Chord Dictionary

Chord Dictionary is a reverse chord lookup software that can name the chords of all possible fingering positions and combinations.

Chord Dictionary

This app can figure out all the guitar chord names from any note combination found within 22 frets, a nifty tool for guitarists of all levels.

Instead of the usual chord tool that lets you select a chord and view the correct fingerings, Chord Dictionary provides instant reverse chord lookup from the fretboard. You can create your own chord and look up its name. Chord Dictionary can quickly figure out chord names just from notes and intervals, and it will name every possible chord on all 22 frets of your guitar.

Aside from its dictionary like functionality, the app is a viable interactive teaching tool, allowing musicians to learn new chords by discovering what happens when they alter a basic chord they already know. In this way, they can better understand the theory and mechanics behind chord formation and familiarize themselves with the actual physical forms on the fretboard.

The interface is easy to navigate since it is just a small window - it contains five frets vertically and six strings horizontally. The fret numbers is situated on the left, aligned in a column next to the diagram. You can scroll up and down the fretboard by using the slide control on the right side. With the slide control fully down, frets 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are displayed. The slide control can be raised to move up the neck one fret at a time until frets 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 are displayed. The components of the chord (root, third, fifth, seventh, etc.) are aligned horizontally at the bottom below each string. Lastly, the complete name of the chord is displayed in bold at the top of the window.

To use the app, simply click on the string to mark a black dot like traditional chord charts denoting finger position on the strings. Each click will change the name of the chord as the app finds the right name for the combination of notes. Music theory students, jazz guitarists, composers, transcribers and MIDI programmers will enjoy how Chord Dictionary can name every conceivable chord on the guitar neck, including those that are physically impossible to play.

Sigthor Hrafnsson of ipSoft summarized: "many times have you played a chord but weren't quite sure exactly what chord it was? Now with Chord Dictionary, the reverse lookup, you can be certain of the name of every chord."

Chord Dictionary app is currently available at the Mac app store for $2.99.

More information is available about the Chord Dictionary app is available at ipSoft.

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