Gibson announces new delivery dates for Dark Fire Guitar

Gibson Guitar has announced that the anticipated Gibson Dark Fire guitar will ship in limited quantities to select dealers with additional shipments later in the month and early 2009. Gibson's retail partners will not acquire the anticipated limited number on Monday, December 15, 2008 due to the high demand for the remarkable new guitar and the production process for installing the proprietary technology. Production will be limited to only a select number of units per day.

Gibson Dark Fire Guitar

Gibson will produce the Gibson Dark Fire guitars throughout the year and will deliver them to participating dealers over the course of the next few weeks. A list of Dark Fire dealers is available on the Gibson website. Consumers interested in purchasing the Gibson Dark Fire guitar should check with their local dealer on delivery date and opportunity to reserve a model.

This is a Press Release

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Seriously, Gibson are being very unprofessional with the way you release information to the public. They let the launch deadline come and go without uttering a word of the production problems until the next day. What, did they expect that the production would magically ramp up at the 11th hour?

Gibson should have told every one a couple days ago so they didn't have pissed off customers. They made yourselves look bad. Now, they've have hundreds of people waiting for the contest details that they were supposed to release yesterday.

chill out , its not as bad as you paint.

This is gibson were talking about here (not like buying a dishwasher or a car), its also xmas and you can expect some delays around the holidays, the dark fire is just another hybrid les paul and it much like any new product will take a little while to fine "tune".

Have a run and egg nog, STFU and wait to see what they do

Sorry Buzby...I'm going to have to agree with Ritchie B. about Gibson. Are they a guitar maker, or a hype maker? Only King Henry knows for sure; but I know this...something is really starting to stink.

I picked up my Dark Fire from the Southfield, MI Guitar Center on 12/17/08. Maybe this thing is great, and maybe it isn't, but one thing's for sure...I'm not gonna find out anytimee soon because apparently Gibson couldn't take the time to debug the circuitry enough to make sure that the guitar could actually be charged enough to work. My Dark Fire (the one that I sold another guitar to buy and paid $3200 for at Guitar Center) sits in it's case...unusable...because the wiring has some kind of problem and prevents the guitar from being charged with the supplied charging unit. This is A BRAND NEW GUITAR!!! I'm dissapointed and disgusted that Gibson is getting away with this. It seems that at Gibson these days, hype trumps substance any day of the week. I'm old enough to remember how Gibson used to be...and when the pearl-inlaid name on that open-book headstock meant that you were getting the best guitar in the world when you laid down your hard-earned green.

Gibson is NOT a musician's guitar any's a trophy for Wall Street bankers to hang on their walls. Thanks Henry!!! You just sold another guitar for Paul Reed Smith...and I'm going to be the one buying it. My Dark Fire will be Guitar Center's problem as of tomorrow, December 31st, 2008. NEVER AGAIN!!! My advice to players...stay away from this WILL be disappointed!!!

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