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Vox SoundBox Mini

Vox introduces the SoundBox Mini, a portable multimedia player and instrument amplifier in one retro style package. Related Feature:Best Practice Amps This compact multi-purpose amplifier packs in a lot of features including built-in effects, multimedia and multi-instrument compatibility, and the ability to run on battery power. Although it looks more like an old school boom […]

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Blackstar Fly 3

Blackstar Amplification unveils the compact amplifier “Fly 3”, a 2-channel battery powered portable combo amp. Related Feature:Blackstar ID:Core Amplifiers This 3 Watt mini guitar amp is meant to compete with existing practice amps, carrying the company’s patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) tone shaping technology. Blackstar wanted this compact amp to be as close as possible

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AMPLIFi is now available in a compact amp head format, Line 6 names this new release as the AMPLIFi TT desktop guitar processor. Related Feature:AMPLIFi Now Android Compatible This compact amp is meant to be a convenient portable alternative to the combo amp version, you can carry it around and easily connect it to existing

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Guitar Amp Guide

Guitar Amp Guide Here are a range of Guitar Amp Resources on and other sites. This menu provides links to the most important information on amplifier care, specific amp models, and the very best guitar amps available today. Jump to Individual Guitar Amps Below Menu Battery Powered Guitar Amps Best Budget Modeling Amps Best

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