The Gibson Dark Fire Guitar has arrived

Gibson has released detailed information and pictures of its new Dark Fire guitar, billed as a "Marriage between Chameleon Tone Technology and Second-Generation Robot Guitar Technology". The Gibson Dark Fire gives you a number of tonal possibilities to let you change the tone of the Dark Fire to match your environment. And it begins with a guitar's most basic element — the pickups. The Gibson Dark Fire combines two of Gibson's most popular pickups — the P90h in the neck position and a Burstbucker 3 in the bridge position. Both are capped with new carbon fiber-like pickup covers, impeccably designed to match the Dark Fire's advanced fade.

Gibson Dark Fire Guitar

Each of the Gibson Dark Fire Limited Edition First Run guitars features a dramatic Dark Fire nitrocellulose finish created especially for this exclusive run. It is one of the most striking finishes ever to leave a Gibson factory and is achieved by combining the time-tested techniques of applying a standard nitro finish with several new procedures that help bring out the natural beauty of the wood. The result is a stunning, deep gloss color that naturally highlights each piece of wood's distinctive grain patterns. The mahogany back and neck of the Dark Fire are given a satin finish, while the top and peghead face are sprayed with a gloss finish.

Gibson Dark Fire Guitar

Other exclusive design elements limited to the Dark Fire are a distinct nut made from a special Teflon-based material that allows for smoother and faster tuning action, a truss rod cover made from anodized aluminum, black top hat volume and tone knobs with chrome inserts, and a super fast and comfortable compound radius neck with Gibson's PerfectSetupª, which is made possible by the revolutionary computer-controlled PLEK system, acknowledged as the most precise guitar set-up technology in the industry.

Gibson Dark Fire Guitar

The original Robot Guitar took the guitar world by storm when it was first introduced in December '07, but the new Dark Fire from Gibson is simply the most advanced guitar system ever developed. In fact, many of the technological advances on the Dark Fire were virtually inconceivable just a few years ago. The new Dark Fire is a virtual upgrade in every respect. The powerhead tuners, the tuning brain, the battery functions, and even the unprecedented sonic capabilities of a fully digital guitar and Chameleon Tone Technology. Imagine the ability to change your guitar's tone to better match your environment. Everything is here to give you a new, stunning level of tonal and functional freedom that allows you the uninhibited release of your creative potential.

Gibson is also running a competition where you could win a Dark Fire and a Trip for 2 to New York City visit here for more details.

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I guess this is Gibson's answer (or reply) to my new Taylor solid body electric.

Give it a Bigsby tremolo and its good to go

this is the most impressive guitar i ever seen!!!!. the details are awesome. the optical characteristic is amazing. it´s a masterpiece. the desinger did a very good job!!! greetings from germany

Any idea as to list/street price?

Gibson Dark Fire has a songwriting contest going on.. check out the song I wrote and video I did at:

I reckon the price will be around the 3,999 mark.

Please! This is the first run of like 200 or something. I wouldn't be surprised to seem them price this thing in Moog guitar territory... But it sure is prettier than those ghastly Moog guitars :D

I wonder if you can get a strat sound out of it?

this is a gorgeous guitar...really is congradulations to Gibson they really hit it big this time...i just hope it sounds as good as the specs sound, and the guitar looks...cheers from Canada

if you gote inofe money... buy ti...

i know its got awesome electronics but just look at it fucking awesome finish on it

Oh I wish I had the money to buy this. The guitar is so gorgeous!

woooooooow the best guitar i ever seen

Does anyone know if you are allowed to preform the song with a band for the Gibson Contest? This guitar is so worried though.....HAVE YOU SEEN SOME OF THOSE ENTRIES! Why can't Gibson lower the price a little so people can actually afford this without selling their house!

Got my hands on one at Jammin John's Music. The robot tuning function is super fast. It sounds sweet too.

it also has piezo pickups for acoustic sound too pricey though

You can create a cool rock video ecard with the Dark Fire here:

This looks incredible! I was never a fan of the original robot guitar, but this looks to be a beautiful new instrument. Too bad it will most likely cost a ridiculous amount of money, well out of the range of hobbyists, or even serious but not professional guitarists. :(

Carbon Fiber seriously? This guitar is tacky. Give me a classic LP for cheaper any day.

the best guitar ever

For me buying 4-5 different guitars to have different sounds and tunings is costly why not buy this since I love Gibson and just have a backup to my Gibson Dark Fire in case it breaks.

NO! a real guitarist dossent need that. this is a REAL nice guitar and it would just destroy the look!

Really neat looking guitar. I've been playing Gibsons since 1956 when I got my Byrdland. I also play a J-200jr. But this Darkfire is so inovative I can't believe the tones you can get out of it. I played it at a local guitar shop and it is totaly awesome.

amazing,finish,Carbon Fiber!!,the neck the body,everything about this guitar is just fantastic,insted of 3-5 guitars only need one,im saving up boys!!!!

I wonna her this darned thing played ..Why dont gibson give us a listen in. Sacriledge!

it's gonna cost to much, gibson needs to lower their prices

this is the best guitar you can play......its inimaginable the sound and how fast it sould realy buy one

i can not wait to get my hands and this master piece of a guitar.

a f**king nice guitar!!!

I love this guitar!
I want this guitar!
I need this guitar!
I am going to get this guitar!

i bet i love it more?

Doubt it?

i have this guitar!

Who cares about you?

I do, and thats all that matters!

go to youtube and you can here the dark fire be played!

dude its about as cheap as its ever going to get!

Chris! your gay this guitar rocks hard, dont get me wrong i LP is great but this guitar is better?

Jordan! its not that expensive, dang it under 4,000 dollars wat more do u want from them

This is one hot wet juicy kunt of a geetar.

Everyone buy this guitar. i got it and it is the best guitar EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wanna know the price...

Sweet Jesus...

In the future, the electric guitars gonna be self-played, outing all the grace to play and to tune the instrument, all the organization and the revelation of to training your ears for the truly music world.

Hi, I was very very impressed with the Limited Edition First Run Dark Fire and I was wondering if the Dark Fire is made for the left handed guitarist?

I NEED THIS FREAKIN GUITAR!!!!!!!! I Have never seen anything soooo gorgeous, its a masterpiece...........................but seriously, i will get that guitar if its the last thing i do <.<

where can i buy this guitar? please say me

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