Infinity Driver pedal from Larry Alan Guitars

Larry Alan Guitars unveils the Infinity Driver, a new versatile Overdrive pedal with Booster pedal capabilities.

First and foremost the Infinity Driver is at its core an Overdrive pedal. You can control the Tone, Drive and Level as you would any standard overdrive pedal and dial in your favorite crunch tone.

This pedal aims to produce a warm and crunchy overdriven tone while retaining clarity and dynamics. It has enough juice to crank out good distortion as a standalone pedal or you can use it to drive your tube amp into singing distortion bliss.

The Infinity Driver does not end with just the obvious overdrive features. It has two other buttons for further tone tweaking. The Bass switch lets you extend the low end response for a thick, full drive. This is designed to give you rounder bottom end when you need it. The Infinity switch on the other hand engages a germanium diode in the clipping stage, giving your tone a unique overdriven sound, altering it to a sweeter asymmetrical sound. The Infinity Driver lets you dramatically alter your tone with a simple button press or stomp.

Infinity Driver features true bypass switching, this is to ensure that it does not suck out your tone when disengaged. Aside from the effect footswitch, you will also notice that the Infinity Driver has a Boost footswitch. When engaged, the Boost footswitch will increase the gain of the pedal, acting like a booster pedal. It will improve the clarity of the sound and reduce some of the low end. This will result in a guitar tone that cuts through the mix and is a great tool for getting your solos heard.

The Infinity Driver will make a good addition to players who are yet to get a booster and overdrive pedal. Larry Alan Guitars takes pride in ensuring that nly high quality components are used. Infinity Driver is handmade in the USA by Larry Alan Guitars.

The current manufacturer suggested price for Infinity Driver is $200.

For more information about the Infinity Driver, head over to

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