1980s Gretsch Traveling Wilburys guitar

The Traveling Wilburys are number 1 on the charts after their Collection CD/DVD release. So I thought if anything, it was at least timely to show this Traveling Wilburys guitar I found on eBay made by Gretsch in 1988.

Gretsch Traveling Wilburys guitar

Gretsch created 3 different TW model guitars, each with different pickup and electronics set ups.

Gretsch mentions on their website that "While these are hoarded avidly by a few collectors, they bear little resemblance to any Gretsch models. In fact, they are more like Danelectros."

The owner of the guitar for auction says "Simple and fun one pickup one volume knob design. Electric Twangy type of near country sound one would expect for a Traveling Willbury. Telecaster-ish maybe. No Metalica here. Issues revolve action and short scale limitation ie translation, set it up and get it to play well and it will sound good for twang."

Gretsch Traveling Wilburys guitar

Gretsch Traveling Wilburys guitar

Gretsch Traveling Wilburys guitar

They also mention that some grunge kids graffitied the the back of the guitar with phrases such as:

1) Nirvana Rules!!

2) Grunge will live!!!

3) Enumclaw (a city near Seattle)

4) Eat McDonalds!!!

5) Loveline Rules (a late nite sex- relationship show hosted by Dr Drew)

6) Mike Hunt Has B$LLS!!! (a controversial late night public access guy who has nudity on his show in the Seattle area)

6) Rap Sucks!!

7) A Stick figure drawing with Band Geek Spiffy written under it!!

8) A Star drawing with rock star written under it!!! (a popular energy drink)

...Amongst others

Gretsch Traveling Wilburys guitar

Click here for auction page. It's now over, but didn't sell.

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i've got one also.

its a fun lil guit,great for slide we find, or strsigh on blues solos

have a different part of the design, i will send you pix if you send me yr e mail.

have case and is in mint cond mostly, bought it new,DAMARK cut out catalog, $79.00 and it is not for sale.they were made to sell at the concert t shirt booths originally [where they could get 2-400$ for em..] but it fell through or something, so grtsch dumped to discounters like damark.

i have seen vales between 150-600.00 on these over the lsat coupl years, they dont pop up as often lately. yours has grrafitt, still should sell ok .

I got my Traveling Wilbury's guitar as my first electric guitar on my 14th birthday(20 years ago). I don't play it much, something happened and it won't stay in tune, I take it out sometimes, just because I have it. I used to take it to my friends house to play guitar.

the guitar and why it has problems

My friend told me that i should change the tuning pegs in mine because it slipps and dosent tune well because of it.....so maybe that will help. :) i to own a TW guitar and wouldnt trade it for the world. i hope to collect as many of the designs as possiable so if you know anyone who wants to rid of theirs write me. sincerly kristen

traveling wilbury guitar

Hi Kristen,
I just discovered you on this Traveling Wilburys guitar webpage.
I have a TW guitar w/box that I would like to sell at a fair price.
Get back to me if interested.

traveling wilburys guitar

Was wondering if you still have your traveling wilburys guitar for sale.If so, how much? Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

Any other Wilbury guitar owners out there?, these are collectors items now, and I'd like to know how many of us fans have them, I'm not in charge of the site, but I'm just curious.

TW guitar

You can add me to the list of TW guitar owners. Please email me back if you know how many of us that have these guitars.

Traveling Wilbury Guitar

I have one of these guitar together with all the other memorabilia including the pot of jam!
I believe only 1000 were ever produced.

I am the proud owner of one!

I am the proud owner of one! :) i wish i had the box though. which design do you have?

i to have a t.w geetr.and really wonder just what i have .if it has authentic signings or production laminents.please advise

Does anyone know how much just the case is worth? The idiot movers taped the box & wrote storage on it! It is now ruined & I need to know how much to charge them. Thanks!


there are ways to "wash" it off safely! my mother knows alot about it. :) so what is it? pen, marker or?

Well I bought mine a few weeks ago buy now on the shore ;)
... it is a tw-500 with two single coils ... one neck ... and one bridge ... you cant adjust the height to the strings ... very bad ... and the strings are ringing when tuned to E ... so I tuned it up to G ... now it has a nice Banjoesque/Mandolin kind of sound ... ... It is a collectors Item for TW Fans but I do not really think it should be labeled Gretsch ... hmmm ... no not really ... its sort of danelectro silvertone ... and I like it that way ... anyway I wont sell it --- A G Tuned 3/4 Guitar is cool :)

an absolutely beautiful and sentimental piece of music history.

Mine never stayed in tune :( I changed the bridge on it and took off the whammy bar and it stays in tune a little better now. I never play it anymore though, so it is in mint condition except for the bridge. The one I have also has a different pattern...I have seen 3 patterns now. Unfortunately, I threw the cardboard (case) box out, it was an original in itself.

:) Designs

I myself have seen at least nine designs! i so badly want to collect so if you know anyone getting rid of theirs could you please write me :) sinc., Kristen

traveling wilbury's Guitar

Hi, I ran across your post. It was dated 2011. So I have no idea if this is still relevant to you or not. I have the Traveling Wilbury's tw-100 single coil model. In original box...mint condition as far as I can tell. It has difeerent graphics on the front than most I have seen. If you are still interested in them ,,,holler back...thanks

TW300 Guitar (Traveling Wiburys Limited Edition)

Hello Kristen-

I just saw your post.

My TW300 has been displayed in my home studio for 15 years or so.

I'm moving and considering selling it.

Are you still interested?

Wilburys guitar


I would be interested in your Wilburys Guitar (TW-300) if you still have it. If so, what condition is it in?



I have a TW300 among my collection.
It is a wee bit of nostalgia in the guitar world.
Not the greatest thing to play, but hey, who cares??

Ian 4.08.2008.

Hi. I have 5 TW's- A TW100T which has a smaller body tat the others, 2x TW300T, a TW500 and a TW200. Great place to start a guitar collection, cheap and there are plenty around. Haven't got the full set though as there is a left handed version as well.

I have a Tw100 model that works really well, different than the one pictured


Travelling wilburies left handed


Really keen to get my hands on a lefty. Can anyone help?

left handed traveling wilburys guitar

Was just wondering if you still have the left handed traveling wilburys guitar? If so, how much? Hope to hear from you soon.

hey i have a tw300 and i was just wondering how much there worth and if the signatures on them a real or just factory produced

get bak 2 me sumone


I own a TW-600 Gretsch. I've replaced the original pick-ups for Seymour Duncan STK-4. It's in a great shape, and sometimes use it. Watch the youtube channeel. Search for the band Hail Gewoon, and the the title Weldut mit mie. It's in Dutch. There you can see my TW-600 in action.

Gr Ger

I have a TW100 in mint conditon with box for sale if anyone is interested.

I've had thirteen of these and I am looking for number fourteen. I am looking for a TW 100. Ive come across a few lately but all were pretty dinged up.


Wilbury's Guitar

I have a TW 100 no case wammy bar. Very good shape, bearly used, Would sell. In NH phone 603-5820042

Hello Steve Parker,

Do you still have the TW 100?

Dan Rowe

where can i buy one and how much would it cost?? x jazz

I have one. It was in beautiful shape into some dork caught it on a door :( So now there is a thin crack in the side. A friend of mine told me not to worry about the damage, since it's likely an easy repair and probably won't effect the sound at all.

I don't know if it's worth repairing though...? I bought it as a collectors item and know nothing about guitars. I have a 300 model. Haven't seen the same design around anywhere. Were they all different?

If anyone is interested, let me know. Or if anyone knows how much repairing it might cost and the value of the guitar, that would be helpful as well!

I found a near mint condition tw100 at a garage sale. Considered pawning it. Anyone with an offer, (nothing below $200 US, sorry) call me (815) 762 2889. Ask for Craig

I have a TW Traveling Wilburs Guitar w/1 Humbucker pick-up, Whammy and it carries alot of Power! I am willing to sell at a price I see fitting. Its a true Collectors Gem!

Hi, I have a TW-100 and am interested in selling. This was my dads who had a large music collection. I would consider this to be in mint condition only needing a good cleaning. I can be contacted at badx2000@comcast.net Thanks Rick

I have a Traveling Wilburys guitar in the original box that I've never opened.

scotch taped to the outside of the box is a Traveling Wilburys cassette tape. With the boxed guitar inside the bigger shipping box is a rolled up Traveling Wilburys poster.

My parents got it for me when I was a little kid with the intention of giving to me for Christmas -- I got caught looking for presents before Christmas, so they witheld giving it to me and it remained stored safely out of reach for years (it was of little interest to me) until the other day, when I helped my parents move.

If anyone on here is especially interested in acquiring this, I'm willing to sell it. I still have not opened the box to see the actual guitar. Email me!


I have a mint TW-600 with the VG+ condition box for sale in MD/VA/DC/PA area. email offer to: anywherestudios-ATTT-gmail.com

I have a left handed TW300 in mint condition. No box. Anybody want it?




I'd be interested. Email me?

ihere is one on ebay now. tw100t. it has only 5 strings,tuners and saddles. anyone seen anything like this?

Have 1988 TW 100-T in the box with cord, tape, poster the complete set and never been played. Mint condition.If interested contact sargespam@yahoo.com

wilburys guitar

Got TW 100 Love it,play it admire it!

Lefty TW 300 for sale

Mint condition left handed TW 300. No scratches, dings, dents.

Make an offer. Will ship.



I am looking into collecting the guitars. Anyone willing to give or sell please write me. If sell offer a price. I have a beautiful TW 100 and i wish to aquire the box for it as well. I would like the guitars to be in or with the box but if that is not the case, fine. I'm looking for any and all types, colors and shapes this collection has to offer. I will also accept slightly damaged. If parts were replaced at any time during use of previous owner(s) I would like the pieces you replaced to come with it (if they are in working order.) You may contact me at Social_butterfly112@yahoo.com Thanks, Kristen

For Sale

I have one still in the box that I bought in the 80's. Never really played. Even still has the poster that came with it. The box is in pretty good condition considering it's 20 or so years old. Let me know if you would like me to send you some photos. Cheers

TW guitar

i have one but am not sure which one it is.it has the one double pu near the bridge and no whammy bar but there is the theaded hole for it.plays great and stays in tune.i really enjoy it.by the way george harrison is playing one in the "handle with care" video.

Traveling Wilbury Guitar

Is there someone who knows how many different picture there on the Traveling Wilbury guitar? I own 8 Wilbury`s. 8 different pictures.
with kind regards
Rob Jacobs

TW 300

I have an original TW 300 guitar in mint condition still in the original box which is in good condition.
I no longer play it but I might sell it if I got a good offer.

Northern Ireland

Wanted: Traveling Wilburys Guitar

Looking for a TW guitar. Live in Southern California.

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