Acoustic Guitar Models

Acoustic Guitar Models

This is the place for finding out about specific acoustic guitar models from all manufacturers as they are announced or reviewed by us.

Veillette Aero Electric-Acoustic Guitar

Handcrafted custom acoustic guitar with a body that has the same size and shape as solidbody electric guitars, and equipped with
Duncan-Turner DTAR electronics.

Breedlove USA Concert Moon Light

An acoustic guitar with super light body for improved resonance and tone.

Cort L900P-PD

Affordable solid cedar top parlor guitar from Cort, featuring ’20s era vintage style design with slotted headstock and neck joint at the 12th fret.

Lucero LC235SCE Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar

Affordable solid cedar top acoustic-electric nylon string guitar with exotic zebra wood for the back and sides.

Ovation Applause Elite AE44

Ovation unveils their revamped 2017 line of acoustic-electric guitars, spearheaded by the Applause Elite AE44.

Martin LE Cowboy Guitar 2016

Martin unveils the 2016 limited run Cowboy Guitar, featuring cow boy graphic on the artificially aged solid sitka spruce top.

Epiphone Masterbilt Century Deluxe Classic

New acoustic-electric archtop guitar with built-in under saddle pickups and preamp for big-band friendly tone.

Alvarez AD60CESHB ShadowBurst

Alvarez is now shipping “Shadowburst” finish (previously available only on their premium line) version of their Artist Series guitars, including the AD60CESHB

Mitchell ME1ACE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Affordable solid spruce top equipped acoustic guitar with built-in Fishman INK3 electronics.

Cort Sunset Nylectric

A hybrid instrument with classical guitar features mixed in with the comfort and playability of electric guitars.

Martin D-28 John Lennon

Martin is set to launch their second John Lennon Commemorative D-28 acoustic guitar at Musicmesse 2016.

Yamaha FG850

All-mahogany body acoustic guitar from Yamaha’s revamped FG Series.

Breedlove Pursuit Concert Koa

Limited run all-koa body acoustic-electric from Breedlove’s Pursuit series.

Alvarez Delta 00

Vintage style affordable acoustic guitar inspired by the blues boxes from the early 1900s.

Taylor 312ce 12-Fret

Taylor’s latest 12-Fret model is from their popular 300 series acoustics, featuring small Grand Concert body and short scale length.

Martin OMC-15E

Latest all-solid mahogany body orchestra acoustic guitar from Martin, equipped with new proprietary Fishman pickup system.

Cort Frank Gambale Signature Acoustic Guitar

Cort announces new Frank Gambale Signature acoustic in time for the 2016 NAMM Trade Show.

Bedell Bahia Dreadnought

Dreadnought from Bedell that features over 50 year old Brazilian rosewood back and sides.

Breedlove Legacy Concert Koa LTD

New Legacy Series acoustic guitar from Breedlove, featuring graduated solid sitka spruce top and solid koa back and sides.

Gibson Nick Lucas Grande

Limited run of 50 handcrafted modern renditions of Nick Lucas deep body acoustic guitar, with L.R. Baggs electronics.

Vintage Paul Brett Signature Viator Travel Guitar with USB

Vintage looking parlor style guitar with modern Fishman electronics with USB connectivity for direct recording.

Breedlove Oregon LTD Myrtlewood

Limited run all-solid Myrtlewood construction acoustic from Breedlove.

Washburn WCDM55K

Washburn’s unique looking Comfort Series gets a 3/4 size guitar with Koa body.

Taylor 360e-SEB 12-String Dreadnought

Limited run 12-string dreadnought shape acoustic from Taylor with mahogany top and Shaded Edgeburst finish.

Yamaha FS730S

Affordable small body solid spruce top acoustic guitar with rosewood back and sides.

Martin D12-35 50th Anniversary 12-String Acoustic

Limited run 12-string acoustic guitar from Martin, based on the original D-35 first production line.

Wilcox Atlantis With LightWave Optical Pickups

Thin-profile acoustic-electric guitar with innovative infrared technology based pickup system.

Breedlove Premier Concert LTD

Breedlove adds limited run Red Cedar topped Concert model to their Premier Series.

Bedell Wildfire Orchestra

Hand built acoustic guitar that features locally sourced US-grown tonewoods.

Guild M-140E

An all-solid-wood acoustic-electric guitar inspired by the designs the company used back when they were building guitars at their Westerly, Rhode Island facility.

Recording King Dirty Thirties Harmonella Triple O

New affordable OOO size acoustic guitar with solid spruce top and vintage style bridge with tailpiece.

B.C. Rich BCR6N

BC Rich gets back into acoustic guitar building, with the BCR6N serving as their top of the line unit.

Taylor 612ce 12-Fret

New 12-fret body acoustic-electric from Taylor that features traditional looks combined with modern guitar top aging technology.

Boulder Creek Remington Stagemaster

Boulder Creek and Remington team up to create this unique looking dreadnought acoustic, with designs inspired and co-designed by the popular gun maker.

Martin D-35E 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

Martin is set to unveil this new VTS equipped dreadnought at the upcoming 2015 Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany.

Larrivée OM-03Z Zebrano

All-solid wood special edition acoustic guitar from Larrivee, featuring solid Zebra wood back and sides.

Martin CS-00041-15

New style-41 Custom Shop built acoustic from Martin, featuring solid adirondack spruce top and solid cocobolo back and sides.

PRS SE Angelus Alex Lifeson Signature

Thinline acoustic-electric that bears the name of Rush’ guitarist Alex Lifeson.

Pilgrim Mayflower Deluxe VPG900N

JHS unveils its latest acoustic-electric guitar, combining solid cedar top with contoured fiberglass body.

Fender Tim Armstrong Ghost White Hellcat

Fender releases a limited run (250 guitars) ghost white version of the Tim Armstrong Hellcat acoustic-electric guitar.

Martin Ed Sheeran X Signature Edition

Ed Sheeran’s second Martin signature guitar unveiled, featuring the “x” logo graphic of his second album.

Kim Breedlove Signature 25th Anniversary

A commemorative guitar with sunken redwood cedar top, with limited production of just 10 guitars!

Martin 000-15M Burst

Martin’s all-solid mahogany body 000 shape acoustic now available in sunburst finish.

Cordoba GK Studio Limited

Latest addition to Cordoba’s popular nylon-string guitar line, featuring Ziricote wood for the back and sides.

Washburn WCG187CE

7-string acoustic-electric with Fishman Isys+ electronics and beveled body design.

Martin Dreadnought Junior

The dreadnought gets a mini version, featuring all solid-wood body construction and Fishman Sonitone electronics.

Fender Brown Derby Resonator

Resonator guitar that plays like a regular acoustic and features a Tele-style headstock.

Martin D-35 Brazilian 50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary limited edition version of the popular Dreadnought guitar from Martin.

Gretsch G9520-BRB Jim Dandy Flat Top

Limited production Bronze Burst” finish parlor guitar from Gretsch.

Fender Tom Petty Kingman Signature

New Kingman signature acoustic guitar with ’62-style Fender Strat headstock, co-designed by Tom Petty.

PRS SE A10E All-Mahogany Acoustic

First ever all-mahogany acoustic guitar from the PRS SE Angelus line.

Tanglewood TW115-SS-CE

Mid-priced acoustic-electric with solid sitka spruce top and discrete B-Band Crescent preamp.

Larrivée All-Mahogany Acoustics

New parlor sized P-03M and OM shape OM-03M acoustic guitars that feature all-solid mahogany construction.

Martin SS-OM42-14 Limited Edition

Limited run guitar that features “Sinker” mahogany for the back and sides.

Epiphone PRO-1 Acoustic Guitars

Four new student grade acoustic guitars designed for playing ease.

Alvarez MDA70

Revamped all-solid wood dreadnought acoustic from Alvarez.

Recording King RP1-16C Torrefied Top

A guitar that features Torrefaction, a special heating and curing process that lightens and artificially ages wood.

The Loar LH-204 Brownstone

Another small-body guitar from The Loar, featuring vintage-style parlor guitar design in earthy brown finish.

Martin 000RS25 Navojoa 25th Anniversary

Limited edition acoustic-electric guitar to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Martin’s Navojoa, Mexico facility.

Eastman E1000-M and E2000 Parlor Guitars

Two new all-solid parlor-style guitars with premium tonewoods from Eastman Guitars.

Cordoba GK Pro Maple

Cutaway nylon-string guitar with solid flame maple back and sides.

Tanglewood Java Series TWJD and TWJD-CE

Mid-priced solid cedar top acoustic guitar available in acoustic and acoustic-electric with cutaway versions.

Cordoba 55FCE Limited

Limited run exotic wood version of the Gipsy Kings’ signature guitar.

Cort MR600F Acoustic Guitar

Affordable acoustic guitar with solid spruce top and Fishman electronics.

Takamine G Series Expanded

Entry level spruce top and cedar top acoustic-electric guitars from Takamine.

Gibson Woody Guthrie London House Model Southern Jumbo

8 hand built acoustic guitars with fretboards and bridges made from wood from Woody Guthrie’s boyhood home.

Martin CS-00S-14 Limited Edition Parlor Guitar

Limited run parlor-sized guitar based on designs from the early 1900s.

Cort L300VF Acoustic Guitar

Affordable ’30s era inspired OM style acoustic-electric guitar with solid Adirondack spruce top.

Martin OM-ECHF Navy Blues

New limited-edition long-scale signature acoustic guitar created in cooperation with Eric Clapton and Hiroshi Fujiwara.

Epiphone FT-350SCE with Min-ETune

Epiphone releases the first automatic self-tuning acoustic-electric guitar.

Gibson 1965 J-45 The Donovan Acoustic Guitar

Singer-songwriter Donovan signature acoustic-electric guitar, based on ’60s era J-45.

Martin DC-Aura GT

New dreadnought cutaway acoustic-electric with rosewood back & sides, and Fishman’s F1 Aura Plus imaging preamp.

Taylor 150e 12-string Acoustic Guitar

Taylor’s most affordable 12-string guitar makes debut at Musikmesse 2014.

Martin D-28 Authentic 1937

High-end authentic recreation of a 1937 vintage Martin D-28 with Madagascar rosewood back and sides.

Ibanez AEW22CD Acoustic-Electric Guitar

New sub $400 acoustic-electric with Cordia back and sides from Ibanez.

Fender Wayne Kramer Signature Acoustic-Electric

New affordable acoustic guitar with vintage appeal, co-designed by the MC5 guitarist.

Guild Doyle Dykes Signature Nylon Cutaway

Another Doyle Dykes Signature from Guild, a nylon string guitar with a thinline chambered mahogany body!

Gretsch G9550 New Yorker Archtop

Gretsch brings back the New Yorker archtop model as part of their affordable Roots Collection.

Takamine LTD2014

New hand-made limited edition acoustic-electric with elegant bird and feather graphic design.

Fender Kingman Pro Custom Bolt-On

A high-end modern reproduction of the ’60s era Kingman acoustic guitar.

Avril Lavigne Newporter Acoustic

Signature acoustic in black finish with a Telecaster shaped headstock.

Peavey DW-3 Acoustic Electric Guitar

This guitar carries mid-level specs, solid spruce top and rosewood back and sides, at an entry-level price.

Fender CD-140S VA Folding Guitar

Fender teams up with Voyage-Air to introduce a new folding acoustic guitar.

Ovation Proto Limited LT-60

A limited run acoustic that unveils the new direction that Ovation is taking in terms of sound and style.

Fender Sonoran SCE Wildwood IV

New Fender acoustics based on ’60s era Wildwood models and featuring exotic tonewoods for the back and sides.

Traveler Guitar Escape Mark III

This full-scale acoustic-electric travel guitar carries convenient features including built-in headphone preamp and tuner.

Tim Reede Librada – Acoustic Electric Hybrid

Tim Reede literally puts the electric into acoustic-electric by adding in a magnetic neck pickup.

Larrivée D-40 Legacy Series

Here is a new acoustic guitar that features Jean Larrivée’s first new bracing pattern in over 46 years.

Martin LX1E Ed Sheeran Signature

New artist signature instrument from Martin based on the small LX1E acoustic guitar.

Pegasus Acoustic-Electric Guitar

An acoustic-electric with a unique body and sound hole design that addresses feedback issues.

Gibson Maple Hummingbird

The same look and appointments as the original, but using maple wood for the back, sides and neck.

Cordoba C9 Dolce

A hand-crafted 7/8 size nylon string guitar with solid tonewoods from Cordoba.

Ibanez JSA20 Joe Satriani Signature Acoustic

Ibanez and Joe Satriani teams up once more to create an acoustic that feels right at home with electric guitar players.

Fender Ron Emory Loyalty Parlor Acoustic Guitar

Fender combined various features from Ron Emory’s guitar collection to come up with a great looking small-bodied instrument.

Yamaha CGX102 Classical Guitar

Yamaha introduces an acoustic-electric version of their best selling student level classical guitar.

Taylor K28e Koa Acoustic Guitar

Taylor K28e combines the unique tone profile of Koa andTaylor’s latest body shape design.

Gibson LG-2 American Eagle

A compact and short scale Gibson acoustic especially designed for fingerstyle players.

Gretsch G9510 Jim Dandy Flat Top

Entry-level acoustic from Gretsch in limited edition sunburst blue finish.

Washburn WSD5249 Warren Haynes Signature Acoustic

Washburn teams up with The Allman Brother’s Warren Haynes to create a guitar that mixes modern OM shape with vintage vibe.

Fender CD-60CE All-Mahogany Acoustic

Fender expands on their Classic Design CD-60CE Acoustic Electric Guitar with a new all-mahogany body option.

Guild Doyle Dykes Signature Guitar

Guild collaborates with fingerstyle guitar virtuoso Doyle Dykes to create the new Guild Doyle Dykes Signature Guitar.

Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Acoustic-Electric

Epiphone introduces the Hummingbird Pro, now an acoustic-electric with built-in Shadow preamp and pickup system.

Fender Tim Armstrong Deluxe Acoustic Guitar

Fender introduces the Tim Armstrong Deluxe Acoustic Guitar, a more traditional take on Armstrong’s ’70s Fender Acoustic.

Washburn WJ130EK Jumbo Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Washburn Guitars introduces the latest addition to their Vintage Series, the WJ130EK jumbo acoustic-electric guitar.

PRS Cody Kilby Signature Acoustic

The PRS Cody Kilby Signature Acoustic is made to the specifications of the popular bluegrass guitarist, and is part of PRS Private Stock guitars.

Tanglewood TW130 – All Mahogany Acoustic

The Tanglewood TW130 guitar features an all mahogany wood construction, resulting in an earthy look and warm tone.

Cort MR1200FX – Solid Rosewood Back Acoustic Guitar

Cort Guitars just released the MR1200FX, a solid rosewood back acoustic featuring boutique specs at a reasonable price.

Washburn WCG25SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The WCG25SCE is part of Washburn’s Comfort Series of acoustic-electric guitars, featuring a nice looking beveled top.

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat-12

The Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat-12 is the 12-string version of Tim’s popular six string signature acoustic guitar model.

Gibson J-200 M Trophy 75th Anniversary

Gibson celebrates 75 years of the J-200 acoustic with a limited run Five Star Series guitar – the Gibson J-200 M Trophy 75th Anniversary.

Martin OM Jeff Daniels Guitar

Martin comes up with their latest custom artist edition guitar – the OM Jeff Daniels, based on the artist’s modified Martin C-2 Archtop.

Epiphone AJ-220S

The Epiphone AJ-220S is an affordable solid top acoustic guitar based on the 1936 bell shaped dreadnought Gibson Advanced Jumbo.

Gibson Sheryl Crow Southern Jumbo Special Edition

Gibson and Sheryl Crow teamed up for the second time to come up with the Southern Jumbo Special Edition.

Martin Performing Artist Series – DCPA4, GPCPA4, OMCPA4 Rosewood

Following up on their success with the Performing Artist series, C. F. Martin & Co decided to create rosewood versions of the three models in the P.A. line.

Gretsch Rancher: G5022CE – G5034 – G3800 – G5013CE – G3500

Gretsch have reintroduced their Rancher Acoustic Guitars which first appeared in the early ’50s, each bearing a unique triangular sound hole.

Washburn Paul Stanley Signature Acoustic Flying V

Paul Stanely and Washburn have officially dubbed this new model the PSAV or the PSAVWH (the WH stands for White – the only color this model has so far been released in).

Guild Arcos: AD-3, AD-3CE and AO-3CE

As the name Arcos implies, these guitars highlight Guild’s arched back body which is designed to provide enhanced volume, projection, and provide better structural stability.

Taylor Koa & Cocobolo

Two of the best new models brought out by Taylor in 2011.

PRS SE Acoustic Guitars

Quoting PRS: “The Paul Reed Smith Guitars SE Acoustic line strives to provide the finest instruments in its price point.”

Gibson 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160E

At the request of Yoko Ono, Gibson created three 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160E acoustic guitar models to celebrate his legacy.


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