The Miracle Guitar has perfectly aligned machine heads

The next time you tune up your electric guitar, what do you think the probability is that all six tuners will end up in a straight line precisely parallel to the headstock?

One chance in 34,012,224,000,000 according to Michael Fenemore, the man who claims his Fender Telecaster could be that one.

"I recently restrung this Fender Telecaster and did a complete setup including setting the intonation" Fenemore says on his website.

After approximately a month of playing, stretching the strings and retuning, he says the tuners on the Fender Highway One Telecaster finally came to rest perfectly aligned with the headstock.

The Miracle Guitar has perfectly aligned tuning keys

The Miracle Guitar in full

The Miracle Guitar's perfectly aligned machine heads could be bigger than Jesus on a taco.

"If you were to begin tuning guitars at the rate of one every 30 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it would take you well over 32 million years to reach 34,012,224,000,000. At some point in the process, the tuners might line up once."

Fenemore provides photo evidence using the Intellitouch guitar tuner from OnBoard Research Corporation. Some examples are provided below:

The Miracle Guitar Tuning B and D

The Miracle Guitar tuned in B and D

Fenemore says "I solemnly affirm — with God as my witness — that I did not make any alterations to the guitar that could have allowed me to predict or control the tuner arrangement."

The one and only Miracle Guitar is for sale at a price of $10,000USD.

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This is lovely, and for any slightly ODC guy out there, it would be heaven on earth. However, he has failed to mention one thing - it also can depend on how long the guitar string is, before you put it on the guitar, this will change the position of the machine heads and you could cut your odds down.


String length is irrelevant to calculating the odds. You can see how the calculation was made at

All you have to do is adjust the bridge.


Let's see you do it. :-)

You want how much for that out of tune unintonated Tele? Are plum crazy. In the 40 years I've been tuning guitars it's happened a few times but I didn't make a big how to do out of it. Shit happens!

I've had my machine heads perfectly aliened on my Steel Sting "Belmont"
I didn't go posting it all over the net, I just showed off to my family! !

P.S I've only been a guitarist for 4 years.

Who cares if they line up or not... Just play your f****** guitar.

One time I had five lined up.

i've had my tuners close to perfectly in line before too, only i guess its easier for me, im a bassist

You want to hear something amazing? All the keys on my Roland digital piano are perfectly aligned as well - holy crap - and there are like 88 of them! I'm currently putting together a site for it, called My piano is up for sale - $750,000 US !!

You have to be kidding me, man you have to much time on your hands.

The tuners of my Air Guitar line up every time and is always in tune. My Air Guitar is up for sale at the bargain price of $9500 which surely is the miracle of guitar miracles.

Why is this a miracle? Is this what god has set aside time for? He made his presence known on Earth by tuning this schmucks guitar with the tuning keys lined up? I can see it now. "Hey, all you angels, gather around and look at what I've done for the world. Oh, all those starving, oppressed and sick people, they can wait. Look at this guitar!" If someone buys it, they deserve what they get. Wheres my tortilla shell with jesus on it when I need it.

This is a load of bollocks. Its happened to me before and the chances would mean that I should of won the lottery a few times over

Man, calm the f&#k down people ! This just happened, this guy found it fun and out of the ordinary and had fun posting it. I for one found it amusing. If you don't, just move on. What's with all the anger and insults ?

A late April Fool's joke, no doubt,

I have schaller locking tuners and I've gotten them to line up perfectly about three times in the past year without effort. Think I could squeeze $5000 out of my guitar at auction?

Look it's kinda unique and thanks for sharing but 10grand for a Tele? There must be $9500 worth of something where I can't see it.Fenders suck!What's with these validation codes are they trying to keep Stevie wonder from commenting? Who can't see them? Anybody?


Damn! My tuners look exactly the same EXCEPT one.... maybe two... are facing the wrong side down. What are the odds of THAT?!? Anyway.. an open D tuning song ruined it all for me. Now I can't stand to look at my guitar. My life ruined.

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