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Interview with Judas Priest guitarists K. K. Downing and Glenn Tipton

Judas Priest have accomplished just about everything that a metal band could hope for during their career. However, one missing addition to their resume was ‘the concept album.’ With the recent release of their double disc set, Nostradamus, Priest has now gone where few metal bands dare to go. A double disc album, the set tells the true-life story of Nostradamus, a 16th century physician and astrologer, who is also believed to have been a prophet – having supposedly predicted such subsequent historical events as the Great Fire of London, the rise of Napoleon I and Adolf Hitler, and most recently, 9/11.

7 reasons to know Vic Flick (and then read his biography)

by Kaiser Nelson As if being responsible for the famous James Bond theme twang wasn't enough, here's seven other reasons to know Vic Flick and then read his biography.         

‘100 Greatest Metal Guitarists’ Book Review and Author Interview

Respected UK music journalist Joel McIver certainly had his work cut out for him when he decided to assemble his brand new book, ‘100 Greatest Metal Guitarists.’ As stated in his intro in the book, McIver makes it clear that this is not going to be your average listing – there will be no Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, nor Angus Young, because according to the author, these players were not pure metal players. Although this point can be argued (especially since McIver does include players like Fast Eddie Clarke, Rudolf Schenker, and Tony Iommi on the list - all of which have incorporated non-metal styles into their playing), the list that McIver comes up with is an interesting one. And it becomes clear from right off the bat that McIver has put a lot of research into this – and countless late nights analyzing shred-heavy solos.

Ugliest Guitars of 2008

Halloween might equal Sarah Palin masks and rowdy kids for most people this year, but for us at GuitarSite it's a chance to celebrate those less fortunate. And by those less fortunate, I mean guitars less fortunate. That's right it's time to count down the The World's Ugliest Guitars, Part IV. It's going to be messy.

Greg Prato's 1st books tells tale of Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon

One of the most tragic stories of the 1990’s rock world was that of singer Shannon Hoon, and his band, Blind Melon. Despite scoring one of the decade’s most enduring singles and videos, “No Rain,” and a quadruple platinum hit with their 1992 self-titled debut album (in addition to touring alongside rock’s biggest names), Hoon could not overcome a dangerous drug addiction. Only two records into a promising career, Hoon was dead from an overdose at the age of 28. ‘A Devil on One Shoulder and an Angel on the Other’ is the first book to tell the group’s story – culled from over 50 exclusive interviews, and featuring many never-before-seen photos.

Interview with Flipper guitarist Ted Falconi

One of the most underrated punk guitarists is undoubtedly Flipper’s Ted Falconi.

Interview with Uriah Heep guitarist Mick Box

British classic rock vets Uriah Heep recently issued their first studio album in almost ten years – and 21st studio album overall – titled ‘Wake the Sleeper’ (on Sanctuary Records/Universal Music). Recorded last year, the album was produced by Mike Paxman (Status Quo), and has thus far received rave reviews, as it was selected as ‘Album of the Month’ by Classic Rock Magazine (in their June issue), where it earned an 8/10 rating, and was called, “A momentous return to form.” Founding guitarist Mick Box recently took the time out to discuss the album, as well as Uriah Heep’s future plans.

Ax Facts and Stats: Tantric guitarist Joe Pessia

Welcome to AFS vol.59 with Tantric guitarist Joe Pessia.

Ax Facts and Stats: Candlebox guitarist Peter Klett

Welcome to AFS vol.58 with Candlebox guitarist Peter Klett.

Interview with guitarist Tim Koukos

In addition to being one half of the guitar tandem in Red Right Hand, Tim Koukos is also the head of Screaming Ferret Wreckords and the owner of Screaming Ferret Recording Studios. In other words, Tim is one busy man. But he has also found the time to issue his own solo album, 'And the Snow is Too Dumb to Melt,' a quirky set of guitar-heavy tunes that pays tribute to his sleepy hometown of Hillsboro, New Hampshire. Or, as the man himself describes the album, “An instrumental depiction of day-to-day life in small town New Hampshire USA, by one not so sound individual.” Mr. Koukos recently took the time to explain his solo album, as well as his other projects.

Interview with guitarist Clintone

With the release of his debut full-length, 'Full Circle,' guitarist Clintone is single- handedly attempting to bring back all-instrumental guitar rock, that harkens back to the heady days of 'Surfing with the Alien' and 'Passion and Warfare.' The man who goes by a single name recently discussed his playing, his new release, and future plans.

Interview with King's X guitarist Ty Tabor

It’s been long agreed throughout the hard rock community that one of the most underrated bands of all time is King’s X. Mixing elements of heavy metal, prog, funk, and Beatles-like psychedelia, the group – which includes singer/bassist Doug Pinnick, singer/guitarist Ty Tabor, and singer/drummer Jerry Gaskill - has built a large cult following on the strength of such classic releases as 1989’s ‘Gretchen Goes to Nebraska,’ 1990’s ‘Faith Hope Love,’ and 1994’s ‘Dogman,’ among others. And the trio continues to go strong to this day, as they’ve recently released another winner via SPV Records, ‘XV.’ Tabor recently took time out to discuss the group’s latest triumph, and how his guitar fits into the grand scheme of King’s X.

Ax facts and Stats: Shinedown guitarist Zach Myers

It's no big surprise to our regular Extreme Guitar readers that Shinedown has been one of my personal favorites for a while now. You just don't get full speed ahead rock like the rock Shinedown delivers! With an all new line-up that includes Zach and former Silvertide guitarist Nick Perri on guitar, Eric Bass on Bass, Barry Kerch on drums and Brent Smith singing. Shinedown still delivers that same trademark rock with the release of their "The Sound of Madness" due in stores June 24th 2008 featuring "Devour", "Cry for Help" & tons of other great stuff. Now let's get on with our latest installment of Extreme Guitars' Ax Facts & Stats with Zach Myers.

Ax facts and Stats: Haste The Day's Jason Barnes

With the release of their Pressure The Hinges in March 2007, Hard rocking Solid State recording band Haste The Day has skyrocketed on the charts and equally into the touring limelight. The band has been hard at work touring in support of the new album. Perhaps you have already caught the band co-headlining with autumn to Ashes, hitting the stage at the weekend long Bamboozle Festival or tearing across the country as part of the 2007 Vans Warped tour line-up. I am personally a big fan of the solid tracks Pressure The Hinges offers… strong melodies admittedly influenced by bands like AC/DC, Def Leppard. “We wanted to write songs that were based on straight ahead rock and roll but still heavy” explains guitarist Jason Barnes. The band hails from Indianapolis Indiana and the five-some includes Stephan Keech on the mic, Michael Murphy on Bass and backing vocals, Devin Chaulk on drums, Brennan Chaulk on Rhythm Guitar and backing vocals and our new best friend and focus of this edition of Ax Facts & Stats, Lead Guitarist Jason Barnes.

Ax facts and Stats : National Product’s Stan Moniz

Welcome to AFS vol.54 with National Product guitarist Stan Moniz. National Product's debut release, Luna, out now on R&M Artist Records features their first single entitled "By All Means" which is already getting heavy airplay at Alternative Radio across the country. National Product was named one of the ’TOP 100 BANDS TO WATCH IN 2008’ in the upcoming April ’08 Alternative Press Magazine.

Ax facts and Stats : 3 Doors Down's Matt Roberts

Welcome the second installment of our Extreme Guitars' Ax Facts and Stats series with 3 Doors Down band members; This one featuring guitarist Matt Roberts. The band is currently touring heavily in support of their soon to be released self-titled album due for release May 2008 featuring “It’s Not My Time”.

The London Axe Murders: 50 Ugliest Guitars of 2007

By: Michael Meloni, Stacey Gurney and the GuitarSite.com Forum. Police today unearthed the bodies of fifty guitars buried under a vacant flat in East London. Sources close to police suggest the guitars were victims of homemade relic jobs gone bad, but an official statement from authorities is yet to be made.

50 Ugliest Guitars of 2007: 9 - 1

The big mother of them all. You don't want to mess with 9 - 10. Please, only seasoned guitarists look at these! They're not for the feint of heart.

50 Ugliest Guitars of 2007: 29 - 10

If you've got this far without feeling a tingle or two on your spine, you're braver than most. Take a look at these and see if you can stomach anymore...

50 Ugliest Guitars of 2007: 50 - 30

Halloween is now upon us, so why waste any time. Lets kick off our annual Halloween Ugliest Guitar Countdown. Trick or treat, you be the judge! Here's guitars 50 - 30.

Profile: Ovation

The year was 1966. Guitars had already been around for some time. People expected them to be more or less of a certain type and design. There weren't any real radical innovations in the manufacture of the guitar. And then came along a company by the name of Ovation. They weren't going to just make another guitar. They were going to come out with something completely different. So in 1966, when they broke out into the scene, they came out with their very unique round back guitar, thanks to a guy by the name of Charlie Kaman. The pro musicians of the time absolutely loved the guitar. The guitar purists were not quite as enthused. They just didn't get it.

The Top 10 Gibson Metal Guitar Solos of All Time - Part Two

By Chris Gill Part Two: The '90s and the '00s The definition of metal changed significantly during the ’90s as bands adopted a harder, faster, meaner, and some would say downright evil sound that made the “classic rock” and glam-inspired “hair metal” groups that dominated the previous two decades seem positively quaint. At the same time, grunge, DIY alternative rock, and rap-infused nü metal caused the guitar solo to all but disappear from the airwaves. But just as it seemed as if guitar solos were beginning their death rattle, a steady stream of metal bands defiantly rose up to keep tradition alive in the underground. Today, the guitar solo is making a screeching, squealing comeback thanks to groups like Trivium, Mastodon, Dragonforce, Shadows Fall, and Avenged Sevenfold, who are introducing shred to a new generation of players.

The Top 10 Gibson Metal Guitar Solos of All Time

By Chris Gill Part One: The '70s and '80s The definition of metal changes every decade as musicians continually push the genre to new extremes. But several elements have remained consistent throughout the years: distorted guitar, heavy riffs, and lightning-fast solos. Some of the greatest guitar solos ever recorded can be found on metal classics from the '70s and '80s, and many of those solos were recorded using Gibson guitars.

We can't shape the music: An Interview with music journalist, Joe Matera

by Michael Meloni Few of us have the privilege to talk music one on one with Steve Vai, Slash or Lemmy. But for Joe Matera, rock journalist and guitarist, the opportunity has allowed him unrestricted insight into the minds and songs of rock’s biggest names.

An interview with Darryl Worley

Here is an interview with Country Superstar, Darryl Worley. 1. What is new with Darryl Worley? (Current projects)

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