ESP sword guitar kills knights dead, plays a pleasant tune

If you ever wanted to cut through a crowd of screaming fans all trying to plant their greasy little fingers on the precious talent that is you, ESP has the answer.

ESP Sword Guitar

"Here is an absolutely awesome sword guitar from the ESP Custom Shop. It was custom made for the Alfee's guitar player Takamizawa" reads the auction page for the Lordi-esque Sword Guitar. "The Alfee is one of the biggest rock acts in Japan and Takamizawa is well known for his Angel and other Gothic themed guitars."

"It is a pro quality instrument that actually sounds AMAZING plugged and unplugged. Very loud and resonant unplugged. The action can be set anyway you want it and is currently super low. It is all hand carved etc. These start at around $12,000 or so new so offer accordingly."

Hows this for service: The owner will even deliver it halfway across the world if the ticket costs less than 500 clams.

Visit the auction here.



ESP Sword Guitar

ESP Sword Guitar

ESP Sword Guitar

ESP Sword Guitar

ESP Sword Guitar

ESP Sword Guitar

ESP Sword Guitar

ESP Sword Guitar

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Wonder what the weight is?

f'ing hideous

This guitar is the shit! Whoever designed and engineered is a fuckin genious!!!!!!!Would love to hear how it sounds. Fuckin "SWORD WARRIOR"

I applaud the effort, but uh... nevermind

i lyk i lyk dis diff.kind design of guitar... i would lyk 2 hear of dis sound....

Good lord. Imagine the hoardes of DnD fans kicking in the doors of ESP HQ.

damn dude you can kill someone with that like crazed fans and want ur autograph or someone


:0 wow :0


They'd think twice before booing you if you were playing that!!!


Alot of detail work dudes.

An ax that's a sword? Lord! Perfect for those who think looking cool is more important than playing well.


A lot of weight, and a lot of playability issues in regards to the guitar getting caught in clothes and wires.

Is that you John Wayne? is this me?

Is that you John Wayne? is this me?


NIIICE! But 12grand? Gimme a break. I've played for 30+ years and played all kinds and found NONE worth more than a couple thou.What ever the traffic will bear I guess.Don't feel TOO stupid if you buy one.

so super super guitar..

this is the lamest guitar ever made it looks sweet but you would get so much shit playing it live infront of real metal fans gimme a dean ML ne day

You would be shot playing this.

lol... kick ass but, i'd rather not play it...

how do you tune this thing anyway '_'

Wow what an amazing guirtar. its better than mine. SEXY If i got mad that weapon. Thats nuts. THAT HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dude...thats awesome!
i want that!!!!!!

I can sell my soul to Satan for one of guitar like that

i would only buy one to put it on a wall. no one in there right mind would play it. how the fuck would you hold it anyway?

that is a beatiful guitar i would kill to have it or kill someone with it lol

I am in awe.

nice guitar bys but it looks liek it weighs a ton and by the looks of it its not really that playable but its a nice show peice non the less

man fuck that, that guitar is fucking prime, sure it may be slightly difficult to play but, if u can pick up a piece of wood and play it, whats the difference if its shaped like a sword or a strat? toss on a fucking strap and stand up to play it, sling it down low and rip some shit. who cares if its odd shaped, i think its fucking mint and would shred the shit outta that thing, but it seems pricy, so ill stick to my jackson warrior and strat-o-blaster

P.S. i would totally shank the shit outta ppl with that thing after an intense shred, as to add to the intenseness of the moment

how much would that be It AwEsOmE!!!!

how much would that be It AwEsOmE!!!!

it may be 12 grand but it is hand made, stuff like that in england goes far in money, some of my mates sell for 2 to 4 grand, it does take them about a month to make them though. looks great though, perfect for the wall 8) lol

by the way, everyone moaning about weight? cmon strat lovers buy an old les paul and then feel how your back breaks slow after time 8)

lol, well the description said it was little japanese rock dudes right? well everyone knows prolly any type of japanese band cant play for shit.
they're just for looks.
so this guitar is perfect. its got looks and is good for the japanese "rockers" that can play an open E.
hooray for them.

OMFG that looks amazing!!!!

I WANT IT!!!!!!
How much would a kidney fecth me?

omg fukin amaizin!!! love to fukin try it!!!

Brutal. Like the Gibson Excalibertar from Metalocalypse. I want it. Would be good for playing Slayer (pun intended)

is it for sale

very nice guitar interest to buy. how much the price? email

ESP angel sword the alfee

I have one for sale if your interested, email me

... I wonder how you could make it left handed

caraca mano guitarra do karamba meu!!
deve ser uma loucura tocar numa guitarra dessas!!

awesome guitar.....wicked...i want it lol !!!!

To play it you would haft to hook a strap to it, and I believe that answered some people questions! I wouldnt put it on a wall...I would play it everyday! Its BEAUTIFUL!

It so damn great, but I think there are so many flea in that wings !!!
May The Force Be With You

Its a completely awesome guitar,
I have a question though
how do you tune it?

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