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The Croc Skin Bolero has been unleashed

Offering adventurous guitarists a totally unique instrument, DBZ Guitars' brand new Croc Skin Bolero model will blow minds and turn heads: the Croc Skin Bolero. Straight from the mind of legendary guitar designer Dean Zelinsky, The Croc Skin Bolero combines DBZ's legendary playability with looks so realistic Dean B. Zelinsky may soon be explaining himself to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Framus announces signature archtops, 'Tears of Dracula' Mayfield Pro

Framus has announced two new signature archtop guitars, the LP-10 Leo Ponikvar Signature and the MM-10 Mitja Mastnak Signature. They also have announced aSpecial Edition Gearmany 'Tears of Dracula' Mayfield Pro.

New 50th Anniversary Airline 59 Custom 2P Gold Guitar

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Airline brand, Eastwood Guitars has released 50 limited edition Metallic Gold Airline ’59 Custom 2P guitars. These individually numbered collector edition models ship in the Deluxe Airline form-fit hardshell case and include a certificate of authenticity personally signed by the founder of Eastwood Guitars, Mike Robinson.

PRS Guitars releases new metallic finishes featuring DuPont Hot Hues

Paul Reed Smith Guitars is once again teaming up with long-time partner DuPont and their Hot Hues palette of colors to present brilliant new metallic guitar offerings. PRS Guitars has been using DuPont paints for more than ten years and has been using Hot Hues paint since its inception.

The new limited edition Les Paul Florentine with Bigsby Tailpiece

Using Gibson’s Les Paul Standard as its base design, the new 2009 Limited Run Series Les Paul Florentine with Bigsby Tailpiece combines the Les Paul’s iconic form with avant-garde features that keep it one step ahead of everything else. The standard Les Paul cutaway gives way to the wider and deeper Florentine Cutaway.

A sneak peak of Gibson's Billy Gibbons 'Pearly Gates' 1959 Les Paul replica

Gibson is offering up a sneak peak of its latest creation from the Gibson Custom line, the Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates 1959 Les Paul replica. In this picture, that’s Billy’s Pearly Gates guitar on the right with the color sample by Gibson Custom sitting next to it. Release date of this icon is set to be in the not-too-distant future.

Two new Kerry King signature guitars from BC Rich

B.C. Rich is back with a firestorm of new signature models created in collaboration with Kerry King, legendary guitarist for Thrash Metal titans Slayer. Four new models are available, each bearing finishes, features and tones approved by King himself.

Recording King debuts new RR-60-VS professional resonator guitar

The Recording King Professional Resonator (RR-60-VS) is crafted entirely from mahogany with a parallelogram soundwell and 12th fret neck joint. The traditional squareneck design and vintage sunburst finish make this an instant classic. The hand-spun Continental Cone provides true resonator tone, rivaling anything currently available.

Internal Combustion Guitars taken to the next level

Last September we brought you Woody B's Internal Combustion Guitar and to be honest I'm still scratching my head over these things. Now Woody B has unveiled 3 new additions to its line. The V8 Deluxe ST, The Power Acoustic and The Electric Cruiser Dual Glide all come with the Internal Combustion Guitar Drive System.

B.C. Rich marks 40th anniversary with limited run of handcrafted guitars

Commemorating its 40th Anniversary B.C. Rich has announced a new series of handcrafted instruments to mark the milestone. The special guitars are a tribute to models originally developed by company founder Bernardo ("Bernie") Rico and are limited to a production run of 40 guitars per model.

Gibson unveils New 'Inspired By' Robby Krieger SG

Great guitarists play what they feel. They play what their hearts tell them to and they leave everything else for other people to worry about. That kind of connection to an instrument doesn’t happen very often, but it’s one that comes natural for Robby Krieger, who made history as lead songwriter and guitarist for The Doors. From 1965 to 1971, Krieger and The Doors created a body of music that redefined American rock and roll at its core. Today, their songs remain some of the most influential and original ever written. Much of that writing happened with Krieger’s legendary Gibson SG, which was along for every stop along the Doors’ exhilarating ride to the top.

Presenting the Gibson Tribal Explorer

Introduced in 1958, the Gibson Explorer has been a symbol of rock extremism for more than 50 years. It was too radical for many players in its day, but when hard rock and heavy metal came to town in the late ’60s and early ’70s, an Explorer was the ultimate guitar to be seen with, a total declaration of crushing rock action.

New limited edition Yamaha SBG3000

The Yamaha SBG3000 solid-body electric guitar is a masterpiece of musical instrument craftsmanship. To commemorate the 40th year that Yamaha began selling guitars in the United States, Yamaha is issuing only 40 of these limited edition collector's items, a model that has never before been available in this country. Each guitar is serialized and comes with a special glass display case (a $400 value).

DBZ Guitars introduces the Croc Skin Bolero

DBZ Guitars has announced a guitar that will blow minds and turn heads: the Croc Skin Bolero. Straight from the mind of legendary guitar designer Dean Zelinsky, The Croc Skin Bolero combines DBZ’s legendary playability with looks so realistic Dean B. Zelinsky may soon be explaining himself to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The new limited edition Eye Guitar from Gibson

Even the fiercest rockers like their hot-looking guitars, and no axe out there offers the intensity of eye candy captured in the form of the stunning new Eye Guitar, a new 2009 Limited Run Series model from Gibson USA. You’d better believe this is one sweet-looking instrument — but watch out! Try to take a bite and you’ll expose yourself to an eviscerating maelstrom of tone. Available beginning April 1, 2009, only 350 of the new Limited Run Series Eye Guitars will be produced, and they’re bound to go fast.

New Raw Power Guitars from Gibson

Inspired by the popular but short-lived Raw Power Les Paul of 2000-2001, the newly revitalized series of 2009 includes both the Les Paul Studio Raw Power and SG Raw Power, both in the dressed-down styling and meaty performance package that so many players loved in the original release, but with notable added features to update the theme.

Yamaha unveils special edition classic guitars

Yamaha has announced the release of two very special editions of two of its most successful models – the SG2000 electric and the CPX15II. The SG2000 Vintage White will be available from April 2009 with a retail price of £2,199 (including vintage hardcase) and CPX15II-09 will be available from May 2009 and will be priced at £2,315rrp (including Hiscox hardcase).

K.K. Downing Signature Model Guitar released

KxK Guitarshas unveiled the brand new K.K. Downing signature guitar model. With years of R&D refinement, KxK has delivered a guitar that satisfies the needs of one of metal's most iconic guitarists. The original two were in K.K.'s hands just in time for the Judas Priest 2008 world tour and now they are available to players and fans in a limited quantity.

Ibanez presents Paul Gilbert's New 20Th Anniversary Reissue

At Ibanez, 2009 truly is the Year of Paul Gilbert. Ibanez has now reissued his original 1989 signature model as the PGM100RE 20TH ANNIVERSARY model. Plus Ibanez is urging fans to vote for which of Paul's radical-appearance signature models — some of which were originally only available in Japan — should be the next Paul Gilbert Signature Reissue.

Meet the New Tribal V from Gibson

Since its introduction in 1958, the Flying V has been the ultimate symbol of rock rebellion.

Presenting the New SG Carved Top-Autumn Burst

The model that replaced the original single-cutaway Les Paul Standard in 1961 was considered a more straight-on take on the solid body electric guitar.

U.S. Masters releases the Hornet advanced set-neck guitar

The unique Advanced Set-Neck structure of U.S. Masters’ new Hornet gives it pitch stability, sound quality and dynamic response that rival other set-neck guitars. It is fully made in the USA in U.S. Masters Middleton, WI facility. At $1,495 street price, it is one of the best values in a truly American-made electric guitar.

Fender to release 2 new custom John Mayer guitars

Fender and John Mayer are teaming up to create two different model replicas of his favourite axe which he calls 'The Black One'. This will be the second time Mayer has teamed up with Fender, having previously developed a John Mayer Signature Stratocaster which was released in 2005.

Washburn Guitars announces availability of HM Import Guitar Series

Washburn Guitars has announced the release of the stylish yet affordable HM Import Guitar Series. Designed for superior quality and tone, the HM Import Series features a revolutionary phenolic fretboard, providing the ultimate surface for fast riffs, runs and arpeggios. The line includes 6 guitars: the WV40, WV40V, WM24V, WM24, WI50 and the WI50V.

Parker announces Single-Cut Fly availability

Parker Guitars has announced the addition of the Parker Fly Mojo Single Cut to their line of electric guitars. Designed for the professional player, the Fly Mojo Single Cut brings a stunning new single cutaway design to the bestselling Fly Mojo Series.

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