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This will help you in your quest for the best Silent Guitar by showing you a wide range of silent guitars from both big name and boutique manufacturers.


The Silent Guitar is a stripped down guitar originally designed for travel convenience and playing silently via headphones. This quickly changed when guitar players noticed its practicality, low maintenance, light weight, and feedback free sound. Because of this, the Silent Guitar which was supposed to be for practice or travel has turned into a professional touring guitar. Guitarists can now leave their precious acoustic guitars at home and use a Silent Guitar as a sturdy main, or alternative, gigging guitar. The sound will not be equal to that of high end acoustics but it gets the job done, and with less hassles at that.

Yamaha silent guitars are the popular choice because of their relatively affordable price and wide scale marketing, however there are other builders that offer smaller and more travel friendly silent guitars at varying prices.

Yamaha SLG130NW

The Yamaha SLG130NW silent guitar is designed to give you the feel of nylon stringed classical guitars. The neck construction follows the conventional classical method and employs an ebony fingerboard. So you won't miss your tonewoods too much, the smoothly curved body frame is made of rosewood and maple. It matches the ergonomics of real classical guitars for convenient playing and balance while sitting or standing. Yamaha equipped this guitar with reverb, chorus and echo effects which may not make the cut in live situations but comes handy when practicing. It requires a 9 volt battery for operation. Current online retail price for the SLG130NW is around $630. For the complete specs and to check on other Yamaha Silent Guitars, head over to Yamaha. Get the latest reviews and price at

Aria Sinsonido AS-100C

The Aria Sinsonido AS-100C is a nylon stringed instrument designed with travel and convenience as priority. The result is a smaller scale headless classical guitar. It doesn't give you the same shape and ergonomics as a classical so it may feel awkward in the beginning, but these are necessary trade-offs to make the guitar smaller which for some is a good thing. The Sinsonido AS-100C uses a SoloEtte pickup which is found on the more expensive silent guitar brand which I listed below. It has two condenser mics to produce good sounding acoustic tones. Other features include mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, 850mm total length, 52mm nut width, 19 frets and 650 mm scale length. The AS-100C has a detachable padded frame which will make you miss the wood on your guitar, but is comfortable and easier to maintain. You can but this guitar Online stores sell this guitar for around $499. Visit Aria USA for more details, and to see their other silent guitars.

Miranda S-250

The Miranda S-250 is a high end steel string silent guitar focused on travel convenience. To shorten the length, Miranda designed the neck in such a way that the tuners are found at the back of the body. The good thing about this guitar is that even though it's small, it comes with a guitar like frame which you can disassemble when travelling. This frame is about the same size as a small bodied acoustic guitar, and will let you play the S-250 conveniently as you would a real acoustic. Main features include a mahogany unitary body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, rigid aluminum side support arm, under saddle piezo pickup, gotoh tuners, and an overall setup optimized for sustain. You can get the complete specs and also buy the guitar from for more details. MSRP is $1395.

SoloEttte SongBird Jazz

The SoloEtte line of silent guitars was designed by a luthier that wanted a guitar which will not require much maintenance or repairs. To achieve this, they eliminated the use of thin woods, which minimizes cracking or warping due to extreme travel conditions. The Songbird Jazz is a specially designed silent guitar for Jazz musicians. It is equipped with an EMG humbucking pickup that is designed to give you sweet jazz tones. This guitar is built for performance with its standard sized jumbo frets and a full 1 3/4" nut width. It comes with an adjustable Schaller bridge for easy string and action set ups. Body and neck is made of Canadian Maple. There are other SoloEtte silent guitars including an electric guitar version with two EMG-HZ pickups. Current MSRP for this guitar is at $1450. For the complete specs, visit SoloEtte.

Koopal EG100

The Koopal EG100 is an affordable steel string silent guitar that is designed for practicing comfort. It is lightweight and disassembles easily for quick practice sessions wherever and whenever the inspiration strikes. Just take off the detachable frames and put everything inside its compact bag. No one would suspect you were carrying a guitar. For its price, the guitar's body and neck is surprisingly made of great looking mahogany. Other features include a rosewood fretboard, aluminum frames, and it even includes a cable and a headphone for immediate playing out of the box. I found this guitar for sale at an affordable price of around $260. For more details and to buy this guitar, you can visit Koopal.

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