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Line 6 Crunchtone Overdrive demo

A demo of Line 6's Crunchtone Overdrive pedal recorded with Fender Baja and '72 Deluxe Telecasters, into a Orange Tiny Terror and close mic

Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal demo

Short demo of the Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal. It has one tone knob, one level knob, and one distortion knob. It produces a heavy and harsh overdriven sound.

Rob Marcello Roland booth at NAMM 2008

Rob shredding to My New Rock Song on his Suhr Standard. Playing through a Roland modeling floor board.

Tomo Fujita and Gary Morse demoing for Eminence

Tomo Fujita and Gary Morse in a showcase demo for Eminence at the 2008 NAMM Show.

NAMM demo of the new Monterrey Amp

Terry tries out the new Monterrey Amp offered by 65 Amps. Also in the room is Mike (amp designer for 65 Amps), and George Metropoulos of Metropoulo

Blues Guitar Lick Lesson

Here's is a lick user Ellinas101 just came up with fairly quickly. Its not the best lick out there, but it sounds fairly good.

ESP JH-600 guitar review

Here's a little review of the ESP JH-600. Check it out below its a really good review. And its also a neat little guitar.

Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe review

Here's another great review by Alan. This is a short demonstration of Voodoo Lab's Micro Vibe. For $150 it's a pretty good pedal. There

MXR '74 Custom Phase 90 review

This is a great little review of the MXR '74 Custom Phase 90. Alan does a great review of the pedal and he also has other cool stuff of his to

Boss Pw-10 V-Wah Pedal review

YouTuber, Ellinas101 does a neat little review on the Boss Pw-10 V-Wah Pedal. There's only like 1 or two reviews/demos of this pedal on youtube

DigiTech Metal Master review

YouTuber, Randy Rhodes, does a decent little review of the DigiTech Metal Master. I had my headphones a little loud though and nearly blew my ear d

ESP M-200FM demo

Here's a quick run down and demo of the ESP M-200FM electric. One of these will set you back about $400. Links to reviews after. Click play to

MXR MC-401 Boost/Line Driver

The MC-401 Boost/Line Driver can solve a variety of mis-matched line level and signal conditioning problems that can happen when combining differen

Clean Sound: Possible with Marshall 4203 and Bad Horsey 1?

"Yes you can get a decent clean sound out of an unmodded Marshall 4203. Yes you can play funk with a Morley Bad Horsey 1 wah pedal. User reviews cl

Fender 64 Reissue Vibroverb review

Ricky checks out the Fender 64 Reissue Vibroverb (5751 preamp tube installed). There is some mild distortion on the clip, but it's from the cam

Carr Hammerhead review

Mojo from reviews the Carr Hammerhead. Guitar used is a Tele with Fralin Blues specials. Watch it, nice stuff.

Which tremolo is better: Kahler Vs Floyd Rose

Dmometalguitar aims to put an end to forum debates (squabbles) by comparing a Floyd Rose with a Kahler tremolo. There can only be one winner... I j

Epiphone G-310 review

Young dude by the name of Beau reviews the Epiphone G-310. Price rise, I reckon the G-310 is pretty popular around Christmas time. Click

Dude plays Sweet Child O' Mine with bare hands

Gerry Phillips has a special talent. Gerry has the ability to play songs with his hands. Gerry can even play Sweet Child O' Mine. Click to watc

Dr. McG Lesson: Anatomy of a Chord

Guitarist, Lynn McGrath, shows us how chords are put together in her two part series, Anatomy of a Chord. Watch both below. Profile:

Covertron: Walk This Way

Run-D.M.C managed to pull off the ultimate cover with Walk This Way. Girls Aloud and Sugababes managed to sink it so low, Joe Perry's escapade

Covertron: Kodachrome

The song that caused an entire nation to mispronounce Nikon, Paul Simon really does have a lot to answer for. Thankfully, Kodachrome is a great son

Covertron: Brick

You know when you don't really like an artist, but you like just one of their songs. Ben Folds Five and Brick is like that with me. Plenty of Y

Covertron: Turning Japanese

I want a doctor to take your picture, So I can look at you from inside as well. The scribblings of a madman, but nevertheless, a catchy madman. Let

Covertron: Another Brick in the Wall

From the 1979 album The Wall comes what I (and many others) consider the 2nd greatest song threesome ever recorded (Stevie Wright's Evie being

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