Save the world with your Guitar Chords in WildChords

Learn to play guitar to save the world in WildChords, as scientists discover that rampaging animals are easily stopped by playing specific guitar chords.


The game is about a worldwide crisis of epic proportions, there has been a major break out of rampaging wild animals around the world and as you can imagine, they are causing chaos everywhere.

Thankfully the scientists at Ovelin labs have found a way to stop this animal Armageddon, as careful research has shown that animals are easily hypnotized by their favorite chords. It turns out that crocodiles love the C chord, Elephants loves the E chord and the Apes quiet down when they hear an A chord. Each animal has a corresponding favorite chord that you can play to reduce their stress levels, thus stopping the chaos and saving the world.

Before you start taming the wild beasts, you need to have your iPad running the WildChords app and you need to have your trusty guitar in hand. The wild animals of WildChords are not to be underestimated, they can easily distinguish the sound of plastic toy guitars so it is advised that you only use real guitars. The notes and chords you play are picked up through the iPad microphone, which then gives you instant feedback in the game as you play the right chords.


The WildChords app will prepare you by teaching you to play the basic chords you need to tame the animals. So make sure to master and memorize them before you head on to the actual game. When you are ready, you are tasked to play the right chords that correspond to the animal that you approach in game. These animals are then hypnotized and are easily led back to the safety of a zoo. Each completion gets you to another level of increasing difficulty. In the end, WildChords have taught you or your student valuable guitar lessons and at the same time helped you avert a worldwide crisis.

Here is the latest news report about the animal rampage:

WildChords is indeed an amusing, funny and cute iPad app that can turn the usually boring basic chord learning sessions into an interactive and exciting game. It is currently available free at the iTunes store.

For more information about the game and on how you can help save the world, head over to

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