How to Un-rattle an Amp

Peter Blue gives some tips on how to un-rattle a Fender Blues Junior amplifier.

The Blues Junior is a handy little tube amp that gives you a lot of sound for little money. I bought one for my studio, in addition to the big rig I usually play. The sound of a small tube amp cranked up cant be beat, but there were other sounds as well.... Almost every note was accompanied by a buzzing and rattling noise that came from somewhere within the amp.

I had read lots of complaints about this in many reviews on the web. Rattling and buzzing not unfamiliar with combo amps. I once had a vibrolux reverb that made strange noises when played loud. Close miking the Blues Junior was no problem, but a room mike was impossible to use due to the noise. Somebody had suggested to tighten the screws. I tried that but it did not help. Some investigation had to be done. This is what I found out:

    1. The back cover of the amp vibrates against the chassis

    2. The panel where the knobs are is a piece of chrome metal that vibrates against the chassis.

Both areas needed damping.

First I opened the back cover ( Take care, this is a tube amp with lethal voltages inside even after it´s turned off. So use your brains and don´t touch anything inside.) I cut strips of thin foam and glued them to all the areas where the back cover touches the chassis. At one side the screen that´s on the inside of the backcover must still have direct contact with the chassis in order to work properly!

The panel:

I took the screws off that hold the chassis from the left and the right side. Now I carefully turned the screws that hold the chassis from the top only so far (make shure the chassis doesn´t drop) that there was a little gap between chassis and panel. In this gap I inserted a strip of foam. After fastening the screws the foam pressed the panels cover against the chassis.

After everything was back in place I tried the amp cranked all the way up and smiled. Gone was the buzz and now I could really enjoy my new toy. P.S. For 15 W this is a loud amp. Connecting it with a Celestion G 12 L Speaker gives you the whole fun at even half the volume. Nice for studio and bedroom - rehursal.

Disclaimer: This article is my personal experience with my amplifier. I´m in no way responsible for your actions

One more thing:

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