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    TRY this test to see if you are really getting good sync.!!!!!!
    Sync your BRC up with cubase,using MMC as the sync in cubase.Assign a midi click from the metronome pull down and record it on a track of the adat while these 2 are in sync.
    Rewind and play the adat track with the click along with the cubase click that should be in perfect sync and see if it really is.Try this from different locations on the tape.Try to rewind before the start point on the adat and see if the sync changes or even works…eg;Problem is when the ADAT is at 10 minutes into the tape
    and a new song is created on the BRC at this point,Cubase has syncing problem via MTC "midi time code" whenever you rewind the adat before the 10 minute mark. This makes the BRC display a very high smpte time code eg 23:45:65:34….before it zeros out at the 10 minute mark. If you start the adats anywhere after this 10 minute mark…its syncs perfect.It seems if Cubase has to wait for the code and it is before the zero start in cubase…it fails.

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