7 String Phrygian Mode

The phrygian Mode is a particularly useful scale. With a little experimentation it can be used in and out of its proper context i.e. D phrygian has the same notes as the G Natural Minor scale (G Aeolian) so its proper context is within the Key of Gminor (or its relative Bb Major).

You can however use it as a substitution scale instead of G Aeolian.

Get a backing together using some of the Gm Key chords ( Gm, Amb5, Bb Major, Cminor, Dminor, Eb Major, Fmajor) and use the Phrygian mode as the root scale to jam over it with. This means that if you are tuned to 7B, shift the Phrygian mode up to fret 8. If you are in 7A shift it to fret 10 . Now compare with a similar jam using the G natural minor scale (G Aeolian) at fret 8 or 10..

Pretty cool considering their is only one note between the mode and its parent scale.....

Recommended Listening: Liquid Tension Experiment 1 and/or 2

I have also included some Phrygian based arpeggios and chords....

7 String Phrygian Mode

By Guy Pople, our 7 String Guy

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