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DBZ Guitars introduces the new 'The Dark Side of Dean' Guitar Line

DBZ Guitars has announced a new series of distinctive metal guitars, "The Dark Side of Dean." This line is a new offering of uniquely carved masterpieces straight from the darkest depths of legendary guitar builder Dean B. Zelinsky's mind. "The Dark Side series is designed for the sophisticated player, who is searching for the ultimate 'over the top' metal instrument," says the CEO and DBZ Guitars founder.

Ibanez introduces first-ever JEM and JS Left-Handed Models

Ibanez has debuted the new, much-anticipated left-handed JEM7VLWH and JS1200CAL. The White finish JEM7VWHL has all the great details of its right-handed counterpart: 5pc Maple/Walnut JEM Prestige neck, Edge Pro bridge, Pearl/Abalone vine inlay, DiMarzio Evolution pickups, and trademark monkey grip! The Candy Apple finish JS1200CAL features a Maple JS Prestige neck, Edge Pro bridge, and DiMarzio PAF-JOE and FRED pickups.

Basone Guitars presents exclusive color-changing, laser loaded Electric

Basone Guitars has released its newest product, the Talon. This one-of-a-kind patented model features an interesting stability arm that connects the neck to the body, made of handpicked chambered Honduran Mahogany, and carved Maple top. The Talon is coated in technology-derived paint, which shifts from an icy blue to cyan purple to gold, in certain lights.

Ibanez celebrates 20 Years of Paul Gilbert Signature Models by unveiling the PGM300REWH

Ibanez is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the PGM line by unveiling the PGM300REWH, a stellar reissue of the PGM300WH. The decision to reissue this PGM model was made by a worldwide fan vote, held online at Ibanez.com. The PGM300REWH features a super-fast 5pc. maple/walnut Wizard Prestige neck with maple fretboard, Edge bridge, DiMarzio PAF-PRO pickups in the bridge and neck positions, and a DiMarzio FS-1 in the middle. Needless to say, the wide range of tonal variations and hard rock sounds will blow away even the most blasé of guitar aficionados.

PRS Guitars releases the 305

PRS has introduced the 305, based on our 513 platform this guitar features 3 PRS proprietary single coil pickups to give you 5 classic sounds. Other features include; an alder body, maple neck, banded melon ‘513’ bird inlays and 25 ½” scale length. This guitar’s warm clear bite offers single coil tones unlike any other PRS model.

Celebrate the Gibson SG during the ‘I Love My SG’ Summer

There is a seemingly ubiquitous appreciation today for nostalgic pop-culture references that hail from the 1960s and now span into contemporary days, spattered with some of the most memorable faces, infinite historical moments, countless celebrated names and equally distinguished brands.

Eastwood introduces the Seafoam Green Airline ’59 Custom 3P model

Eastwood Guitars has added the ever so popular seafoam green color to the highly successful Airline 59 Custom 3P guitar lineup. This ultimate retro color has never been offered on the flagship Airline 3P model and with the option of a matching seafoam green Custom Airline leather strap, it will become an essential part of a style-loving guitarists wardrobe.

TV Jones announces Model 10 Guitar

TV Jones is now releasing their second production model, a single cut-away solid body guitar dubbed the Model 10.Compared to the Spectra Sonic (TV Jones’ first production model) the Model 10 is stripped down to the bare essentials. It's constructed with a wood called Obeche (pronounced Oh-Bee-Chee) discovered by Jones. The body and neck are both made of Obeche--it's very transparent, which translates well when you plug it in.

Former PRS Director and Private Stock announces Joseph S. Knaggs Guitars

Joseph S. Knaggs, formerly PRS' Director of R&D and Private Stock has announced the launch of Joseph S. Knaggs Guitars For the past 25 years, Joe has been successfully designing, creating and building beautiful, award winning instruments for PRS Guitars .His creativity in designing and building great instruments has established Joe as one of the most respected designers and builders of high end acoustic and electric guitars, basses and mandolins. Joe recently left PRS Guitars to venture on his own and start JSK Guitars.

Airline Town and Country ’59 Custom STD and DLX guitars join the Eastwood line-up

Eastwood Guitars adds two new models to their popular Airline ’59 Custom Series, the Town & Country ’59 Custom STD and DLX. These retro-beauties will be making heads turn in concert halls and bars around the world. Guitar legend Chris Spedding sums up the Town & Country models best, “my Airline plays so sweet and looks so cool, I had to change my wardrobe to match it”.

Gibson announces the the Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates Limited Edition Les Paul Standard

Gibson Custom has announced a guitar fit for every sharp dressed man, the Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates Limited Edition Les Paul Standard. And now you can own it. Billy Gibbons’ favorite axe has always been his beloved Pearly Gates – a rare 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard with legendary angelic qualities. It has appeared on every track of every ZZ Top album to date, and sings with a “God-like voice” unlike any other guitar.

Magneto Guitars present its first two Electric Guitar models

Created by Christian Hatstatt in collaboration with Kei Yatsuzuka, the Magneto brand was born and established in Matsumoto, Japan and was launched in April 2009. The Magneto concept is to make a new type of electric guitars using high grade & seasoned woods, custom wound pickups, custom hardware, bone nut materials etc. … and to avoid any type of mass production. It is an old world style of manufacturing where the guitars are built by real experienced luthiers.

DBZ Guitars announces the Imperial Electric Guitar

DBZ Guitars has announced the latest revolution in guitar design: the Imperial. Straight from the mind of legendary guitar designer Dean Zelinsky, the Imperial features classic, large-bodied appeal carved down to a mere 5/8 of an inch thick. The Imperial may initially look like a traditional hollowbody, but it's a solidbody design loaded with revolutionary features that professional players will welcome.

Blade Guitars releases the Dayton Standard and Dayton Deluxe

Blade Guitars has announced the expansion of it's Dayton Series. Following the dictate of "form follows function", the Dayton is a definitive expression of comfort enhancing ergonomics, perfect balance and pure tone. A North American alder body and maple neck build the tonal chassis.

Parker Guitars introduces the DF842AD Adam Dutkiewicz Signature

Parker Guitars has introduced the DF842AD from Killswitch Engage guitarist, Adam Dutkiewicz. Dutkiewicz is considered one of the most influential guitarists of the “New Wave of American Heavy Metal”.

Washburn introduces the WI595 from its Idol Series

Washburn Guitars has introduced the WI595, its latest release from the Idol Series.

PRS Guitars debuts the Starla Stoptail electric guitar

The Starla Stoptail has the same retro-inspired vibe as its predecessor with one noticeable difference: it features a two-piece, adjustable stoptail bridge that dramatically alters the look and feel of the original Bigsby fitted Starla model while bringing out more of a mid-range woodiness in the tone.

Eastwood introduces the new Airline RS-I and RS-II hollow body guitar

Eastwood Guitars has introduced the new Airline RS-I & RS-II hollow-body guitars – tributes to the Roy Smeck model of the late 50’s – but with modern playability and much more. These Flamed Maple beauties feature the new Vintage AIRLINE Argyle pickups, which creates a clean natural distortion without any feedback thanks to Eastwood’s unique hollow-body chamber bracing. Modern sonic engineering combined with the all new single coil pickups makes this a must have for any guitarist.

Thomas Corbishley Guitars introduces the Takoba Handmade electric guitar

Thomas Corbishley Guitars has announced the availability of the Takoba handmade electric guitar. The Takoba combines gorgeous looks, stunning tones and exceptional playing performance in a uniquely designed instrument.

DBZ Guitars unleashes Bird Of Prey electric guitar

DBZ Guitars has announced a radical new instrument that will redefine the world of metal guitars: the Bird of Prey. From the darkest depths of legendary guitar designer Dean B. Zelinsky, and anchoring the company's metal-inspired Darkside of Dean line, the Bird of Prey combines advanced design techniques, high performance and unstoppable off-the-hook stage appeal in the same instrument.

Hanson Pickups launches new guitar line

Hanson Musical Instruments has announced a full line of electric guitars available in August 2009. Branded as 'Hanson Guitars' the initial offerings include 4 solid-body models: The Cigno and Cigno ST based on a set-neck triple-P90 design, and the Firenze and Firenze ST which are triple mini-humbucker equipped, bolt-on neck models. Retail price points range between $799-$899 (Est. $575 - $650 Street price).

Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo unveil signature Fender Jazzmasters

Fender has teamed up with legendary rockers Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore to release their own signature model Jazzmaster electric guitars. Both guitarists are long time fans of the iconic Jazzmaster, using its unique sound to help create their highly identifiable brand of noise rock for over two decades.

Win a limited edition Woodstock 40th anniversary Stratocaster!

In celebration of the cultural legacy of Woodstock, a customized Standard Strat guitar has been produced exclusively as one of only 40 and is not available for sale. The grand prize winner takes home the guitar and the ultimate collectors edition "Woodstock - the directors cut on Blueray or DVD. The runner up will receive a 2 disk DVD - 3 days of peace and love "Woodstock".

New Carvin Signature Inlays

Carvin has added a new inlay option to our Custom Shop guitars and basses. Our new Carvin Signature Inlays are available in abalone (ABS) or mother-of-pearl (MPS) and are completely unique to Carvin Custom Shop instruments - there are no other inlays like this in the industry!

Hendrix's 1963 Strat up for auction

Jimi Hendrix's personally owned and played white 1963 Fender Stratocaster (serial L14985) is expected to pull over 120 thousand US dollars at auction.

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