Bose L1 Model II System and T1 Tonematch Audio Engine for Musicians

The L1 Model II system and T1 ToneMatch audio engine are the latest in a line of portable line array systems from Bose. These products build on the unique approach to live music amplification the company introduced in 2003 with its Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker. Together, they deliver a combination of tone quality, sound coverage and portability previously unavailable from conventional live sound amplification systems.

Designed for small- to medium-sized venues, L1 portable line array systems make it easy for musicians to achieve the desired amplified tone from any voice or instrument. They deliver wide, uniform sound coverage across the stage and into the audience. This allows performers and listeners to hear full, detailed, tonally balanced sound –- whether they are in front of the speaker or off to the side. They also eliminate the need for PA speakers, monitors and mixing consoles, so they take only a few minutes to set up and require minimal cargo space.

The design of the L1 Model II system is inspired by the original Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker, with a long, vertical row of small, closely spaced drivers mounted in a tall, slim enclosure. An Articulated Array speaker system makes it possible for the L1 Model II system to deliver more uniform sound coverage across the stage and into the audience. This allows performers and listeners to hear full, detailed, tonally balanced sound -- whether they are in front of the speaker or off to the side.

The T1 ToneMatch audio engine is a multi-channel audio device available with the L1 Model II system. It gives musicians access to new tone-shaping technologies, providing a complete suite of studio-class effects and processing, as well as additional channels for instruments or microphones. ToneMatch audio engine presets are custom-engineered for specific instruments and microphones when used with Bose L1 portable line array systems. These presets help musicians preserve the unique characteristics of their instruments while delivering exceptional amplified tone.

Bose engineers have worked in close collaboration with select manufacturers to develop the ToneMatch presets. Custom-designed presets for ToneMatch are available for over 100 instruments, pickups and microphones made by the following manufacturers: Audix, Breedlove, Composite Acoustics, D-TAR, David Gage, Lakland, LR Baggs, NS Design, Ovation, Renaissance, Rickenbacker, Takamine and Taylor.

Proprietary zEQ tone controls allow for further adjustments once a musician has selected their ToneMatch audio engine preset. While conventional controls are generic by design, with “high,” “mid” and “low” controls spread out across the entire musical spectrum, Bose zEQ automatically shifts the range of these controls so they correspond directly to the range of the performer’s voice or instrument. This innovative technology gives musicians more precise control over their tone, making it easier to fine-tune their sound.

The L1 Model II system incorporates a completely redesigned power stand that supports the loudspeaker, and houses the amplification and additional electronics. It occupies only a small footprint on stage and features mechanically retracting support legs, allowing it to be more compact for transport and storage. The L1 Model II power stand also includes a simple, direct interface for use with external audio sources such as laptops, MP3 players and DJ mixers. A ToneMatch audio engine port allows for a single cable digital connection to the T1 ToneMatch audio engine.

Additionally, Bose has L1 updater software for both Mac and PC users. This allows musicians to load ToneMatch presets onto a T1 audio engine using a Mac or PC. The L1 software and ToneMatch presets are available online at

The L1 product family includes the L1 Model I system, the B1 bass module and the A1 PackLite power amplifier. The complete line of Bose L1 portable line array products can be purchased direct from Bose and through Guitar Center retail stores nationwide.

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