Newest Gibson Custom: Zakk Wylde Bullseye Flying V

Gibson's new custom shop Zakk Wylde Bullseye Flying V took a lot of fans by surprise. Now that it's official, let's take a look at this limited edition guitar.

Zakk Wylde Gibson

Zakk Wylde Gibson Custom Body & Hardware:

- Solid mahogany body

- Ebony finish with white bullseye

- Nickel hardware

- Grover kidney tuners

- Floyd Rose tremolo

Neck & Headstock:

- 1-piece mahogany neck with black finish (updated)

- Rounded neck profile

- 24 3/4” scale length, 1 11/16” nut width

- 22 fret ebony fingerboard

- Pearl block inlays with single-ply white binding

- Custom-style headstock inlay

- Gold Zakk profi le on back of headstock

Electronics & Strings:

- EMG-81 and EMG-85 pickups

- 2 volume, 2 tone, 3-way selector switch



Includes Custom Shop case, certifi cate of authenticity, custom care kit.

"Gibson Custom is proud to pay tribute to one of the most influential and distinctive guitarists of the past 20 years with the Zakk Wylde Flying V Custom, part of the Inspired By series. Gibson Custom and Zakk worked closely to build a guitar like no other—just like the guitarist it honors" its says in the product brochure.

According to the Gibson Custom forum, no more than 300 guitars are expected to be produced. Expect to pay around $4500USD.

UPDATE: If you can't afford the high price tag, then you may be interested to know that Gibson have brought out a standard version: the Flying V Tremolo.

Zakk Wylde Gibson

Zakk Wylde Gibson

Zakk Wylde Gibson

Zakk Wylde Gibson

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I own a Gibson V 67 korina re-issue LTD loaded w/ EMG 81 & 85 and I cherish it! But after seeing this v, hey Zak, wanna trade?!

this is an awsome guitar :) wooo

I Want One!!!!

You guys are really sad... I don't want one... I WANT 2 OF THEM!

Sucks. Zakk is a fag

Sweet guitar. Really

putz quanto sera q custa uma dessas, vo vende o carro da minha mae pra compra uma :P

The neck is actually finished black and Mahogany. They had it wrong on the Gibson website. I think that it really the first "modern" version of the flying to be released in the 21st century.

does anyone know what these are selling for

a new guitar from a great player is always good news. wow awsome axe.i own a signature zakk wylde lespaul,usa, that is of course

the best ZAKK's guitar, after the Rebel, in my opinion

Thanks for tip off SDMFer. Article now fixed.

Thanks for the comments everyone.

that guitar freaken rocks

I ordered one of these and the waiting is killing me.

Zakk is an Insane master of the Gibson guitars...I saw his les paul and saw this V and I would trade my setup any day for his rig...

Oh and to those tone deaf mutha-f***ers who I see leaving those stupid coments, You lucky I don't know where you live...And you guys better damn sure you don't talk about Dimebag, 'cause I'll hunt you all down and go Doomsday Jesus on you all......

You're a tool. Fact.

His Rebel (Bottle top) Les Paul is still my fav.

bad ass axe zakk rules

What about that Gibson Zakk Wylde custom V/SG hybrid he played on the VH1 Rock Honors with Ozzy? When will that be available?

I love Zakk

i just want a Gibson V with a Floyd Rose. i don 't need to pay an extra 2 grand for a dumb bullseye paint job. any help finding this for a workin mans price?


A piece of shit guitar for a piece of shit guitarist, Ozzy sucks too..

Hey! Just imagine,knobs out of the way,6100 wire,F/R trem...all Mahogany,Old School. Like taking my 1943 Mustang out for a spin and listening to that Straight-12 Rolls Royce engine sing like Harleys in harmony. One last dive, with my finger on the switch, and you can mark my fuselage. This thing... doesn`t it Z?


HOLY SHIT!!!!! I saw Zakk using it live.Now i would trade every guitar I have for one of these.



its so nice you want to f*uck it right? amazing guitar

hey john it's not a gibson V/SG it's a Dean Muddy Bulls Eye customed for zakk

Zakk Rules

hi zakk

i wanna buy an Epi Goth V and fix it up like this! with EMGs and such.


I have a epi gothv with emgs and tons of other stuff and it sounds great in my opinion the only problem is there's no good place for the battery,so you have to wrap it in some insulation and stuff it down in the cavity with the knobs, plus the way the pickguard is on the guitar it's a bitch to change the battery other than that it's awesome Check mine out on YouTube put in gothv crazytrain zakkwylde style

A Gibson with a Floyd? How could they?

Alright haters go get fucked now, i've played lots of guitars and am lucky emough to own number 38 of the veezw series and 131 camo and 1068 bullseye custom zakk's these are GIBSON CUSTOM HAND BUILT GUITARS and so are fookin brilliant to both play and behold. I thank you Gibson for a pinnacle of guitar luthiership and humbly request a buzzsaw model that i my complete my collection of fully gigging LP'S


Ese Hombre es perfecto

zakk wylde is the best fucking guitarest in the hole world.

i won't your guitars so i can prove that i can get it and and prove that i can play them.

Put Sakk Mylde to rest. I wouldn't buy one of these guitar from Gibson or Epiphone for fear of getting scammed by the great scammer Sakk Mylde.

Jenna Jameson

What Fagotty Peice of Shit Mother Fucker Would Leave A Discousting Negative comment Of The Madman Guitarist, The Berserker, The Black Label Father Zakk Wylde If I found That Peice of shit I Would Break Every bone In His Body Cheers , A fellow society dwelling Motherfucker

xcj | 17.06.2007
A piece of shit guitar for a piece of shit guitarist, Ozzy sucks too..

This guy likes Culture Club

ZAkk your the best man!!!! You,BLS, and Ozzy are amazing this guitar is just amazing I wish I had one. Keep rockin till you drop!!

Oh and who ever says you suck can go suck a fat one!!! Screw you ZakkHater

Screw all the mother fuckers who say Zakk sucks I will kill you all I will hunt down your familys and rape them so just fuck off you fucking cock blocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys really need to seek professional help.....bunch of if Zakk or Ozzy, or even Les Paul cares a whit for your opinions.....

Grow up, forget all about that macho sh*t, and learn how to play guitar.! ! !

i bought an epiphone V not long ago and i cant seem to find another style that i like more - i could only imagine how amazing zakk's is. never been a big fan of zakk or ozzy, but they've all got talent coming out their ears. this is a pretty sweet guitar.

and well said, mellencamp. i couldnt think of a better way to say it, and can think of nothing to add.

sweet guitar. but i dont believe in spending that much money on a peice of wood with strings - handbuilt or not.

15 years too late that bulls eye shit is outdated. I would like to see gibson replica the REBEL. I look foward to gibson to do that because everyone seems to love it. plus they want your hard earned cash!!!!!!!!!!!

whoresome geeeetar man

does anyone know the starting sieral numbers for this batch of guitars cause a pawn shop around me has one with the vin numbers as ZAKK 106 and i have read they only made a hundred of them and it don't look bad there is some shit that is diffrent about it it looks like a well made copy he said he alredy turned down $500 for it

Zakk is fantastic his guitars are fantastic but the prices are bullshit
c'mon its just a gibson v with his name and a paint job

Zakk Wylde your THE guitarist

Shop Prices your my SHIT

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