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Ax Facts and Stats: SR-71's Mark Beauchemin

Welcome to yet another installation of "Ax Facts & Stats". This month I am thrilled that SR-71's Mark Beauchemin was gracious enough to take time out of his hectic schedule, which includes his current summer tour, to take part in our "A.F.&S."

Tym's Guitars

OK, this is a big one.

I Did It First!

You will see for yourself the second 8 string guitar tuned from a low B to a high A in history. It is my 1992 Gibson "Piano Guitar" prototype. It followed the first 8 string (low B to high A) in history, which was also a Gibson Signature prototype of mine.

High A 7 String

Alex Gregory writes to GNW: Re: 1987-88 Fender 7 String Stratocasters (Maestro A. Gregory Signature models)

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