50 Ugliest Guitars of 2007: 29 - 10

If you've got this far without feeling a tingle or two on your spine, you're braver than most. Take a look at these and see if you can stomach anymore...

29 - A Picasso this is not Submitted by: GLW

28 - Star Spangled Springsteen Submitted by: GLW

27 - Put this one in the general crap section Submitted by: Michael

26 - Take these broken wings Submitted by: Michael

25 - Dog Poo Skull Submitted by: GLW

24 - Are you fur real? Submitted by: 1BassLeft

23 - Double trouble: Yes, this guitar can detach and become a bass or guitar" Submitted by: 1BassLeft

22 - With the price of oil, this ones a bargain" Submitted by: GLW

21 - WTF? Submitted by: Lee

20 - Let it be Submitted by: 1BassLeft

19 - I don't need to tell you five reasons why this guitar sucks Submitted by: lee_UK

18 - You try thinking of a name for this crap Submitted by: GLW

17 - More knobs in Cali than anywhere else Submitted by: Tim

16 - Leo the wallet tamer Submitted by: Tim

15 Spinnerman has boobs Submitted by: GLW

14 - Do not feed the wildlife Submitted by: GLW

13 - Shoot me now Submitted by: 1BassLeft

12 - Pull my trigger Submitted by: ZombyWoof

11 - High Rolla Submitted by: GLW

10 - Confederate 80s Submitted by: GLW

Now what you've been waiting for. Take a look at 50 Ugliest Guitars of 2007 - Guitar Horrors 9 - 1.

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cool ken.

thiesa are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#12, set on automatic, play one chord, it does the rest.

Okay, a number of these are indeed hideous, but about half of them have some merit, and frankly a dozen or so I'd appreciate owning. A few I would kill for, but hey, that's just moi.

Poor Guitar Why does this beautiful instrument take such abuse - guitar smashing, sound distortion, design distortion as we have seen when all it should be is a flowing double curved body and neck with six strings attached.

This is what happens when you combine a Nebraska high school dropout with a false sense of artistic talent and then multiply by crystal meth.

OOOOOOOOOUUUUCCCCHHH!!! These are just plain awful, no artistic merit on these things whatsoever, please burn them all!!! Please with sugar on top...

#18 - X marks the crap!


did alice coopers bass player play no. 13 in the 1980s? it shot flames out-really...it may have been kip winger...?? dont worry ugly guitar folks-ive done some bad things in my life too- drilled holes to install casters on a rare marshall amp 20 years ago...gag.,.. google greenburst gibson les paul...that would make willie nelson shave. some far-off life form will dig up these guitars some day and use them to study why we all deserved to die off..........bow before them....lick their pick ups behold!

credo que feiaS.....RSRSRSRSRS.....

The qualifications for visual appeal of these instruments is as varied as the players themselves.

Why pass judgment on the tools of such a subjectively expressive profession?

I say that each is beautiful in its own right...and to the builders, keep up the work.

Though these pieces may have been placed in one of the many annals of harsh and unfounded ridicule, their unique attributes will continue to pass influence upon future generations of artists.

some of them are cool i would own sone of them if i could like the ones shaped like a gun

The See through Explorers

The See through Explorers are badass!

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