New Custom Handwound Pickups from The Creamery

The Creamery has announced the availability of new custom handwound pickups where you can customize the materials and build to your preferred specs.

The Creamery Custom Handwound Pickups

Since pickups are responsible for receiving and transmitting the sounds and vibrations of the electric guitar's strings and woods, most guitar players consider it as a quick fix, or an easy upgrade of choice to get better amplified sounds from their electric guitars.

The Creamery, a maker of custom guitars, is aware of the pickups' important role and have put out a number of pickup designs where you can radically improve the amplified tone of your instrument based on your own custom pickup specifications.

The new handwound pickups cater to a wide variety of needs and offers a number of customizable options. New comers to pickup modification will find the default spec'ed replacement pickups to be easily pleasing, while advanced users who want to go in depth with their specs will find the customizable options to be fulfilling. You can pick from a selection of magnets, coil wire, lead wire, and even assign a preferred bridge or neck style output. If you are well versed and experienced with pickups - these custom pickup selections can help you get your desired pickup configuration.

Here are some of their new Custom pickups:

Double-Track Humbucker - This one sports a unique "Blade pickup" system. Unlike the more common polepiece pickups, the string is always over the blade like magnetised rail in Double-Track. This means greater clarity and definition, less audio drop off when bending strings, and a slightly smoother, rounder tone. Customizable features include a choice of Alnico 2,3,4,5 or Alnico 8 magnets. You can select your preferred coil wire either 42 or 43AWG Plain Enamel. You can use a Vintage Braided Pushback or 4way lead wire. You can also select the type of output - Neck or Bridge style, Low, Mid or High output. Price: £82.00.

Sonic '60 Telecaster Bridge -Designed with harmonics in mind, this pickup sports a scatterwound pattern wound directly around a custom-made Alnico 2 Magnet. The Sonic '60 is created for telecaster type guitars to produce the classic tele twang backed up by fatter harmonics. The coil used is shorter than your standard tele pickup, which when matched with the custom Alnico 2 magnet gives a unique warmer, fatter tone rich in harmonics. The pole used for this pickup is a flat bar. You can do some customization by picking between 42AWG or 43AWG plain enamel for the coil wire, and you can set the output rating to 6.9K or 9.4K. Price: £72.00.

"Wide-O" Hot Coil Pickup - This is a fatter pickup with higher output designed for the bridge position. Magnetic poles are individually threaded so you can individually balance the pickup and string distance depending your guitar neck radius. This pickup has a bright attack, giving your bridge position a high output single coil tone with more presence. It uses Alnico 5 Threaded Magnets, 43AWG Plain Enamel coil wires, Vintage Braided lead wires and has an output rating of 12.3K. Price: £75.00.

These Pickups are all handwound - they do not have boxed up pickups that you can order and buy, they will build and handwound your pickup upon your order.

For more information about the new custom handwound pickups, you can head over to the The Creamery Website.

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