50 Voodoo Blues and 50 Progressive Blues licks DVDs

Expand your blues guitar repertoire with two new DVDs - the 50 Voodoo Blues Licks DVD and the 50 Progressive Blues Licks DVD.

These two new tutorial DVDs are part of the new titles coming out in January 29, 2013, from the Guitar Lab line of guitar instruction DVDs.

With these DVDs, you are in for some serious wood shedding. So get your axe, plug into your favorite blues amp and let the masters help you take your playing to the next level.

50 Voodoo Blues Licks You Must Know DVD

50 Voodoo Blues Licks You Must Know DVD

If you are looking to spice up your blues playing with some tasteful licks, this is the DVD tutorial for you. These are licks inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, John Mayer, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Danny Gatton and many other "witch doctors" of the blues.

The tutorial is presented by Host Steve Trovato, a guitarist's guitarist that studied with jazz greats like Chuck Wayne and Pat Martino, and performed with Robben Ford, Albert Lee, Albert Collins, and dozens of other world-class musicians.

Learning the licks will be a breeze, thanks to Trovato's instructing experience, with 40 instructional books, 30 instructional DVDs and hundreds of columns and articles to his credit.

As you work through the 50 Voodoo Blues licks, you'll pick up new and highly engaging ways to incorporate various fretting techniques into your blues playing, including hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, double-stops, double-stop bends, gathering bends, ghost notes, open string licks, chromatic licks, pentatonics, the famous B.B. King gliss and you also get a taste of Trovato's own Voodoo Blues scale style.

The official release date for the 50 Voodoo Blues Licks You Must Know DVD is on January 29, 2013, but you can now preorder it from online stores for $19.99. Get the latest price & reviews at Amazon.com.

50 Progressive Blues Licks You Must Know DVD

50 Progressive Blues Licks You Must Know DVD

This DVD will help you stay rooted in traditional blues while stepping up your game by incorporating rock and jazz into your style. The licks you will learn in this DVD are fresh and contemporary, letting you inject the soul of blues into your progressive playing style.

This DVD is not for the weak of heart, as it incorporates a variety of sound palette punctuated with sophisticated lines, compelling rhythmic variations and advanced harmonic applications. Corey Congilio will help enrich your blues vocabulary by applying techniques and melodic devices like hybrid picking, hip hammers and pull-offs, sixths and thirds, chromatics, diminished runs, open-string and intervallic moves, major-minor pentatonic phrases, octaves, double and triple-stops, repetitive phrases, pre-bends, half and full bends, intervallic leaps, muting, scratches, rakes and many more.

The Progressive Blues genre is very much alive in the veins of the Who's Who list of master guitar players. Here are just a few of them Robben Ford, Joe Bonamassa, Gary Moore, Jimmy Herring, Roy Buchanan, Steve Morse, Warren Haynes, Scott Henderson, Robert Cray, Doyle Bramhall II, Audley Freed, Jeff Healey, and Derek Trucks.

The 50 Progressive Blues Licks You Must Know DVDis now available for preorder with a price tag $22.50. Get the latest price & reviews at Amazon.com.

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