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Trilling New Pedal Kit

MOD Kits DIY are at it again with "The Trill" - a new tremolo pedal kit.

Dunlop Bass Gear Contest

Dunlop is kicking off the release of the studio quality MXR Bass Compressor with a huge giveaway of bass gear.

Fuzz Box Girl

Being the manly man, That I am, I thought I'd give it a whirl, And mention Fuzz Box Girl.

TC Electronic Announces Nova System Limited

TC Electronic’s best-selling multi effects board for guitarists, Nova System, is now being launched in a special version

Four New Tonebug Pedals from T-Rex

Totenscläger, Sensewah, Booster, and Fuzz.

Dunlop Releases MXR Noise Clamp

Eliminate hiss and excess noise from your effects chain by up to 26 dB with the Noise Clamp M195.

Take Control of your Signal Path with Mini Effect Gizmo

RJM Music have just launched their latest gizmo which allows you to switch any or all of the pedals into your signal path with a single tap of a MIDI controller button.

BOSS RC-30 and RC-3 Loop Station Pedals Now Shipping

The RC-30 and RC-3 Loop Station pedals are the latest additions to the BOSS's range of pedal-based loop recorders.

ThunderDrive Deluxe Overdrive Pedal Kit

MOD Kits DIY have released a new overdrive pedal kit.

Nashville Guitarists Create TonePrint Effects Bundle

TonePrints are pre-set configurations for TC Electronic guitar pedals, which you can save, upload, and download.

Axe-Fx II: New Rack-mounted Hardware to Emulate Software which Simulates Hardware

Yes, the world of simulated guitar effects chains, amplifiers, and cabinets has come full circle - now you can replace your computer software with actual hardware to simulate hardware.

Tonebug Sustainer from T-Rex Now Shipping

Tonebug Sustainer is the sixth pedal in T-Rex Engineering's Tonebug range of pedals.

Win a Vintage MXR Distortion + Reissue Pedal

Jim Dunlop's Vintage MXR Distortion + Reissue Pedal is currently in pre-production, and to help promote it they're giving one away.

New Overdrive Pedal Kit - the ThunderDrive

The ThunderDrive is a new overdrive pedal kit from Mod Kits DIY.

TC Electronic adds Drop-D tuning as a software update to their PolyTune pedal

The PolyTune pedal has been out for a while now - it's point of difference being that you can tune all your strings simultaneously by strumming.

ToneLab EX from Vox is Now Shipping

VOX Amplification has become a bit of a misnomer these days as the famous brand does a lot more than produce amplifiers.

Studio Devil LIVE - Free Standalone Tube Amp Emulation

Studio Devil has released Studio Devil LIVE, a free standalone application for each of its tube amp emulation plug-ins that lets you play in real-time. Now, there's no more need for hosts, and no more hassles...just plug in, click, and play.

Avid releases Eleven Rack Expansion Pack

The Eleven Rack Expansion Pack is a software add-on option for Avid’s Eleven Rack guitar amp and effects processor.

Win a Star Signed Custom Pedal Board

Back at NAMM in January, TC Electronic debuted a range of 7 new guitar pedals.

Wampler Nirvana Chorus Pedal Review [Video]

This is a video review and demo of the Wampler Nirvana Chorus Pedal by Guy Fenocchi.

T-Rex New Facebook Page - Win a Tonebug Pedal

T-Rex, makers of guitar effects pedals and power supplies, are promoting their new Facebook page.

TC Electronic Launch New guitar effects pedals at NAMM

TC Electronic are introducing 7 new guitar pedals at Winter NAMM 2011.

NAMM 2011 - New Eventide Space Reverb Stompbox

Eventide have put out this release for their NAMM product announcement:

Oops - Sorry to TC Electronic!

This article has moved - click here for "TC Electronic Launch New guitar effects pedals at NAMM" Advertisement googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1336620301045-1'); Related News: TC Electronic's iB Modified G-System and Nova Delay

Think Sonically! A Ground-Up Guide to Building a Pedalboard that Evolves Your Playing

There’s more to life than technique. Sure, it’s a beautiful thing, but some of the coolest guitarists around think texturally instead of technically.

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