Ugliest Guitars of 2008

Halloween might equal Sarah Palin masks and rowdy kids for most people this year, but for us at GuitarSite it's a chance to celebrate those less fortunate. And by those less fortunate, I mean guitars less fortunate. That's right it's time to count down the The World's Ugliest Guitars, Part IV. It's going to be messy.

Update: Ugliest Guitars of 2010 are here!

25 Submitted by: GLW

24 Submitted by: GLW

23 Submitted by: GLW

22 Submitted by: myfoot

21 Submitted by: Tim

20 Submitted by: GLW

19 Submitted by: GLW

18 Submitted by: GLW

17 Submitted by: GLW

16 Submitted by: myfoot

15 Submitted by: myfoot

14 Submitted by: GLW

13 Submitted by: myfoot

12 Submitted by: GLW

11 Submitted by: GLW

10 Submitted by: myfoot

9 Submitted by: myfoot

8 Submitted by: GLW

7 Submitted by: GLW

6 Submitted by: myfoot

5 Submitted by: Michael

4 Submitted by: GLW

3 Submitted by: GLW

2 Submitted by: GLW

Its the guitar thats ugly here, not the 'man on it.' Click here to see a well crafted one.

1 Submitted by: GLW

There's good tributes and there's bad tributes, but this is something else. I mean c'mon, it's got G W in a top hat on it.

Thanks to everyone from the GuitarSite forum for taking part in this years Ugliest Guitars.

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I totally love the Pigs dressed as Cowboys one.

Great competition, but i think the Jesus guitar takes the biscuit.

I got one in there! Whoop! although without the 'guitar bits' she wouldn't be so ugly...

I want to know what was going through the mind of who ever made, or played the guitar with the bulging eyes???

I thought the one with the eyes (number 16) was wicked cool. I would own that one, also number 22 with the demon head.

Cosettacci !

Me thinks it's all in the eye of the beholder.

...having said that - some serious chuckles here :-)

Best to all

I think the guy playing the "Mermaid" should pick a little closer to the bridge....

Can you name the 5 people that appear on Number 25 ?

Bottom L - R Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton & Willie Nelson
Top L - looks like Roy Orbison. Top R not sure.


The image on the top R looks like it might be John Denver.

YIKES !! Tough choices but I think I gotta go with #7, the 'Bedpan Banjo'

I think I've seen worse than what made the number 1 spot, but that was a good contest nonetheless. On the subject of #1, I couldn't hemp but notice.... "Mourning for the dead in the 9/11 accident." I'm pretty sure 9/11 was an attack, not an accident. Just saying. :/ Mourning for them anyway I suppose.

I aint gonna lie to you but seeing what people do to electric guitars made me wanna go to the corner and just die

how do they actually make these guitars?? they are all awesome!!

ummmm..... yeah... alot of wasted time & wood

damn they're actually ugly ass hell!!...the only one i like was the toilet seat one, its bad ass..lolXD!!

Wow there are a lot of ugly guitars in there. Seriously, the one guitar that is a life size woman? wow....

Lols! I remember when I was attending a Rehab and Drug Addiction seminar and a colleague wa bragging about his awkward looking guitar that should definitely be in this photos as well ^_^


I think guitar nr 16 and 20 are really cool,guitar number 16 would work really well in a death metal band band :D

Man, those are some UGLY guitars! Glad mine doesn't look anything like them.

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