Audiffex Effect Pedals

Audiffex Effect Pedals

Audiffex Effect Pedals is a set of 36 effect plug-ins primarily designed for use with the guitar and bass.

Audiffex Blues Drive

It may not be as familiar as the POD Farm, but it was one of the first professional guitar effects software back when it was released in 1999.

When it was first introduced under Audiffex’s previous “D’Sound” brand, it had only a small number of available pedals. Now the number of effect pedals in RTAS and VST plug-in format have gone up to 36, with more being developed.

Included in this bundle are a number of overdrive, modulation, EQ, filter, limiter, reverb, delay, panner, wah and other effects for both bass and guitar. It also comes with useful utility pedals like the auto tuner, speaker simulator and more.

A mixture of hardware models and original Audiffex design is used to produce the effects in this collection. Instead of having all the effects inside one complex plug-in, this one comes in multiple plug-in format, which makes it easier to setup on your host program.

Audiffex Auto Tuner

Some of the notable pedals within the Collection:

    • Auto Tuner – An automatic chromatic tuner with an accuracy of 1 cent.

    • AutoPan – It lets you auto pan in stereo, and you can use it to convert mono signals to stereo.

    • AutoWah – A multi-purpose that can be attack sensitive or can be set to follow a modulation cycle.

    • Bass Graphic Equalizer – A 7-band EW for bass sounds with a boost/cut of +/- 18 dB per band.

    • Bass Speaker Simulator – Simulates a 2×10″ bass cabinet, and lets you choose from 6 mic positions.

    • Blues Drive – Provides a natural sounding distortion ideal for driving other effects and modeled tube preamps.

    • Chorus – A classic chorus effect plug-in where the signal sounds doubled.

    • Clean Preamp – Mimics the behavior of a tube preamp in clean or slightly overdriven settings.

    • Compressor – An effect that limits the dynamic range of the incoming signal.

    • Audiffex Bass Graphic EQ
    • Exciter – Adds a small amount of high-frequency harmonics to improve the sound of your instrument.

    • Noise Gate – Removes unwanted audio material below the threshold that you set.

    • Octaver – Lets you mix sounds that are one octave above or below to your original tone.

    • Reverb – Comes with seven reverb modes and has a stereo output.

    • Tremolo – Varies the volume of the original sound to reproduce the tremolo effects of the ’60s.

Note that these are just less than half of the pedals in the collection. When you look at all the available pedals, you will find that they are more than enough to recreate conventional guitar and bass tones, or to craft your own signature sounds. Each one of them brings their signal processing contribution to your signal chain, and affects each other much hardware pedals do.

For uniformity, each effect are adjusted to have an interface that follows a particular style. Controls for each effect one are also adjusted to have similar formats for easy tweaking. A uniform preset management system is also implemented for all the virtual pedals for quick parameter recalls.

The latest version is now 64-bit compatible, and all the plug-ins are compatible with major DAWs. You can get the full version for $49.

To download the demo version for Windows and Mac, you can go to Audiffex.

Go here to view the complete list of effects included in this collection.

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