EverTune Bridge

The EverTune Bridge continues to keep its promise of keeping guitars in tune, gaining them more fans and allies.

EverTune Bridge

The clever bridge design works by utilizing springs to mechanically counteract string tension, resulting in tuning stability that is beyond the capability of traditional guitar bridges.

Inside an EverTune bridge, you will find that every string is pulled on by independent saddles with springs. This allows the bridge to maintain constant tension across the strings, withstanding heavy playing and exaggerated bending. It will even maintain tuning in the face of environmental factors like temperature changes.

EverTune provides a quick description of the bridge: "EverTune is an all Mechanical bridge that uses a spring and a lever for each string to keep each string in tune once tuned." It does not require any battery and relies purely on the mechanics of the spring and string balance, making it very effective, rugged and reliable. EverTune summarizes: "It is a new technology that is actually old school".

Here is a cool video that provides a useful sneak peek at the internal workings of the EverTune Bridge:

Because of the popularity of the bridge, more and more of them are being sold to guitar players worldwide. They are currently offering five bridge types that are meant to easily fit into existing guitars - to be specific Telecaster, Stratocaster and Les Paul style guitars. A 7 and 8 string version is also available for purchase directly from their website.

Aside from players, guitar manufacturers were also drawn into the mechanical wizardry of the bridge. The first ones to get their guitars fitted with these bridges were small scale or boutique builders. However, ESP recently joins this increasing list, having two of their guitars fitted with EverTune bridges straight from the factory, namely the EC-1000 -and the MH1000.

Check out Ola Englund as he puts the ESP LTD MH-1000ET to the test.

EverTune Bridges currently has a price that ranges from $330 - $440, with the 7 and 8 string versions being the more expensive ones. You can find more information about the bridge at EverTune. They also have a wealth videos that discuss the installation and setup of the bridge in detail.

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