of "Mutant Guitars". This column is intended to be a celebration of "functionally unusual" guitars, their utilitarian purpose, and the visionaries behind their design.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Mimi Fox

This week we feature jazz guitarist Mimi Fox. "She plays with tremendous fire. She can do pretty much anything she wants on the guitar." So said Joe Pass and he should know! Following is the bio on this 'firey' San Francisco jazz guitarist...

Ax Facts and Stats: Jaye Foucher

Hello once again. In this issue of "Ax Facts & Stats" I had the pleasure of interviewing, not only a great guitarist, but a fellow web programmer and dog lover. I especially enjoyed this interview because of Jaye's candidness, cool outlook on life and her awesome sense of humor. Read on!

Ax Facts and Stats: Michael Sweet

Welcome again to Extreme Guitars' "Ax Facts & Stats". HAPPY NATIONAL GUITAR MONTH!! Welcome to "Ax Facts & Stats". This month I am very proud to have the very talented, the very spiritual and the very insightful Michael Sweet.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Kevin Van Sant

This week we feature jazz guitarist Kevin Van Sant. He has 5 Cds to his credit. Good stuff. Be sure to check him out...

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Lee Ritenour

This week we feature a long overdue column on jazz guitarist Lee Ritenour.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Eric T. Johnson

I usually don't review CDs, however in this case I will make an exception. Guitarist Eric T. Johnson has recorded a CD featuring the music of the largely forgotten jazz artist Herbie Nichols.

The Cost of Free Speech

A survey of 1,200 online Country Music Fans shows that a majority are "less likely" to purchase Dixie Chicks CDs, concert tickets and merchandise due to comments made by lead singer Natalie Maines to a London audience almost four weeks ago.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Bill Frisell

This week we feature jazz guitarist Bill Frisell, known for his eclectic combination of sound effects and musical styles.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Kenny Burrell

This week we feature jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell. I have never been able to find an actual Kenny Burrell homepage, however I did locate some info on the legendary jazz guitarist which I am passing along as this weeks column.

Ax Facts and Stats: Eric Weaver

Hello everybody and welcome again to another installment of "AX Facts & Stats" featuring the powerful 12 STONES guitarist Eric Weaver. Thanks Eric for joining us, now let's get started.

Jazz Guitarist Randy Johnston

I have been listening to Randy Johnson quite a lot lately, so I figured it was time to feature him again. ('cause I like this guy). I managed to catch him live last year at John Pisano's Guitar Night and he was sensational. Randy's command of the instrument is flawless and his playing superb. He is also a very unassuming and likable person, and we have corresponded somewhat since his stop in Los Angeles.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Scott DuBois

Recently I have wanted to feature 'younger' guitarists who have only a CD or two out. I had to a bit of searching this week to come up with a likable 'new' jazz guitar player ...and finally found New York guitarist Scott DuBois. He only has one album out, but it is certainly unique, slightly avant-garde but quite enjoyable to listen to at the same time.

Ax Facts and Stats: Sean Entrikin

Welcome again to Extreme Guitars "Ax Facts & Stats". This month I am proud to Bring to you Sean Entrikin. This very talented up-and-coming guitarist currently with the band PRYMARY is this month's featured AX!

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Brian Hughes

This week we feature jazz guitarist Brian Hughes. Brian, a fellow transplanted Canadian like me, has recently moved to my neck of the woods, Los Angeles

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Lou Mecca

New York guitarist Lou Mecca has been a jazz guitarist since the late 40's, so I guess that qualifies him to be an 'elder statesman' of the jazz guitar.

Ax Facts and Stats: Steve Hackett

Welcome again to Extreme Guitars "Ax Facts & Stats". This month I am proud to Bring to you Steve Hackett. I have always been a huge fan of Mr. Hackett since his days with GENESIS and GTR as well as his days following.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Mark Whitfield

Mark Whitfield is a truly amazing player. He has a brilliant melodic sense (with a decided blues edge to his playing) and chops to match.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Vinny Valentino

This week we feature guitarist Vinny Valentino.

Ax Facts and Stats: SR-71's Mark Beauchemin

Welcome to yet another installation of "Ax Facts & Stats". This month I am thrilled that SR-71's Mark Beauchemin was gracious enough to take time out of his hectic schedule, which includes his current summer tour, to take part in our "A.F.&S."

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Mike Gellar

This week we feature guitarist Mike Gellar, who plays various styles of jazz from swing and bebop to modern.

Ax Facts and Stats: Paul Crook

Welcome again to Extreme Guitars "Ax Facts & Stats". This month I am proud to bring to you the very talented, insightful and funny Mr. Paul Crook.

Weezer and Ernie Ball

Weezer's Scott Shriner Joins the Ernie Ball Family

Ax Facts and Stats: Lyle Workman

Welcome again "Ax Facts & Stats". This month we are proud to be joined by the very talented Lyle Workman.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Joe Finn

This week we feature jazz guitarist Joe Finn, the creator of "The Jazz Guitar Almanac".

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Ulf Wakenius

This week we feature jazz guitarist Swedish guitarist Ulf Wakenius. This fine guitarist, who has played with many jazz greats including Oscar Peterson has a very comprehensive website with MP3s, video clips and many other features.

Ax Facts and Stats: Brave New South's Mike Estes

Another Exclusive Interview/questionnaire type thingie by Dave Roberts exclusively for Extreme Guitars.

The Eye Test

One of the Vision Music's most popular, ongoing features, especially for first and second year guitar and bass players, is the 'Eye Test' page.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Ron Eschet

I managed to catch Ron Eschet at Guitar Night with John Pisano and Dave Carpenter this past week. I have known about Ron for many years and in fact, he once played on a song called Mango Jam that I wrote with producer Esmond Edwards for jazz pianist Milcho Leviev. However, this was the first opportunity I had to hear him live.

Tym's Guitars

OK, this is a big one.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Lorne Lofsky

We just finished a series on 'legendary guitarists' of the past. Our next series will focus once again on contemporary guitar players. One of my readers suggested I do a column on Lorne Lofsky and once I investigated his playing, it seemed the perfect way to begin.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: George Van Eps

This week we feature jazz guitarist George Van Eps, known as the "Father of the Seven String Guitar". googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1336620301045-1'); In this, the last of the 'guitar legends of the past' series, I would like to present a column on George Van Eps. Happily, I got to see George Van Eps play his 7 string guitar here in LA shortly before his before his death in 1998.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Tal Farlow

Last week we did Barney Kessel. This week we will tell you about Kessel's contemporary and friend Tal Farlow. Tal Farlow was one of kind, a true be-bop guitarist.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Barney Kessel

Continuing with our guitar legends series, I would like to present a column on Barney Kessel. Along with guitar giants like Tal Farlow, he was a great an innovator when it came to playing be-bop, and his soloing skills were truly awesome.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Wes Montgomery

This week we feature jazz legend Wes Montgomery, one of the most influential guitar players in Jazz.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Django Reinhardt

Django Reinhardt lost the full use of his last two fingers in a fire early in his life, however he still managed to play brilliantly dazzling solos with only his two remaining fingers, and went on to become a jazz guitar legend.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Joe Pass

Joe Pass is perhaps my all time favorite straight ahead jazz style guitar player. At solo guitar, he was absolutely untouchable and his single line playing was masterful beyond words.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Steve Khan

This week we are featuring veteran guitarist Steve Khan, who has selected as one of the 22 All-time Greatest Jazz Guitarist by Jazz Life magazine.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Sid Jacobs

It is a privilege for me to do a column on my friend Sid Jacobs. I met Sid at John Pisano's Guitar Night here in LA, and we became friends soon after. Sid comes down to my gigs and sits in from time (a real kick in pants for me, I might add), and his playing always leaves a great impression with all that hear him.


Staying true to Ernie Ball's commitment to no-hype functional tools for musicians, Ernie Ball's new leather guitar straps are available in two lengths, two widths and two colors. The comfortable and supportive straps feature Velcro for easy, on-the-spot adjustments, even when the guitar is strapped on.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Hideaki Tokunaga

I caught Hideaki Tokunaga several weeks ago at the Baked Potato jazz club here in LA playing with Tony DoRosario and John Pisano. Hideaki Tokunaga has a captivating style and a sweet, warm tone, playing wonderfully fluid melody lines using his thumb instead of a pick.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: John Scofield

American guitarist and composer John Scofield who fuses jazz, funk, rock, blues and soul into his own style is this week's featured artist.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Pat Kelley

I first heard Pat live at Spazios here earlier this year. He is a very accomplished player with prodigious technique and a very musical style.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Phil duGrey

Louisiana guitarist Phil duGrey is like something you've never seen before. Equipped with a 17 string guitar he is a one man orchestra.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Anthony Wilson

I had first heard of Anthony Wilson through a mutual friend, the legendary jazz producer Esmond Edwards. He said Anthony was a super fine guitarist and that I should check him out. As Esmond produced 5 albums for George Benson and also produced numerous recordings for Kenny Burrell and B.B. King, I guess he should know.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Jimmy Bruno

There must be something in the water in Philly that spawns such great guitar players as Pat Martino and Jimmy Bruno. Although we did a bit on Jimmy earlier, now that I have had a chance to met him and see him play, I have more to report.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Pat Martino

If someone asked who the world's best 'half dozen' jazz guitar players were, you could say Pat Martino was certainly one of them, and not get much of an argument from anyone. Actually, in may people's opinion, he heads the list.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Mark Elf

This week we are featuring Mark Elf, another player I discovered on jazz radio here in LA, like featured guitarist Jimmy Bruno

7A Drop-D Tuning for 7-String Guitars

"Attention Metalheads! This week I shall introduce you to the low-down potential of the 7A tuning.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Bruce Forman

This week we feature Guitarist Bruce Forman. Bruce is a brilliant west coast guitarist from here in the US, with a number of albums featuring him as leader.

I Did It First!

You will see for yourself the second 8 string guitar tuned from a low B to a high A in history. It is my 1992 Gibson "Piano Guitar" prototype. It followed the first 8 string (low B to high A) in history, which was also a Gibson Signature prototype of mine.

7 String Locrian Mode

The Locrian Mode is the name given to Notes 7 to 14 of a Major Scale (the seven note one 'do re mi' etc) or notes 2 to 9 of a Natural Minor Scale(the relative minor scale of the 'do re mi' one).

Less Intrusive 7-String Playing

This week, Guy answers our readers queries about 7-string playing in a band context.

7 String Phrygian Mode

The phrygian Mode is a particularly useful scale. With a little experimentation it can be used in and out of its proper context i.e. D phrygian has the same notes as the G Natural Minor scale (G Aeolian) so its proper context is within the Key of Gminor (or its relative Bb Major).

7 String 7B Tuning Bar Chords

This week I'm still trying to make amends for the old 7A bias (you will be pleased to know that I now spend equal time with each tuning) with this group of bar chords.

7B Tuning Power Chords

Here are some Power-type chords for all the 7B tuners.

Modes for 7B Tuned 7 String Guitars

In response to the growing cries for 7B tuned bits, here are the Modes for 7B tuners.

My Favorite Guitar Players

Guitar Players have always been my heroes, to me the singers batted zero. That is really true, I love Guitar Music, and Playing the Guitar has been a passion with me for many years.

7 String Diminished Arpeggios

Here are some diminished arpeggios for seven string guitar players.

Seven String Dominant 7th Arpeggios

Here are some Dominant 7th Arpeggios for 7 string guitarists:

7-String Expanded Fretboard

This week I've laid out an expanded fretboard for the curious folk out there who might be wondering what the names of the notes they play are.

Changing from 6 String to 7 String Chords

Here are some good tips for re-voicing old 6 string chords as 7 string chords...

Seven String Tips

Here's the latest from our Seven string guy... Guy Pople.

High A 7 String

Alex Gregory writes to GNW: Re: 1987-88 Fender 7 String Stratocasters (Maestro A. Gregory Signature models)

Komet Amplifier Head Review

Dean Farley reviews the Komet Amplification 50-Watt all-tube amplifier head.

Electro Harmonix Hot Tubes

This month we had an Electro Harmonix Hot Tubes pedal come in the shop and go right out again, pity as I freakin loved it.

Retrograde Inversion

This retrograde inversion sheet music submitted to us by

How to Un-rattle an Amp

Peter Blue gives some tips on how to un-rattle a Fender Blues Junior amplifier.

GUITAR-FU: The Martial Arts/Guitar Connection

One thing I like to do while I practice guitar is watch martial arts movies. There are probably three reasons for this. First of all, it gets my wife out of the room, which allows me to concentrate on my practice.

British Psychedelic Guitar Sounds

Psychedelic music was first popularized in 1965. British bands like the Stones, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin wore flamboyant pants, pumps, shirts and hairstyles. These bands helped to define fashion trends as well as the hottest musical innovations of the decade:

Melissa Ferrick

Genre: Rock Style: Alternative Pop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter


By IAN MUNRO of The Age, Melbourne

Beatles Solo Fingerstyle

A few thoughts from Laurence Juber On "LJ Plays the Beatles"


I've been writing a series of stories about my experiences as a guitar player in a cover band. It's called "Roadhouse Stories." Here's another one of the stories: "SUPER CHIEF"

How to Create a Sitar sound on your Guitar

British Psychedelic Guitar Sounds by John Tapella.

Woodstock '99 on Disc

The Red Hot Chili Peppers' version of Jimi Hendrix's "Fire," which closed out the riotous Woodstock '99 festival, also will close the first disc of the upcoming Woodstock 99 double-CD set. The 32-song album, due Oct. 19, also will include tracks from Bush, Everclear, Dave Matthews Band, Chemical Brothers.

Microphone Mania

A New Prospective on Microphone Technology by Dean L. Farley.

Controlling Feedback with a Hollow Body Electric

Here is some advice on how to prevent your Hollow Body electric guitar from feeding back:

The Heavier Headstock Myth

I'd like to talk about a very important discovery I made a couple of years ago. It deals with how increasing your guitar's headstock mass can increase your sustain. I'd always regarded this theory as a bit of a myth - until I experienced it first hand!


At this week there was talk of Peavey buying out Gibson! Posts included:

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