Get 76 Pickup Tones for your guitar with the T4-Board Pickup Tone Multiplier

The Pickup Tone Multiplier T4-Board switching system lets you "Hyper-Mod" your 4-pickup coil guitar to get up to 76 analog pickup tones.

After the success of digital effects and amp modeling, the next logical and unavoidable technological upgrade is guitar pickup modeling.

The people at took this idea into heart and produced their line of Pickup Tone Multiplier(PTM) products. The Pickup Tone Mulitplier - T4-Board is an example of how a simple guitar can emulate the sound of multiple guitars.

The T4-Board is the latest product in's Pickup Tone Multiplier series that works for guitars with 4-pickup coils including:

  • Instruments with two humbuckers
  • Instruments with a single coil pickup and two humbuckers
  • Instruments with four single coil pickups.

Just add the T4-Board to a guitar pickguard, route your electronics to its 1"x3" board with six switches and you're all set. You can now get 76 pickup tones all in all with your 4 pickup coil guitar. The T4-board even features a solderless terminal strip for easy installation and instant routing. It can also easily match standard guitar pickguards.

Once installed you can then play with and enjoy up to 76 unique pickup tones! The T4-Board emulates a huge number of well known sounds from different instruments. Your "HyperMod" guitar can now sound like a totally different guitar, be it a jazzbox, a jaguar, a telecaster, a Les Paul, an archtop etc. With these many tonal variations available, getting the signature sound in your head will be as easy as ABC.

For guitar players that play in a "variety" band where you need to play different genres, this is a great and simple solution. You no longer need to switch guitars - just switch the switches of the T4-Board and wow your audience with huge tonal variations. You can make sure that each of your songs get the right guitar tone it needs.

You can also get their easy install "Hyper-Mod" pickguards that already have the Pickup Tone Multiplier system installed. Just remove your old pickguard, put in the "Hyper-Mod", route your electronics into it's solderless terminal strip and you're ready to rock with multiple tones

The T4-Board kit is available for $49.97.

For more information about the T4-Board kits and related products head over to

Here is a video that will explain how the Pickup Tone Multiplier work:

Here is a Tele pickup sound from Strat sample video:

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