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New Guitar - Cheap or Expensive?

There are some really great cheap Guitars on the market today. For as low as $200 you can get a Guitar that plays and sounds fine

Tim Reede Librada - Acoustic Electric Hybrid

Tim Reede Custom Guitars introduces the Librada, an acoustic-electric that has both a piezo and a magnetic neck pickup.

Stolen Amp Retrieval Story Becomes a Social Media Hit

The retrieval of a stolen amp becomes a social media hit, thanks to funny fedora jokes that turned the serious story into an entertaining read.

TC Electronic PolyTune 2

Sporting a brighter upgraded display, TC Electronic introduces the follow-up to their popular pedal tuner which lets you tune all the strings in one strum.

Crazy J - The Robot Guitarist

Will robots replace guitarists in the future? Crazy J gives us a preview of how machines will soon take control of our favorite instrument.

Option Knob: Change Your Pedal & Guitar Settings While You Are Playing

Now you don't have to stop playing to tweak your pedal settings with these cool replacement knobs from Option Knob Inc.

Beginner Advice: Easiest Way to Learn Guitar in Under a Year

Is it possible to learn guitar without years and years of practice? The answer to this is yes of course, however it comes down to what exactly it is you want to get from playing guitar.

The Persuader Deluxe Tube Drive Kit

MOD Kits DIY introduces The Persuader Deluxe Tube Drive pedal, featuring four interchangeable vacuum tubes.

Suhr Reloaded - Overdrive & Distortion Pedals

Suhr welcomes the Reloaded Series, updated versions of their popular pedals - the Riot and Shiba Drive.

Gibson 50th Anniversary 1963 ES-335

Gibson celebrates the 50th anniversary of the '63 "block neck" ES-335 with a high-end replica for modern players.

Michael Tobias Design Kingston Rubicon Guitars

Michael Tobias, known for his bass guitar products, switches gear to introduce the new Rubicon series of electric guitars.

Ibanez AT10P

Ibanez releases a video of Andy Timmons showcasing the AT10P, an affordable version of his Prestige AT100CL Signature Model.

Get Out of the Garage 2013 Contest

Get Out of the Garage is a competition that aims to discover and assist deserving independent artists by giving them a chance to record at the Converse Rubber Tracks Studio

Deep Purple TonePrints

Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover joins bandmate Steve Morse in expanding TC Electronic's TonePrint collection.

Larrivée D-40 Legacy Series

Larrivée puts his new "Scalloped Parabolic Hybrid" bracing system into action with the new D-40 Legacy Series.

Stolen 1930s Gibson Recovered

Thanks to a kind pawnshop owner in Tooele, a 30's era Gibson guitar finds its way back to its owner in North Salt Lake.

Fender Custom Shop RSD Bridge for Tele and P Bass

Fender Custom Shop uploads two videos detailing the design of RSD Bridges for the Telecaster and Precision Bass.

Empress Heavy

Empress Effects unveils Heavy, an upcoming high-gain distortion pedal with two channels and a wide range of tone shaping controls.

2013 Squire Vintage Modified Bass Guitars

Squier expands their Vintage Modified line with a mixture of upgraded and new affordable 4 and 5 string bass guitars.

Pedalboard Shop

Blackbird launches the Pedalboard Shop, an online store for pedalboard parts and accessories.

Gibson Luther Dickinson ES-335

Gibson introduces the Luther Dickinson ES-335, a semi-hollow with dual P-90 pickups and a Bigsby bridge.

G&L Tribute Series Fallout

After releasing the US-made Fallout guitar earlier this year, G&L welcomes the more affordable Tribute Series Fallout.

Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI

Headlining Squier's newest bass guitars is the Vintage Modified Bass VI, based on the early '60 six string bass guitar.

More AmpliTube Boutique Gear

AmpliTube expands their line of brand-approved gear with new boutique items from Dr. Z, Z-Vex and Fulltone.

New Life for Charred Reverend Guitar

Here is the story behind the restoration of a charred Reverend guitar, which was salvaged from a burned down house.

Gibson Elliot Easton “Tikibird” Firebird

Gibson welcomes another signature guitar for "The Cars" guitarist Elliot Easton - The “Tikibird” Firebird, where classic looks meets modern features.

Fender American Telecaster Rustic Ash

The Fender American Telecaster Rustic Ash is a limited edition guitar that features what Fender calls as a "never-before-seen" look.

Jackson JS32Q Dinky Arch Top

The JS32Q Dinky Arch Top is among the newest affordable guitars from Jackson, featuring a quilt maple arched top.


Since its release in 2002, AmpliTube continues to be one of the most popular guitar amps and effects modeling software.

G&L Tribute Superhawk Deluxe Jerry Cantrell

G&L introduces the Tribute Superhawk Deluxe Jerry Cantrell, a more affordable take on the recently released USA model.

Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS Swirl

Fender introduces the Standard Stratocaster HSS Swirl, where each guitar will come with a unique random swirl finish.

Buffalo FX Germanium Fuzz V2

Buffalo FX updates the Germanium Fuzz to version 2, featuring improved control over transistor voltage and pre-gain.

Gibson Slash Signature Rosso Corsa Les Paul

Gibson introduces the Slash Signature Rosso Corsa Les Paul, a name that translates to "Racing Red", which describes the guitar's finish.

Griffin StudioConnect HD

Griffin Technology unveils their upcoming dual channel iPad dock for music recording, the Griffin StudioConnect HD.

New Fender Modern Player Bass Guitars

Three new Fender Modern Player bass guitars are now available, the Modern Player Dimension Bass, Modern Player Jazz Bass and Modern Player Jazz Bass V.

Squier Vintage Modified Cabronita Telecaster

Squier introduces the Vintage Modified Cabronita Telecaster, an affordable alternative to Fender's Cabronita Tele.

New Clip-on Tuners from Kinsman

Kinsman welcomes three new clip-on tuners, featuring bright blue backlit LCD displays that turn green when in tune.

Gibson Memphis ES-390

Gibson welcomes the new ES-390, a compact thinline-sized hollow body electric guitar built at their Memphis facility.

New Fender Modern Player Electric Guitars

Fender expands the Modern Player series with three new electric guitars - the Modern Player Stratocaster HSH, Modern Player Jazzmaster HH and Modern Player Mustang.

T-Rex Magnus Multi-Effect

T-Rex introduces the Magnus multi-effect pedal, featuring five effects - Overdrive, Distortion, Delay, Reverb and Boost.

Gibson LPX

The Gibson LPX electric guitar is a full featured Les Paul with built-in sound processing and mechanical tuning.

Guthrie Govan Officially Joins Charvel

Charvel welcomes U.K. guitar virtuoso Guithrie Govan to their stable of artists, with future guitars already in development.

Official Orange Webstore

Orange Amps launch their new official webstore with a range of replacement parts, accessories and merchandise.

The Loar LH-280 Archtop

Loar introduces the LH-280, an affordable archtop electric guitar based on classic hollow body jazzbox designs.

Ultrasound CP100 Acoustic Amp

Ultrasound Amplifiers introduces the Ultrasound CP100 acoustic amplifier, a two-channel amp with built-in digital effects.

Takamine G Series - Redesigned

Takamine redesigns their G Series acoustic guitars with new looks and features at more accessible price points.

Fishman TriplePlay 1.1 Software Update

Fishman updates the TriplePlay Wireless MIDI software to version 1.1, with over 50 improvements and new features.

Nancy Wilson Nighthawk Standard

Gibson worked with the popular Heart guitarist to create her new signature guitar - the Nancy Wilson Nighthawk Standard.

The Top 7 Best Acoustic Guitars for Under $500

From impressive standard sized, to small and parlor-sized acoustics, there are plenty of quality guitars to choose from in this price range, but only a few meet our standards of excellence.

Taylor 718e and 818e

Taylor Guitars expands their Grand Orchestra shape collection with two new models - the 718e and 818e.

Rotosound Magnificent 7 Pedals

Rotosound unveiled six new pedals at the 2013 Summer NAMM show, inspired by the sound of the '60s.

Korg PitchHawk Clip-On Tuner

PitchHawk is the latest clip-on Tuner from Korg, featuring a newly developed clip and high-contrast bright LCD display.

Vox Tone Garage Pedals

Drawing inspiration from custom-tuned classic cars, Vox introduces five all-analog Tone Garage pedals.

Amar Bose has died aged 83

The founder of the Bose Corporation and MIT researcher Dr. Bose, was born in 1929 and passed away at the age of 83 in Wayland, Massachusetts on July 12, 2013.

Reverend Rick Vito Signature - Updated

Reverend Guitars updates the Rick Vito Signature, now available in Metallic Red and Lakeshore Gold finish.

Vintage Guitar Boutique 1 - VST Plugins

123creative and G-Sonique release Vintage Guitar Boutique 1, a collection of vintage amps and effects in VST format.

New Martin Guitars: CEO-7, Grand J12-16GTE and 000RS1

Martin Guitar welcomes three new guitars at the 2013 Summer NAMM - the CEO-7, 000RS1 and Grand J12-16GTE.

Blackstar LT Pedals

Blackstar welcomes the new LT pedals, featuring five compact and affordable effects derived from their HT series.

Suhr Classic T Antique

Suhr unveils the Classic T Antique, a Tele-style guitar that combines vintage looks and tones, with modern playability.

Gibson Pure Instrument Cables

Gibson Brands introduces Pure instrument cables, tweaked specifically to work with magnetic pickups.

Line 6 POD HD500X

Line 6 announces the arrival of the new POD HD500X, featuring improved processing power and backlit footswitches.

PRS S2 Series

Paul Reed Smith introduces three new US-made electrics, the S2 Mira, S2 Custom 24 and the Bigsby equipped S2 Starla.

Pigtronix Gatekeeper Noise Gate Pedal

Pigtronix introduces the new Gatekeeper, a studio quality noise gate pedal that features fast J-FET circuitry.

Martin LX1E Ed Sheeran Signature

C.F. Martin & Co. announces their newest Custom Shop acoustic guitar, the LX1E Ed Sheeran Signature Edition.

Black Acoustic Guitar Roundup

If you are looking for the baddest black acoustic guitar, we've got the best of them right here.

Fender Wilko Johnson Signature Telecaster

Fender announces the availability of the Wilko Johnson Telecaster, a tribute to the UK guitarist sold exclusively in Europe.

Seymour Duncan Black Winter Pickups

Seymour Duncan announces the worldwide availability of the Black Winter pickup, a high output pickup for metal guitarists.

Morley PVO+ Volume Pedal

The Morley PVO+ is a straightforward volume pedal that works as intended and features a minimum volume control option.

Fender Replacement Necks and Bodies

Fender now offers authentic replacement necks and bodies for their popular electric guitars and basses.

Boss DA-2 Adaptive Distortion

The Boss DA-2 has a unique claim, it applies consistent distortion across the fretboard by adapting the level of effect to your playing.

Kemper Profiler Version 2.0 Update

The Kemper Profiler gets another update, now with improved pitch shifting, better preset handling and more rigs.

MXR Phase 90

First released in the '70s, the Phase 90 pedal helped establish the MXR brand, and now it continues to be the go-to phaser for many guitarists.

Limited Edition Eastwood Classic 12 Guitar

Eastwood Guitars releases the limited edition Classic 12, a 12-string semi-hollow that features a flamed honeyburst finish.

Dunlop Cry Baby Wah

The Cry Baby continues to be the most popular wah pedal in the market, thanks to its expressive sound, intuitive controls and efficient design.

Roland Cube GX Amps

Roland welcomes the new Cube GX amplifier line, coming in20W, 40W and 80W combos, as well as in Micro Cube format.

Eventide H9 Harmonizer

The H9 is the latest compact multi-effect stompbox from Eventide, featuring multiple Eventide effects and iOS connectivity.

DR Neon Hi-Def White Luminescent Strings

DR Strings introduces the K3 Neon Hi-Def White strings - UV and Black Light active strings for electric, bass and acoustic.

Pro Co Rat Distortion Pedal

After first appearing in the mid '80s, the Pro Co Rat continues to provide the right amount of dirt for many players.

Boss RC-300 Loop Station

Being the most powerful pedal-based loop station from Boss, RC-300 continues to be the most sought after looper in the market today.

Jackson JS32-8Q Eight-String Electric Guitar

The JS32-8Q is an affordable addition to Jackson's 8-string electrics, featuring a basswood body with quilt maple top.

PRS \m/ Pickups - High-Ouput Humbuckers

Paul Reed Smith introduces the \m/ Pickup, new humbucking pickups designed for high-gain metal music.

Pegasus: Has The Acoustic-Electric Guitar Been Totally Reformulated?

Jon Kammerer Guitars believe their new Pegasus has completely reinvented the concept of the semi-acoustic guitar.

Gibson Maple Hummingbird

Gibson introduces a new breed of Hummingbirds, this time featuring maple wood for the neck, sides and back.

Buzz Feiten Guitars

Following up on his innovative tuning system, Buzz Feiten launches five new electric guitars under his name.

Blues Lesson 2

In the last lesson we reviewed the basic blues progression along with using the 9th an 13th chords (Click Here for Blues Lesson 1).

Speed Slurring and Tapping

Hi everyone. I'd like to share a really fast slurred lick today from my epic tune "Over Age". This lick chimes in as part of the third chorus when I wanted the song to stay hot after a "smoking gun" solo section.

The Guitar With A Broken Neck (True Story from WWII)

True Story From World War II - The guitar and I went overseas to war. It got seriously wounded, but, thank the Lord, I never did.

The Melody Within

This week I'd like to write a bit about my favorite subject again, The Chord Of The Moment.

Right Hand Tapping Basics

If you're left handed, just replace the word "right" with the word "left" while reading this article. :^)

Music Is Mathematics

Awful as it sounds, it's the truth. But don't let it scare you off. The highest number I've ever heard in the context of music is 13, so you don't have to be a genius to figure it out.

Fender Standard Satin Series

Fender introduces the Satin Series, guitars with a fresh new look, expanding their Standard Stratocaster and Standard Telecaster family.

Steve Vai TonePrint

TC Electronic continues to assimilate big name artists into their TonePrint collective, adding guitar virtuoso Steve Vai to their impressive list.

Guild Custom Shop Tour

Guild gives us a preview of the workings in their Custom Shop, highlighting their combination of technology, experience and handcrafting.

Suhr Mahogany Deluxe

Suhr is now shipping the Mahogany Deluxe, featuring select mahogany and tonewoods with their brand of craftsmanship.

Eastwood Airline Jupiter Pro

Eastwood Guitars decided to upgrade one of their popular electric guitars and came up with the Airline Jupiter Pro.

Ambrosonics Pickup Director

The Ambrosonics Pickup Director, a programmable pickup switching system, is now available for various guitar models.

Gibson Guitars now called Gibson Brands

In lieu of their ever expanding range of musical gear and equipment, Gibson Guitar Corp. has now become Gibson Brands.

PedalSnake Vari-Chain System

PedalSnake unveils the Vari-Chain System, a customizable cable kit for conveniently powering up your guitar pedals.

Gibson Rudolf Schenker Flying V

Gibson introduces the Rudolf Schenker Flying V, with artist approved specs and a striking black and white finish.

Railhammer Hyper Vintage Chrome

Railhammer now offers their popular Hyper Vintage humbucker pickup in chrome plated finish.

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