The Stetsbar fits all Gibson stop-tail piece assemblies without modification or change to the instrument in any way.

Stets Machine Company have announced the Stetsbar, a tremolo bridge upgrade for Gibson-style stop tailpiece guitars. This vibrato bar requires no modification to the instrument. For the musician who loves the Gibson Les Paul and ES series, but who desires a tremolo (whammy) bar, this is a no-modification choice.

"Our typical customer, owns a vintage or collectible guitar, that has a standard Gibson-type Stop Tail Piece assembly," says Stets. "By giving this installed base a new choice, we have created an instrument (previously) unobtainable. We are able to deliver to ANY industry standard "Gibson-type" guitar, vibrato performance that could only be created by drilling, routing, and otherwise ruining a perfectly good guitar. Our customer base could never bring themselves to doing this to a fine instrument such as a vintage Gibson ES-335 or Custom Shop Les Paul. They were relegated to either playing inferior sounding instruments or just giving up the whammy bar. Rock players and Jazz players will be especially excited."

"Once you make a decision to not cut or butcher your axe, your tremolo choices basically dwindle to zero," Dave Stott, Vice President of Marketing for Stetsbar. "Can you imagine the response of a responsible guitar tech to a customer who brings in a .68 Les Paul and asks to route out the guitar and install a whammy on it? The value of the piece immediately drops in half!".

Says Eric "I tried many different ways, some traditional, some not so, to achieve the kind of tremolo performance we expect today. The tremolo ABSOLUTELY has to return to pitch. Even after yanking on that bar all night long."

Dave Stott says, "the secret to excellent whammy performance is reducing friction to near zero. We discovered a high tech micro-bearing that is just perfect for this application. Stetsbar has a full US patent on the technology of using micro-bearings to create a frictionless environment. Another benefit to micro-bearings; this also enhances contact so string vibrations transfer from the strings to the body. And the bar is silky smooth, goes way up or way down, and ALWAYS returns to pitch. It.s the beautiful child of those "cut and drill" tremolo bars. But unlike those choices, you can put away your routers and bits!"

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