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Blackheart Lil' Giant tube Amp demo

A little demo of my new Blackheart Lil'Giant Tube amp w/ Strat, Lopo Line 1x12 open-back cab loaded w/ Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, no effects

Agile Harm-1 Electric Guitar Demo

This is a guitar sound demo of an Agile Harm-1 guitar retrofit with Gretsch pickups through a Fender deluxe Reverb amp.

1964 Gretsch Corvette Electric Guitar Demo

A demo of a 1964 Gretsch Corvette with Hilotrons through a homemade tube amp based on a Fender Deluxe Tweed head and Weber speaker.

Classic Blow Monkeys clips

The Blow Monkeys have uploaded some clips of old performances. If you thought they had disappeared, well they had, but now Dr Robert and the guys a

Demo Ibanez Saber S470QSTR Improvisation

A little demonstration of a 1999 Ibanez Saber S470QSTR. Just an improvisation straight into my M-Audio Black Box, Amp model #21 "Xtacy".

VVR Variable Voltage Regulator Demo

This is the VVR Demo in a Gabriel Voxer 33. Just showing how it works. The clip is using just a video camera mic. The VVR lets the amp be able to b

Marshall JCM600 Demo Part 3

The JCM600 models are loaded with modern day features to offer you maximum flexibility and versatility in a compact 60 Watt valve format. The th

Marshall JCM600 Demo Part 2

Whilst retaining the natural tone for which our valve amplifiers are renowned, the JCM600 models are loaded with modern day features to offer yo

Marshall JCM600 Demo Part 1

Whilst retaining the natural tone for which our valve amplifiers are renowned, the JCM600 models are loaded with modern day features to offer yo

Digitech Whammy Demo

The Digitech Whammy is a pitch-shifter effects pedal manufactured by Digitech. It gives musicians the ability to shift the pitch of their electr

Straub Cantus Guitar Amplifier Demo

This is a Straub Cantus 50 watt guitar amp demo by Jeff Thomason. The amp is in standard(non-boost) mode, with a D'pergo guitar. It is setup

Fender '59 Bassman Electric Guitar Amplifier Demo

The Fender Bassman was a bass amplifier made by Fender in 1952. Although it was originally designed for bass guitars, it was frequently used for no

Gibson New Slash Signature VOS Demo

This is testing my brand-new Slash Signature Les Paul VOS. To test various sounds of this guitar, at first, I played the opening of "Ain't Life

Vintage 1962 Gibson Acoustic Guitar Demonstration

This is a classic Gibson C-O, made around 1962. Repaired and solid great sound with nylon and coil springs. Here is a sample tune that I wrote myse

Ibanez JS-100 Comprehensive Review Part 3

This is part three of the comprehensive look at the JS-100 explained in layman's terms. The review is composed of 3 parts, so dont forget to ch

Ibanez JS-100 Comprehensive Review Part 2

This is part two of the comprehensive look at the JS-100, explained in layman's terms. There are a total of 3 parts to this review, so dont for

Ibanez JS-100 Comprehensive Review Part 1

This is first part of a comprehensive look at the Ibanez Js-100. Its 'very down to earth' like review with everything explained in layman&#

Fender Cyclone II Guitar Demo

Demonstration of the mojo and tone within Fender's unique Cyclone II electric guitar.The amp is a Crate Blue Voodoo with matching cab. Mic'

Yamaha CPX-15A Acoustic/Electric Guitar Demo

Demonstration of Yamaha's CPX-15A Acoustic/Electric guitar. The guitar features an L.R. Baggs Ribbon Transducer pickup in the bridge as well as

The Banshee - Custom Guitar Demo 1

Demonstration of a custom guitar with on-board fuzz, pitch shifter and divided pickup. An RF antenna on the upper horn can be used (like a theremin

PRS vs Stratocaster

The PRS is one of their cheapest models the SE Custom and the Strat is a American HSS Deluxe QMT, one of the most expensive.

Marshall 6100 30th Anniversary Head Demo

A demo of my Marshall 6100 30th Anniversary head, using a Fender '72 Telecaster Deluxe into a 1x10" cab close mic'd with an SM57.

Zoom PD-01 Power Drive Demo

Check out this awesome demo of a Zoom PD-01 Power Drive pedal, played into a Orange Tiny Terror. Guitars: '72 Telecaster Deluxe, Baja Teleca

Marshall JVM vs Marshall 6100

Check out this awesome demo of a comparison of various channels on the Marshall JVM with the Marshall 6100 30th Anniversary Head.

Boss OD-3 OD 3 Overdrive demo

A demo of the Boss OD-3 Overdrive pedal through my Orange Tiny Terror into a 1x10\" cabinet. Guitar audio close mic'd with an SM57. Guitar is F

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