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Bohemian Gravity by Timothy Blais

Here's one for the geeks in the house...

Orange Micro Terror Saves The Day

Orange comes up with a fun video that features the Micro Terror Amp, starring Mastodon's Troy Sanders.

3 Note Per String Pentatonic Lick

In this Lick Of The Week we are taking a look at 3 note per string pentatonic lick. These kinds of licks are great for blues, fus

Acoustic Blues Guitar Solo Lesson

Another free lesson from Next Level Guitar. This week features an acoustic blues lick. They are also running a competition where you can win all t

Electric Funk Rhythm and Strumming

This week we bring you Marty Schwartz from who provides a free lesson on funk electric chords, rhythm, and strumming - you can find

Lick of the Week with ShredAcademy

Every week puts out a new free lick lesson - their website boasts 100s of original guitar lessons.

Picking And Finger Exercise

From 'rockongoodpeople' associated with Next Level Guitar - in this video guitar lesson they teach a cool picking and finger exercise to re

Blues Licks and Tricks from Mr Bluestrings

YouTube guitar instructor Mr Bluestrings brings us "Tasty Blues Lick" which is the third lesson from his Blues Guitar Licks and Tricks series.

Lick of the Week - Open String Riff Part 2

This week's video comes from Theodore Ziras who often uploads some really nice videos - you c

Lick of the Week with Kris Barras

Shred Academy puts out a new advanced lick every week in

EHX Effectology - Vol. 9: Terrifying Effect Pedals

In today's episode studio musician Bill Ruppert demonstrates how to frighten your family, friends and neighbors using just a guitar and Elec

EHX Effectology - Vol. 8: Telstar

In today's episode studio musician Bill Ruppert recreates the classic hit Telstar using just a guitar and Electro-Harmonix effect pedals. Telst

EHX Effectology - Vol. 7: Reverb Tricks

In today's episode studio musician Bill Ruppert demonstrates some old and new effects using reverb.Each one of the four sounds in this video ha

EHX Effectology - Vol. 6: The Mellotron

In today's episode studio musician Bill Ruppert creates sounds of the vintage Mellotron MKII keyboard. EHX Pedals featured:Soul Preacher,POG2,

EHX Effectology - Vol. 5: Autobahn

In today's episode studio musician Bill Ruppert recreates the song 'Autobahn' by the band Kraftwerk. EHX Pedals featured: MicroSynth, H

Review of the Washburn J-7 Hollow-Body Electric Guitar

The J7 features a solid spruce top with maple back and sides, a Venetian cutaway, mahogany neck, humbucker pickups, a Bigsby Vibrato Tailpiece, Gro

EHX Effectology - Vol. 4: Hammond B-3 Organ

In today's episode Bill Ruppert transforms his electric guitar into a classic Hammond B-3 organ (pedals used: HOG and Soul Preacher).

Stagg G490 Electric Guitar Review

The Stagg G490 is a variation on the double cutaway SG style of electric guitar, featuring a Bigsby-style tremolo system, twin-humbucker configurat

EHX Effectology - Vol. 3: Cello Concerto for Guitar and Effect Pedals

Bill Ruppert presents "Cello Concerto for Guitar and Effect Pedals" (pedals used: for the cello it's just a HOG and Holiest Grail, and for t

EHX Effectology - Vol. 2: Dark Side of the Moon

In the second episode, Bill Ruppert, Professor of Effectology, recreates the sound of Pink Floyd's "On the Run" from "Dark Side of the Moon" (p

Earthquaker Devices Monarch Demo

The Earthquaker Devices Monarch is based on the input section of certain large, brightly colored vintage British tube amplifier, legendary for it&#

MXR Phase 45 Demo

The MXR Phase 45 is a hand-wired reissue of the rare, classic phaser pedal straight from the MXR Custom Shop. This little brother of the Phase 90 o

EHX Effectology - Vol. 1: Electric Guitar plays Blues Harmonica

Effect pedal wizard and Chicago studio musician Bill Ruppert transforms his regular electric guitar into a blues harmonica (pedals used: HOG, Micro

Taylor Classic Solidbody Electric Guitar Demo

This is the Taylor classic solidbody electric guitar in natural finish covering some of the key features and being played acoustically and through

Flash Carbon Fiber Graphite Composite Guitar Demo 1

Flash carbon fiber composite guitars are handmade in Israel by a patented process known only to the craftsman. They are lightweight, possess incred

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