Alvin and the Chipmunks Stratocaster

Jon at Guitar Noize asks who would want a Fender Alvin and the Chipmunks Strat? Fair question Jon, but you have never met my GSite coworker, Stace. Biggest, most obsessed, Chipmunk fan ever. Anyway, Fender is giving it away and if your in the U.S it could be yours to own. Enter at

Chipmunks Guitar

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I want that guuitar


how much is this to buy?

you can't buy them, they were made for promotional purposes only for Twentieth century fox and one was given to the website winner.

How do I know this? because I built them, they rock...

Dave Collins
Entertainment Marketing
Fender Musical Instruments Corp.

Question for Dave Collins: I'm assuming these guitars were custom shop made? What sort of pickup was used and how many of these were made total? Thank you.


22 total.
These guitars were made in the Corona Factory but these did not come out of the Custom Shop. They do have Made in the usa on the back of the headstock next to the serial number and the pickups are the same hand wound pickups that come from the Highway one guitar that comes from the USA line made in Corona.

Dave Collins

Thank you Dave! I very much appreciate your speedy feedback. I was lucky enough to have bought one on eBay and plan to hold onto it for life! I'm a huge fan of Fender guitars and this will be my prized possession!

Kind regards,
Isaac Khan

INTERESTING, who was holding the auction?

if you get me a serial number I can authenticate where it was sent to originally, Thanks!

Hi Dave,

Not sure who the original owner is. The seller mentioned that he was selling on behalf of a lady who had won the guitar at a radio station sweepstake. The serial number is Z7271048. If you could authenticate, that would be fantastic! It would be assuring to know I got the real deal! Thank you.

Isaac Khan

i so want one


Hi Dave,

Got the guitar in this afternoon and it definitely looks to be all original and brand new condition! It has the Twentieth Century Fox label as well (screen printed on lower edge of guitar). Were you able to find out more details by the serial number?

I absolutely love the guitar!

Isaac Khan

I am selling one of these guitars. I won it from a radio station and gave it my son who has played it maybe twice. He needs the money for college tuition. It is worth over $2,000. He is asking $1,400. for it and that includes a $125.00 hard case that he bought for it. Selling only to a US address.

#12 Z 7271048 12/12/2007 Fed Ex IL Dave Collins
here is the record from the log sheet, enjoy!


Hi Dave,

Thank you so much for confirming that the guitar was sent out to IL! The eBay seller that sold me the guitar is located in Chicago IL. I absolutely love the guitar! I have only played it a handful number of is just too nice to be played! :) Will be holding onto it, as I probably won't come across another one of these super rare guitars!

Thanks again!


hey, i know how rare these guitars are but i've fallen in love with it and i have to have one does anyone know how i could get my hands on one? i live in england



there is currently an alvin and the chipmunks guitar on e-bay

Yeah I saw it but I need money now

I'm the biggest fan of Alvin and the Chipmunks! Are there Alvin and the Chipmunks guitars with Alvin's A on them?

My mom has won one of the Alvin and the Chipmunks Guitars, and i was wondering how much it could be sold for?

I'd like to get actual price, and also prices some of you would pay for?

I like the guitar.

No Replicas (toys)?

I love that guitar and some people ask me...."you think they are real don't you? I'm just that hooked on Alvin and the Chipmunks. I usually watch the DVD three times per week, (I know every line), and I listen to the CD every night. Their CD jams, and dancing to it helps to keep me toned. I portrayed Alvin at our Youth car wash, (to raise money to purchase gloves, hats, scarfs, and mittens for kids in elementary school in our area). It took me forever to find a company that rented a chipmunk costume, (didn't look like Alvin). I borrowed a guitar and man, those things are heavey. (I'm such a girly-girl). I was really jamming it though, Alvin would have been proud! My shoulder/back hasn't recoved yet, and the car wash was on 10/02/10 - man! (I am 51 years old though). Now I'm looking for a toy (light weight) guitar that is just like Alvin's. You would think that toy stores would have one - not! I'll keep looking, any suggestions? Cause you guessed it, I am now officially "Alvin" at our annual car washes from now on. And the official "nut" according to my co-workers. Suggestions please, thanks :)

I suggest your co-workers

I suggest your co-workers might be correct ;)

Ahh, but what fun I have. Co-workers say I missed my calling..

..should have done stand-up comedy :) :)

I own one! I'm amazed

I own one!
I'm amazed reading these comments,
I live in Australia (won from a Disney magazine :D) and was wondering what it would be worth
I saw previously that they could be tracked?
The number serial number is Z7272215
Any help would be very very gratefully appreciated

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