Vox reveals Virage guitars

I want Vox's new Virage guitar. I haven't touched it, but there's something that calls me to it. We've all been there. The Virage is doing it to me right now.

Vox Virage

What does Vox have to say about the two models announced:


"Advancing the art of the semi-hollow, the Virage Double Cutaway delivers seriously rich tone with a unique three-dimensional ergonomic design for perfect balance and ultimate playability. This new distinctive design features solid wood semi-hollow lightweight construction that lets you perform with ease without sacrificing the tone you need."

"Infuse this innovative comfort and ease-of-play with our passive hum-free Three–90™ pickup system, and what you’ve got is an instrument that far surpasses any semi-hollow currently on stage. Manufactured in the USA by DiMarzio, this exclusive pickup system is the first-ever to offer a versatile range of distinct tones – clean, crunch, and lead – in each pickup. It’s almost like having a single coil, a P90 and a humbucking pickup all in one."

"The exquisitely crafted Double Cutaway also features a hand carved neck joint for unfettered access to the upper frets."


"Now introducing a single cutaway that redefines the current standard. Featuring the same solid wood, fully carved contoured body construction as the DC, the new Virage Single Cutaway is the superior choice for immediate comfort, immaculate balance and awesome playing ease.

The unique integral tone bar construction – same as that found in the DC – lets you capture the warm, singing sustain and richness of a semi-hollow while unleashing the focused attack and articulation of a solid body – just the massive sonic palette a player needs to innovate his or her own signature sound. The Virage Semi-Hollow Single Cutaway also features the exclusive passive Three–90™ pickup system and a hand carved neck joint for superior upper fret access.

All models feature master craftsmanship, the finest hand–selected woods, beautiful finishes and custom pearl inlays on the fingerboard and headstock and are extremely feedback resistant whether played through a small combo amp or full stack."


Deep Cherry – Honduran mahogany body

Ash Blonde – Ash body

Vintage Sunburst – Ash top, mahogany back

Jet Black – Available in Honduran mahogany, ash and ash top with mahogany back


- Neck Material : Mahogany, set neck

- Neck Joint: Custom set–in joint with inverse heel for greater access to the upper - frets

- Body Material : Solid carved mahogany, ash or ash top with mahogany back, depending on finish.

- Fingerboard : Bound rosewood

- Inlay : Mother of Pearl

- Finish : Acrylic lacquer

- Nut : Bone

- Scale : 638mm

- Fingerboard Radius : 300mm

- Nut Width : 43mm

- 1st Fret Thickness : 21mm

- 12th Fret Thickness : 23mm

- Number of Frets : 22

- Fret wire : Medium Jumbo

- Pickups : 2 x American–made VOX DiMarzio Three–90™ triple coils

- Pickup Selector : 3–way toggle

- Pickup Mode Switch : 2x 3–position to select Clean, Crunch, and Lead modes for each pickup.

- Controls : Master volume and mastertone controls.

- Hardware : Custom VOX Full Contact™ aluminum bridge with easy stringing access and wide intonation range. VOX Super Smooth custom tuners with custom contoured metal.

Check out the VOX TX300 Neodymium Valvetronix Pro Amp

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They look absolutely fantastic..I agree they call to you...me want NOW!!

These guitars look cool, Iv'e been told they will be around the £2,000.00 mark, so quite exspensive. (high end)
Time will tell if there worth that..........!!

I was drawn to them the same way. I was thinking first about a new Taylor electric, but then everything about these beauties sounded right, from the design details to the pup technology. So.... I bid on one on eBay that as a promotion for a charity organization. I won. Mine will cost $1500. A great deal I feel. No one met the reserve the first time, so when it was reposted, I went right to $1500, with a top of $1700 if needed. I guess it scared everyone off because they all just stopped bidding.
The street price at Sweetwater is $2500, with MSRP at $3200 for the SC and $3300 fr the DC. They won't be released to anyone until End of April, early May. Can't wait!

Ive played both the DC and SC at NAMM and they're awesome. The unique contoured body and size is very balanced and comfortable, they sound and look fantastic, and the feel/playability is amazing. The Three-90 pickups give you a variety of tones that can deliver for any genre of music. I was pleasantly surprised about these guitars, after being a bit skeptic. The DC will probably be my next semi-hollow!

thanks for the reassurance slinger. I played a new Taylor solid body electric last week. it was ok and sounded good through a fender deville 212, but I'm hoping the new vox will be better than just ok. I have 14, very nice, guitars so it takes more than just "ok" to impress me. I like the DC too, but the auction was only for the SC. I asked for the black version. the auction was for red. How was the neck and electronics in person?

OK..... IT"S HERE!
I just received my Vox Virage. Black double cut. Let me start by saying that it's everything Vox said it would be. Unique in many ways. First looks. IT'S BEAUTIFUL! all the hardware is very cool, even down to the "S" shaped tuners. Yep... S shaped. Your thumb and forefinger fit perfectlly to adjust. Actually, fits so well, that I felt I had even etter fine motor control of the head. Jut the way it fits gives excellent leverage for fine adjustments. Never heard abbout this and didn't expect it. The plastic covers for the three blade pups, that some people didn't like, look extremely cool, and match the volume and tone knobs. Very different look. The bridge is also a real looker, very different and extremely clean. The craftsmanship is excellent. No flaws of any kind. Excellent inlay and fret work. Solid wood throughout as promissed. Inside of body is very clean, without the normal bracing structures. The guitar is extremely comfortable and light as hell. It fits right into your mid section/rib area and feels very natural. Puts your picking arm and hand a really good angle.
The action came adjusted just where I like it, right from the factory. I appreciate that. The Dimarzio 3 way pups sound great. With the pup switch and two tone changing switches you have an amazing combination of voicings, with out adding any pedals. Can't wait to start playing this bad boy through some of my pedals. No mud on any setting, and I tried them all. The tone is excellent, with exceptionally nice sustain. All tone settings are sooooo clear. Now one thing I didn't expect.... the tone switches both work in combination to change the sound, regardless of where you have the pup selector set. I expected that each pup would be effected in some way by one switch or the other, not all pups effected by both switches. Can't wait to here my Octafuzz, Tue creamer, OCD, POG, etc, with this baby.
Well, that's all for now. Need to get back to my new friend.

I have my SC ash blonde on reserve at Sweetwater. I can't wait. Let me know how you're enjoying your new guitar.

I bought a vox virage last year an must say this guitar is great, well balanced and sounds great too. I gave $1822.33 with tax and am going to purchase another virage in which the vox amp will come with it all for $2000.00.

I hear the new virage that is coming out in 2010 has cheaper pick ups but I am buying the first virages.

I've got one of the first Virages in the U.S. through a special promotion back when they first came out. I really like it a lot. Very light and very versatile.

I must say though, if I had my pick, I'd rather had my 1963 ES 335 that I stupidly sold along with my Princeton Reverb amp. Stupid Stupid Stupid. Oh well, that was 40 years ago and the Virage is pretty cool.

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