Graph Tech Ratio Machine Heads

Graph Tech unveils the Ratio, a set of machine heads that are tuned to provide equal winding adjustments on all strings.

Graph Tech Ratio

Each tuning head is designed to match the particular "core diameter" of the string it is used on, resulting in a balanced and more consistent way of tuning.

The idea behind Ratio started 25 years ago, when Graph Tech's founder Dave Dunwoodie encountered a problem while trying to create a tremolo hat can retune the guitar to several open tunings. The problem was that each string on a guitar is tuned differently because of their varying thickness. He realized that it was hard to design the tremolo because the high E and B strings require more turns while the thicker low E and A needs lesser turns to adjust.

After scratching the original tremolo idea, Dave then thought of designing balanced machine heads. Dave was quoted saying, “It crossed my mind back then, and I thought, balancing machine head gears to each string would be an awesome way to tune a guitar”. At that time, Graph Tech was still a fledgling company with little financial resources for R & D, so the project went on the back burner until today.

Graph Tech has now turned this idea into reality with the Ratio. This set of tuned machine heads allow for all strings to respond equally to any winding adjustment. A half turn on the pegs wil give you one semitone of change across all strings, resulting in a more convenient and quicker tuning experience.

Quoting Dave Dunwoodie: "When I ask any guitar player what’s the hardest string to tune? Inevitably, they say the G string because it’s so finicky that you have to sneak up on it or the high E because you have to wind it so much. With Ratio machine heads you won’t have to mess around because every string tunes the same, so tuning gets so much easier and so much quicker. Talking about this and actually using a guitar equipped with a set a Ratios really makes you feel and hear how much more accurate and quicker tuning is. Every string feels the same, and after a while, you relax and don't think about which string needs to be tuned, a lot less thinking is involved, just more playing."

Ratio machine heads are designed to fit most acoustic and electric guitar models and they come in both a 3 + 3 and 6-in-line configurations. They are made from hardened steel to ensure stability and durability. They are available in various button styles and come in triple-plated finishes that include nickel, black, gold and chrome. More information will soon be available at Graph Tech.

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Ratio tuners

Neat idea, I guess, but this product strikes me as a "Solution in search of a problem". Personal note: The string that gives me the most crap is the "D". I've put Planet Waves locking tuners with the spiffy fag-end cutter on them on all my guitars.

I kind of agree. After all

I kind of agree. After all these years tuning the normal way, I think it would take time to adjust to these - although I haven't tried it yet so maybe they're not so bad.

Graph Tech Ratio Machine Heads

Thanks for sharing the news about our Ratio Tuned Machine Heads with your readers. One correction please. It is the string's "core" diameter that makes the difference, not the gauge ... So the G string is much more sensitive to tension than the "D" string even though the D string is bigger when you include the wraps. That's why we think it's such a cool discovery "core diameter" not overall string diameter determines the strings sensitivity to tension.

Core Diameter

Thanks for clarifying, I revised the article accordingly.

So when will they be

So when will they be available? As well as the new pick shapes?

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