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Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

Prevent cracks and warps, keep your beloved guitar within optimum humidity with an acoustic guitar humidifier like one of these.

NAMM 2012: TC Electronic Introduces The Smaller PolyTune Mini

The idea of being able to tune all your strings at once is a good one - and now it takes up less room on your pedalboard.

Electric Guitar Case Comparison

This is a comparison of the different types of electric guitar cases along with actual products to help you decide how to keep your axe safe and portable.

iRig Stomp

IK Multimedia has unveiled the iRig Stomp for NAMM 2012 - a stompbox interface that allows for easy integration of iOS signal processing into your live pedalboard setup.

Creamery "Classic '71" Humbucker

The Creamery unveils its newest handwound pickup for 2012, the Creamery "Classic '71" Wide Range Humbucker.

New Overton Bass Gear at NAMM 2012

Overtōn is showcasing three new pieces of bass gear at the coming NAMM 2012 in their display booth: Hall D #3394.

Best Guitar Stand Guide

This guide will show you some insights on the most popular and highly rated stands, to help you decide which is the best guitar stand to buy.

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

To help you eliminate guesswork and reduce expenses on trial and error, we have gathered a comprehensive list of the Best Acoustic Guitar Strings.

Plectrum – Which one to Pick?

Here is a mixture of popular picks and obscure but interesting ones that will help you decide on which plectrum to pick.

Guitar Rack Roundup

It's time to clear up your guitar clutter, we have rustled up some of the best guitar rack stands for your storage and display needs.

AC01 Guitar Capo from Rotosound

Rotosound have launched their new spring loaded, magnesium alloy AC01 Guitar Capo, designed for one hand easy operation.

ATC10 Guitar Tuner and Chord Finder from Rotosound

ATC10 Guitar Tuner and Chord Finder is Rotosound's latest guitar accessory, it bears the functionality of both a clip-on tuner and a guitar chord finder.

Best Guitar Capo

Here is a handy guitar capo guide for anyone who is looking to buy one.

The Grateful Dead Pick Tins from Dunlop

Dunlop Manufacturing Inc. has teamed up with Grateful Dead Productions and Rhino Entertainment to create pick tins that feature Grateful Dead artwork.

GuitarJack Model 2 by Sonoma Wire Works

Sonoma Wire Works introduces the new GuitarJack Model 2, a new multi featured iOS audio interface specifically designed for guitars.

Give a D'Addario and Planet Waves Holiday Bundle

D'Addario and Planet Waves have bundled some of their products, a great gift idea for guitarists this coming holiday season.

New Custom Handwound Pickups from The Creamery

The Creamery has announced the availability of new custom handwound pickups where you can customize the materials and build to your preferred specs.

New Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Cash Guitar Picks from Dunlop

Dunlop has released two new ranges of picks and pick tins featuring Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Cash.

Diago Micropower9 pedalboard power supply

Diago unveils the Micropower9, their new small size, low noise pedal board power supply that can support up to six pedals.

Darkzone Guitar Strings from Rotosound

Rotosound introduces the new Darkzone Guitar strings, a high output nickel plated drop tuning set with heavy bottom E and A strings.

Rock Lock Protects Your Guitar from Theft - Now Available Online

I don't know if this has ever happened to you or not, but it certainly happened to my band more than once.

Get 76 Pickup Tones for your guitar with the T4-Board Pickup Tone Multiplier

The Pickup Tone Multiplier T4-Board switching system lets you "Hyper-Mod" your 4-pickup coil guitar to get up to 76 analog pickup tones.

String Stretcha - A Handy Invention for Stretching Guitar Strings

As regular readers will know I'm always on the lookout for handy new inventions - I can be hard to impress at times, but this one is something I wish I had from the time I first began playing guitar.

Line 6 Announces the Mobile In Adapter for iOS Devices

Now you can connect your guitar to your iPad, or iPhone and still get that amazing Line 6 tone, just by simply using the Line 6 Mobile In Adapter.

Radial JDX Reactor module

The Radial JDX Reactor module, a combination direct recording interface and speaker simulator, has been released by Radial Engineering Ltd.

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