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Vox Mini5 Rhythm IV

Vox Amps expand their miniature amp line with the new Mini5 Rhythm IV, with new ivory finish and metallic front grille. Related Feature:Vox SoundBox Mini Like the other Mini5 Rhythm amps, it utilizes the same amp and effects modeling technology from the company’s popular Valvetronix line. This lightweight and compact amp is designed to provide […]

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Vox Analog Valve Series

Vox unveil the new Analog Valve line of amplifiers, a multi-voiced tube amp with eight different analog preamp circuits. Related Feature:Cheap Tube Amps The aim of this new amp line is to provide sonic versatility without compromising genuine analog circuitry, Vox basically stuffed the amp with multiple analog circuits that you can switch into to

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Orange OB1-K Bass Amp

Orange Amplification introduce the new 1000 Watt solid-state OB1-K bass amplifier, their first ever rack-mountable amplifier. Related Feature:Portable Bass Amps! To meet the demands of modern bass players, Orange utilized a bi-amp circuit that spits the signal into two separate paths to ensure that the lower and higher frequencies are properly represented. Looks like Orange

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EVH 5150III 15W LBX Head

EVH Gear joins the “lunchbox” trend with the 5150III LBX Head, a compact 15W version of the popular 5150III amp. Related Feature:EVH 5150IIIS Stealth This compact amplifier packs the popular 5150III tube driven circuit and it’s fiery rock and metal friendly tone inside a compact amp head, competing against other lunchbox style guitar amplifiers. This

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Randall’s MTS tube amps with interchangeable preamps reach stores

Randall Amplifiers announced last week the general availability of its MTS Series modular guitar preamp system, which combines the tone of time-tested tube amplifiers with the convenience of flexible modular technology. Randall amplifiers are utilized by influential rockers such as Linkin Park, Anthrax, Mudvayne, Metallica, Def Leppard, Arch Enemy and Fear Factory to create the

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