Acoustic Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Roundup

To meet the specific tone and performance demands of acoustic guitarists, we bring you our acoustic guitar multi effects pedal roundup.

Regular multi-effects pedals will generally work with acoustic guitars but they may not offer the things that matter most to singer-songwriters, singer guitarists, or folk guitar musicians. To get the most value out of your money, we have listed down the best multi-effects processors that offer tone shaping and live performance features that specifically benefits acoustic guitar players.

Zoom A2.1u Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects

Zoom A2.1u Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects

Our top pick belongs to the Zoom A2.1u, this simple looking multi-effects pedal brings all the essential acoustic guitar tone shaping and controls into a compact and portable package. As expected from Zoom, this unit comes with overkill features – 40 preset effects, 40 programmable patches, 45 effects grouped in 7 effect modules and 12 acoustic guitar preamp “models” based on popular mic’ed acoustic guitars. Another nifty feature of the A2.1u is its built-in drum machine with 40 rhythm variations, good for practicing or for adding percussion to your solo performances. The addition of an expression pedal gives you even more real-time control. Other features include anti-feedback, a USB out for recording and an integrated chromatic tuner.

Finally, all of these nice features come at a very reasonable price point and is housed in a sturdy metal chassis. Although the controls can be intimidating at first, the value that the A2.1u adds to your music will far surpass the effort you put in learning the controls. This unit is worth every penny. Manufacturer: Zoom | Get the latest price & reviews at

Boss AD-8 Acoustic Guitar Multi Effects

Boss AD-8 BAcoustic Guitar Multi Effects

Digital Modeling of mic’ed acoustics guitars are not as popular as amps, but they sound just as impressive. The Boss AD-8 Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal features their impressive COSM modeling technology, allowing you to turn your piezo equipped guitar into any of the 6 modeled high-end acoustic guitars. It can also simulate the sounds created by mic’ing the guitar’s neck and body with fully adjustable parameters. And since this floorpedal is from Boss, the controls and knobs are well spread out and are easy to operate, analog effects enthusiasts will certainly appreciate this pedal’s intuitive interface.

Users have been praising the quality of the reverb produced by the AD-8, as well as its 4-band EQ and Anti-Feedback features, specifically tailored for acoustic guitar. A nifty chromatic tuner is also included. Finally, you can easily switch between presets, and the unit comes with balanced XLR outputs, for direct connection to PA systems. Manufacturer: Boss | Get the latest price & reviews at

TC Electronic G-Natural Acoustic Guitar Multi Effects

TC Electronic G-Natural Acoustic Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Instead of confusing you with modern modelling features and other bells and whistles, the G-Natural multi-effect processor strips down to bare essentials, focusing instead on improving the quality of your acoustic tones. TC Electronic put in a suite of impressive effects, fine-tuned for the body and response of acoustic guitars. Even though it is stripped down, it does have all the essential effects including: Compression, EQ, Boost, Modulation (Chorus, Detune, Thicken, Flange, Panner, etc.), Reverb and Delay.

This pedal also comes with both a built-in mic preamp and standard instrument inputs, which allows you to mix between your piezo or pickup system with a traditional microphone. You can also utilize the mic preamp input for vocal performance, ideal for singers who carry around acoustic guitars. Just put G-Natural in song mode and you get a separate vocal strip EQ and compressor block for shaping the sound of your vocals. Other features include a built-in tuner, digital I/O, expression pedal input and MIDI capabilities. Manufacturer: TC Electronic | Get the latest price & reviews at

If you think there are any other multi-effects pedals that work well with acoustic guitars, then please suggest them in the comments below and we’ll take a look at them.

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